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Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

Aubrey, Texas
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Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

I know sooo many of you here prefer a condo experience. Our past 4 trips and our upcoming trip (Less than 2 weeks now!!! YAY!!!) we've always done a resort hotel. We like to be waited on at the pool, have a restaurant on premise, daily maid service, spa facility and all the other perks of a resort.

The more time I spend on here the more I realize how much we could benefit from a condo. Fresh fruit and coffee on the lanai in the morning, a washer and dryer for fresh towels every day, more room to spread out with our teenage boys, a fridge to hold sandwich fixings for picnic lunches, along with all the other perks of a condo. Really contemplating this for next summer's vacation.

I will not and just refuse to cook and clean dishes and such while on vacation though! LOL! I'm a stay at home mom to 3 teenage sons (one of which is working in Florida at Disneyworld so won't be joining us this trip) and a husband who owns a plumbing business and works 80+ hrs per week. So I do all the cooking and all the cleaning at home. I need a break and think I deserve one too! LOL!

Tell me which YOU prefer and WHY!

Maui, Hawaii
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1. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

Some condos have restaurants. Also you could ask for a quote to get daily maid service. I bet some condos

could do it.

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2. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

Condo all the way! My motto is "just because I have a full size gorgeous kitchen does not mean I have to cook". In 16 nights last fall, I made one breakfast. But I like the kitchen for the full size appliances. I want a normal coffee pot! I want to put my cases of Propel in the fridge and to keep my picnic lunch stuff cold and milk for breakfast cereal. So many reasons for a full size kitchen! There are so many folks that post on this forum that use their kitchens to make fabulous meals......I am not one of them. We like to eat lunch out and a simple dinner.

Our condos have all been oceanfront and reasonable budget. This fall we get gorgeous beach in a two minute walk. Previously we have preferred to swim and hang out on south Maui beaches, while staying in a north Kihei condo. We loved the quiet and privacy that came with not being on a busy beach.

We like having bedrooms with doors that close if we vacation with our grown kids. Just having ROOM is a luxury. All of our condos have had two bathrooms, even if there was only one bedroom.........and that is awesome!

Should be said upfront that we are budget travelers and the main objective is to be in Hawaii every single day I get for vacation leave from work. That is four weeks and I use the week-ends to stretch the vacations.....lol!!! We are booked for three weeks this fall and 16 nights next spring. If I was a resort lover, I could not afford to spend that amount of time in Hawaii.

When we travel with our kids, the space we have in condos is wonderful. I think it's cool you are considering switching your travel style up. We can get into routines and change can be refreshing. Deb

Edmonds, Washington
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3. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

""remember, your lodging is just a place to rest your head and freshen up! The island is YOURS to explore and discover! :)""

you were saying........:)

fg, you made a good case for both.

Now make two parallel lists of pros for each. Rate them.

Does having an on-site spa outweigh not having a bed in the main living area? you can go to a spa.

Is having an restaurant on the grounds better than having fresh fruit and coffee on your lanai? Restaurants are everywhere on Maui.

Washer and dryer vs maid service - not even close. being able to wash clothes when YOU want it?

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Edmonton, Canada
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4. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

We were in Maui a month ago and it was our first stay in a condo and I'm sold on condos. True, a resort will likely be more posh and fancy than a condo (think...renting someone's appartment) but I think the benefits outweigh any negatives. In other places I might still choose resort over condo (Palm Springs and Orlando for example) but it is my belief that a stay in Maui has no need for the extravagance of a resort. Maui is utterly spectacular all on its own and there is so much to see and do I wouldn't want to feel like I need to spend time enjoying the manmade awesomeness of the resort when I'm surrounded by some of the best God-made awsomeness on earth. The condo we stayed at had a pool but in 15 days we never went in it once or even walked into the pool area. Our thought was we can go in pools all the time at home the rest of the year...why spend thousands of dollars to fly to Maui and lie by the pool?

