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Trip Report - sort of

Gig Harbor...
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Trip Report - sort of

Aloha everyone - for those who are accustomed to my lengthy reports, patience required - others, this is the truly edited version. Questions? toss 'em in the pile.

Nineteen nights on Maui - departure, flight, arrival all good. Enterprise deserved another try and I'm glad we booked with them, it was a very good rental experience.

Fourteen nights in Napili, The Mauian is a sweet spot that I still am very fond of.

We went to learn and to have a change of pace from our regular lives. We learned far more than anyone could possibly cram into an itinerary! We experienced more than we could have imagined. We were on a mission and it was accomplished.

We didn't eat out a lot, reviews are pending. We tried to keep it local and sustainable, as well as simple.

One night at Makena Resort did not disappoint. Upcountry lodging was a bomb, so we shifted to Maui Seaside - go ahead and chuckle, I loved it.

Lack of AC was not a problem at the Mauian, the room was far cooler than the air outside - everyone complained about how unseasonable the weather was. Yours truly had to make a couple of escapes to the drier air in Kihei. Yes, it rained some - followed by magnificent rainbows.

As always - we meet the most wonderful people! Old friends and gobs of new ones - filling the moments with insight and authenticity.

We take home far more than can fit into a suitcase, literally brimming over with the meaning of Aloha spirit and a culture that I still want to learn more about. I love it - period.

There were times when I had to pull myself together regarding moments of 'beautiful disaster'. There were times when I wanted to send a lot of visitors back to preschool for basic manners class, really! This Aloha is not for wimps - takes effort, there is a learning curve.

There were times when all I could do was chill and absorb. There were times when the joy had me on a wave that rode so high & smooth, but some crashed noisily.

Make God laugh, make plans - but back off and see what unfolds - it's magical. Each day meant letting go of something and opening up to something better. The most important thing to leave out of any travel plan is expectation - toss it into the dumpster.

Each morning the sun rose and the day was fresh for the taking. Every moment held meaning and purpose.

Highlights: all of it - even the lows, I believe that without the bitter we cannot appreciate the sweet. The lowest was missing my dog - so we visited the Humane Society from open to close, I went again twice and shared some love.

The Music workshop was an experience filled with learning. We were blessed to be able to have this trip and blessed constantly along the way.

The time on island went by in the blink of an eye. Reality means unscrambling, some of it needs to be sorted and other parts will reveal in due time.

Flight home was the best ever, even the food was good - flight crew was superb. We arrived to a heatwave here and immediately turned on our AC.... go figure.

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1. Re: Trip Report - sort of

Welcome home, Lesrose! Sounds like another magical island foray...any youtubes of your workshop?

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2. Re: Trip Report - sort of

LesRose, your trip report is beautiful! And it is clear from reading it what a beautiful person you are as well.

I do hope this is just the beginning and there will be more details or stories of your plans and God's adjustments of them! Can you tell us more about your music workshop?

Thank you so much for sharing!



Gig Harbor...
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3. Re: Trip Report - sort of

There will be videos, the Masters of Slack Key are absolute Masters - hopefully the documentary will turn out and I will keep you updated.

The workshop was incredible! Far too many details to go into right now - I feel like it should be Saturday and my internal clock is out of whank.

Suffice it to say that not one moment did I have to question any reason, sign, or meaning. Some grabbed a hold and all I could do was hang on.

We rode along in the palm of God's hands and I can assure it is one fine ride. There were so many mind blowing moments - so many unquestionable things - and yet I would not be human if I didn't feel a certain need to step back and contemplate it all.

"Count your blessings" - I need a calculator for this one!

Saint Cloud...
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4. Re: Trip Report - sort of

Nice trip report. Thanks.

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5. Re: Trip Report - sort of

Wow! Thanks so much for this... What a great day to start the day! My eyes are watering!

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6. Re: Trip Report - sort of

What a nice report to read! Happy 4th! :)

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7. Re: Trip Report - sort of

Sweet and simple.......I would read every word you write, enjoy every minute and I always learn something and come away from your words wiser. Thanks for sharing with us. Deb

Portland, Oregon
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8. Re: Trip Report - sort of

"Make God laugh, make plans - but back off and see what unfolds - it's magical."

Ain't that the truth. I'd like to borrow that if you don't mind.

Milwaukie, Oregon
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9. Re: Trip Report - sort of

Looking forward to more. I particularly want to hear about the "Upcountry bomb" lodging experience, please.

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10. Re: Trip Report - sort of

Like the intro to a great novel, I'm left yearning for more!