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Do all the car rental agencies do this?

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Do all the car rental agencies do this?

We rented a car from Budget through Discount Hawaii Car Rental.

Dealing with DHCR was fine.

However, when we got to Budget, one requirement I found annoying was that we had to agree to to return the car with a receipt dated the day of return from a gas station within 5 miles of the airport. I understand that Budget wants the car returned full but I can tell you that based on the needle on the gas gauge, the tank was slightly less full when I got it than when I returned it. I thought that policy was excessively cheap.

And I wasn't asked for the receipt at the time of return.

Also, the car we got was full of dings and paint scratches. I probably marked 15 places on the car diagram that I turned in before leaving the lot. I figured that the good news was than even if the car got an additional ding while we had it, I could just point to the chart and state that I had already noted it. However, what I did wonder was whether we were given the more beat up car because we rented it through DHCR rather than directly from Budget.

Have other people had these experiences with Budget or other rental agencies?

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1. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

Did you get a dinged up car because you rented from DHCR.??.. our DHRC through Alamo had less than 1000 miles and to my dismay, no dings. I'd rather have a higher mileage with dings so I don't "worry " as much who will going to sling their door open into my car.

Car receipt.. I did see that on a site, can't remember which company.

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2. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

We've been advised of the receipt requirement from other agencies, but not asked for it upon return. I think it's just their way of letting you know not to fill up in Lahaina or Kihei. We don't fill to the brim since it's never that full when we get the car ... but we do make sure the needle is at "F".

Re DHCR vs direct ... I had the opposite impression on our recent trip. On the BI we used Avis through DHCR and got a really nice car. Had a problem with it and when exchanging it they were very obliging in finding the same car (we needed one with seats that fold down.) On Maui I rented directly (Hertz) and got an older, not very clean and somewhat dinged up vehicle ... so I think it depends on the rental agency vs how you booked.

Next trip I'm going to try for Alamo or National since you get to choose your car from a selection offered. Haven't used them in Hawaii, but there are good reports back from people who have, and we recently used them in Canada with good success.

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3. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

I've run into this occasionally with various rental agencies; sometimes they check the receipt and sometimes they don't.

Once I rented a car locally and had to exchange it within 20 miles of use due to heavy smoke smell in the car. When I topped it off, it took about 3 gallons although the guage read full. So although it is rather cheap of them, I also appreciate that it is a fairness issue for the next renter.

I'm always a bit relieved on vacation to get a previously dinged car with some upholstery usage--decreases my worry level! I don't think, though, that the DCHR rental had anything to do with the assignment--we've always used some sort of discount program, recently DHCR or Costcotravel and still either get to take our pick or get the next available vehicle.

Thanks for the reminder to check the guage when we pick up--

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4. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

I am an Avis Preferred member and Hertz Gold so I never talk to the front desk, I go straight to the cars and no one has ever said, "bring a receipt" and no one has ever asked to see one when we return. It may be policy, but I've never experienced any one enforcing it.

Adelaide, Australia
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5. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

We are on maui at the moment, have not returned our car yet. The price and selection the booking process was exellant and when were picking up the preordered car my sup did not inside very well upgraded no problem. Good deals for aussies. Pick up with a full tank of fuel and drop it back empty. From alamo.

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6. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

Maui is a busy, busy island and one where you really need a car; therefore, some of those cars are pretty well used! Ours from Budget was a mess - dings and paint chipped all around it. They told us not to bother with the chart, but my husband is not that guy! I don't think it matters that you rented through Discount Hawaiian, just the luck of the draw.

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7. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

Rental car agencies are all about making money...and as much of it as they can.

Much of this is generated by the agents and those extras that generate HUGE commissions for them

The inclusion of a clause that intimates proof of a recent Fuel Purchase has been around for a while...and is not exclusive to certain companies or method of reservation.

Upon drop off, the attendant is focused on the Fuel gauge and any obvious body damage. A receipt is rarely requested.

However, I suspect this receipt clause inclusion works toward the agency convincing the renter to agree to one of their biggest money makers......The ole "Bring it back empty" ruse. This practice is always in favor of the rental company. Receive the vehicle Full...bring it back Full. Best Practice.

No need to drive around on fumes the last day or so.....rather nerve wracking. Any remaining Fuel is to the benefit of the agency.

The weary Traveller continues to succumb to the "tactics " of the desk clerk...whether it be agreeing to a paid upgrade(per day),purchasing their King's ransom priced insurance....or the most common fuel option.One must hold their resolve at this vulnerable time and repeatedly express your desire to decline these offers.

Not surprisingly...there are still quite a few that convince themselves that they are getting a deal....

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8. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

Agree with Barefoot (post 1): we rented thru DHCR/Alamo and got a beautiful new car. Once you check in, you're sent out to the lot to pick out your car from the class you rented. No one out there knows if you're DHCR or not. And our car had about 350 miles on it! As others have said, almost too pristine. I was paranoid about sand and the white zinc oxide sunscreen marks we left on the seats, so was shaking out mats and scrubbing seats the morning we left, much to my husband's amusement!

Hillsboro, Oregon
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9. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

We have rented through DHCR many times and had new cars, however this last trip we used COSTCO and got a really old beater. It was an old Mitsubishi and had only one charging port, which we used a lot for our gps, but had to unplug it if we had to plug in to charge our phone- no big deal on vacation. My husband complained there was no thermometer. It was fine- and a great deal, just not what we were used to from DHCR.

Reedsport, Oregon
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10. Re: Do all the car rental agencies do this?

I'm sure this is due to the fact that yes the gauges are not accurate. Especially if they are continually "topped off". Many times it seems like you are getting good gas mileage then once the gauge starts dropping it drops like a rock. With gas creeping towards $5/gal in the islands if it's not there already, and the economy still in the dumps(no matter what any analyst says) these companies are looking for every penny they can scrounge up. You figure if there is a potential to lose $15-$20 per car that comes in that adds up fast. We use to hit that Shell station by the Pineapple guy there on Dairy Rd before we returned the car. I think the Costco station should be done by now and you can't get much closer to the airport than that.