As for cooking and cleaning...in suite laundry is great but some resorts have that as well. We didn't use our kitchen to cook but we did buy mik, cereal, bread and jam and ate most breakfasts in our condo. We also used the fridge for occasional leftovers which translated into snacks or secondary meals. We also bought ourselves a bucket of ice cream to enjoy out on the lanai.

Bottom line it really comes down to your family and the vacation you want. if you want to stay in luxury accommodations and be pampered, you will be disappointed with a condo. If you want to have more of a feeling of being local and having a place that starts to feel like home after a couple of days, then a condo might be a good option.

Corona del Mar, CA
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5. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

Our rule of thumb is 6 nights or less hotel, 7 nights and more a condo.

Having a condo doesn't mean you have to cook, but it is great having a full kitchen and refrigerator that you can stock with beer, wine, sodas etc and then snack foods.

I would go nuts eating hotel meals for more than 6 days. I travel enough and eat out way too much already. I love bringing in food from restaurants, take out places, prepared foods from Safeway & Foodland Farms (or Whole Foods or Costco if we are out that way) and having leftovers. It is also nice to have your own pupus in the frig too and eat or snack as you like.

It is also nice to get that $1.50 Corona out of your frig than paying for a whole six pack at the hotel pool ($8), but you only get one.... wait? $8 bucks? Don't I get the other five beers too?

And the best feature of a condo is the washer/dryer. When we stay in a condo I can pack 30% of what I would pack for a 7 day hotel stay.

Kelowna, Canada
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6. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

I also have 3 teenage boys. We only took them once to Hawaii...it was the one big family vacation to the Big Island after my oldest son's graduation. We stayed in an 1800 sq ft condo with three bedrooms and three bathrooms (my inlaws were also with us). That was 265 dollars a night for 8 nights. There is no way we could have afforded to stay at a hotel or resort. The food bill alone would have bankrupted us lol. Having the space to spread out and the ability to fill the fridge with drinks and snacks is priceless lol. Plus....PRIVACY!!. I'd have to rent two rooms in a hotel lol. One for us and one for the kids.....

Denver, Colorado
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7. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

We stopped staying in hotels years ago. Thee are simply too many advantages to a condo - more space, laundry facilities, a kitchen etc. I think my favorite feature is the ability to get up in the morning and have my coffee and breakfast without having to get everyone up, cleaned and dressed to go find breakfast. Its so much better in a condo.

My wife and I love to cook together, so we often do, but do go out as the mood strikes as well. Its good to have options.

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8. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

My first couple years, we did hotel. We even did the Fairmont on Maui so there was extra space. We love being in the condo...pick only small ones with lots of privacy. Never cooked a meal other than when we stayed in a house on Kauai and threw hot dogs on a grill. Love the option to do a little laundry. And love having the fruit available when we want it and a quick breakfast if we want to get somewhere early. I like not having to worry about when housekeeping comes and it is convenient for me. A lot of times we will eat a lunch out and about and will just snack on cheese and crackers on the lanai in the evening. So much more space if yo pick the right place!

New York City, New...
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9. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

I do condos for the extra space and the kitchen as everyone else already stated.

I do not cook, but we do eat breakfast in. We have brought in dinners and it is nice to have space to enjoy them rather than on the bed.

I also like to keep wine and snacks handy.

This year we stayed at Maui Ocean Club and it had all the amenities of a hotel and the benefits of a condo. There was a concierge, a restaurant, Starbucks, pool bar and service and you could get daily cleaning if you wanted.

For me it was too much resort - but it sounds like it might work for you.

For us a hotel room is too confining, I like to go to sleep earlier and I typically wake up earlier and have coffee on the lanai and listen to the news on TV while he sleeps. In the afternoons I'll nap and he'll watch TV. We both have our space and I think that is why we survived 2 weeks together still married :)

Green Valley...
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10. Re: Resort Hotel vs. Condo....

We prefer condos for the bulk of the visit but like to add a night or two of hotel at the end. We find the hotels to generally be located at the premier beach spots and their more extravagent pools, happy hours on site, etc. give a "fun factor" to the end of the vacation.

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