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TR: Day Three

Portland, Oregon
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TR: Day Three

Woke up, fell out of bed

Dragged a comb across my head

Found my way downstairs and drank a cup

And looking up, I noticed I was late

Found my coat and grabbed my hat

Made the bus in seconds flat

Found my way upstairs and had a smoke

And somebody spoke and I went into a dream

This was the day for our sail to Lanai with Paragon. Since the boat provides a Continental breakfast, we just eat an energy bar and coffee in the morning. I do not want to get burnt and decided to put on my rasher. I hadn't ever worn it before and was struggling with the sleeves ... when it happened. WHAP! My outstretched right hand came in contact with the ceiling fan blade. I yelled - in a whisper - a string of obscenities (Whispered yells are allow under 'the rules' I think.) Ms. H rushed from the bathroom and asked what happened.

“My hand was attacked by the ceiling fan,” I indignantly offered.

“Oh! Don't do that,” she countered.

“I'll take that under advisement,” was all I said.

Examining my hand I found a long red mark just below the knuckles with a welt in the center punctuated by a tiny drop of blood. But the fingers still worked, so I decided I might live.

We caught the bus at the Cannery Mall for the short ten minute ride to Lahaina. The buses are equipped with seat belts, but nobody uses them.

We were a bit early and used the time to wander around the Banyan tree and the Hauola Stone, the birth place of Maui Kings. Waiting for the boat, I noticed the gentleman across from us had sunburn ankles and reapplied more sunscreen. A women commented on how white we were, which is true, and I quipped that we are from the Pacific Northwest. We rust, we don't burn. It actually got a laugh. Huh, who would of thought.

The first thing you do before boarding the boat is surrender your shoes, which are unceremoniously dropped into a plastic trash bag. While on the boat you wander around barefoot. The Paragon sailboat is a small catamaran that can hold up to about twenty-five people, but only had maybe fifteen for this trip. Half of our fellow travelers were German Iron Man contestant visiting Maui from the Big Island.

There was no wind, so we motored past the looming cliffs of Lanai to our snorkel spot at Manele Bay. If I thought Baby Beach was good snorkeling, this was spectacular. The hour went by in a heartbeat before they herded us up and docked. We walked to Hulopo'e Beach for lunch and explored the tide pools on the left. The little black fish jump from pool to pool. Now I want a black lava rock aquarium for home. I am sure our cat will agree. Wow, this is a truly beautiful beach and almost deserted until Trilogy arrived just before we left. Next time we might just catch the ferry so we can spend more time.

The crew on the Paragon cruise is truly amazing. They remember everybody’s names. They take the time to sit and chat with you and are always willing to answer your stupid questions. It turns out if you even get close to the island of Kaho'Olawe, a patrol boat with flashing red lights rushes out to warn you away. Apparently she had actually tried it at some point in time.

Still no wind. Waves but no wind. We hit a particularly big wave which splashed a tiny bit of water on to the trampling up front. I laughed and mentioned it out loud. The captain heard me and asked, “Did I splash them?” He took this as a mission to make sure that our German friends were soaked as he turned into the waves.

You could tell the captain wanted to sail. When he finally felt a bit of a breeze at his back, the sails went up! And then … the wind died. Finally a bit of a breeze picked up and we spent an hour 'yachting' as the captain said with a hint of disdain in his voice. He can make the trip from Lanai to Maui in less than ninety minuted with a stiff wind. “It is the fastest catamaran on Maui.” he proudly told me. The deep water swim is fun. Imagine jumping into the bottomless ocean miles from the nearest shore.

Back in Lahaina we enjoyed a shave ice, a bit of window shopping and a leisurely stroll along Front Street back to the Inn as the sun slowly set in the West.

Phoenix, Arizona
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1. Re: TR: Day Three

Oh you are such a wonderful writer.......thank you for transporting me to Maui!

Can't wait for more.


Maui, Hawaii
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2. Re: TR: Day Three

Thanks for the update!! We'll be in Maui in less than two weeks and we've never been over to Lanai so this trip we're thinking of going. Can you take the ferry and still be able to snorkel at Manele Bay or do you have to be on a tour to get to that snorkel spot?

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3. Re: TR: Day Three

Reading about Maui with a Beatles tune in my head... nice start to the day :-) Sounds like you had a terrific trip to Lanai. Sorry you didn't get to really sail with a good wind in the sails. It's exhilarating!

Thanks for the report. I'll be watching for more :-)

Portland, Oregon
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4. Re: TR: Day Three

I am not entirely sure Bazza99, but I would say yes. There is a rock jetty that separates the bay from the boat docks, but it should be easy to get past it to the bay. There were locals out snorkeling when we were there, so it can be done, but you might have to navigate some lava rock to get there.

We explored the tide pools, but another couple snorkeler the lift side of Hulopo'e and told us it was great. I am kind of disappointing we did not try it .. but the tide pools were Über cool too.

I think you could catch the ferry in the morning, snorkel or just lounge around, have lunch at the Four Seasons, and play on the beach a bit longer before heading back. The hotel has a free shuttle that will take you to Lanai City too if you want.

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5. Re: TR: Day Three

Your reports are so fun to follow! Thanks for sharing. :)

Kapaa, Hawaii
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6. Re: TR: Day Three

Hulopoe Beach at Manele Bay is public, like all beaches in Hawaii and as such you are welcome to snorkel it any time or way you can get to Lanai. Within a short walking distance from the dock.

Hope your hand is ok Jimmie, love the blue water swim with Paragon, it's something I will never forget. Sorry you didn't get much sailing, the trades have been practically non-existant these last couple of days.

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7. Re: TR: Day Three


Great day! So glad you went over to Lana'i.

Just FYI, the resort shuttle is not free. I believe it's 12.00 or so per person these days.

Portland, Oregon
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8. Re: TR: Day Three

Piggy-backing on Maryann's comments about your writing..... "The buses are equipped with seat belts, but nobody uses them." No apparent reason to include that sentence, but for some crazy reason, it adds to the story. Like reading a trip report in novel form. Looking forward to more.

How far in advance did you make reservations for the Paragon sail?

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9. Re: TR: Day Three

Hope your hand is ok Jimmie.

Great updates, keep them coming!

Vancouver, Canada
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10. Re: TR: Day Three

love your style.. both writing and vacation style.. very funny... keeps a smile on my face.. we will be in Maui a week from now and your reports are keeping me from going mad with the wait!!

thank you, cant' wait for the next one!