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3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

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3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

Well today was our last day on the west side for this trip...so we just had to go snorkeling again. We headed back to Honolua Bay, but this time we brought the girls. The walk through the mystical rain forest is so enchanting. The girls loved this part...lots of pictures taken by all of us. They said ot looked like a movie or video game...lol.

There was one boat there already (about 9:00 am...last time they didn't come until about 10:30 or 11:00...different companies I guess). My oldest won't snorkel...afraid of fish...but we went in with our 12 year old while 17 year old wrote in her journal and watched over our stuff. She was surrounded by chickens the entire time...lol.

We knew where the good coral was so we headed directly in that direction. My daugjter did not make it out that far...she got spooked. Still remnants from the shark attack a vouple of weeks ago. The water here can be deep and the fish bigger...she did not like that combination. She also said the water was cold...not sure if that was the real reason, but either way we took her back to shore. She did get to see some great fish though and she seemed excited to see them...pointing them out as we swam over them.

After dropping her off at shore, hubby and I went back out. We saw our little sea turtle again, an eel, and of course scores of fish. I seemed to get colder as well today and it was windier, so perhaps my daughter was right.

Our plan was to see tirtles at Honokeana Cove so we parked at Napili Beach. We were lucky that we secured a legal parking spot right by the beach access path. What a beautiful beach. The girls settled in and hubby and I jumped in. We swam over to the left..towards the Gazebo...and wow....5 turtles just hanging out. We didn't get to close..we knew to give them their room, but once we were just floating there...minding our own business..lol...when this huge turtle sw right under us. I mean right under us...as in it almost hit us. I jumped...it startled me and I think I might of screamed like a girl.

What am amazing snorkel. We got out and just stood on the rocky shoreline and watched them for a while. Poor things, they kept getting hit against the rocks when the waves came in...would wash them right up onto them sometimes. I guess they were fine with their hard shell

and all. What fum to watch them.

The girls were ready to go and since we had already seen lots of turtles, we didn't go to Honokeana Cove...mayne next time.

Back at the condo we just relaxed. We ate lots...as we needed to get rid of all our food before heading to Grand Wailea. They do have a mini fridge there...but no otjer kitchen facilities. So we ate, swam at the pool, read, ate some more...for the rest of the afternoon.

Kaanapali Shores ( our condo for those who don't know) held a hula show at the

oceanfront pool at 5:00. It was so nice to sit poolside to watch it. Whenever we were hot, we'd just jump in and watch the show from the pool. Fun.

They were looking for volunteers to go up, so of course my 12 year old did. They taught them a quick hula on stage...she was right in her element. She is a singer/actor/dancer back home...so she loved

this. Oh, and guess who she was on stage with???...the lady that we met last night (Make a Wish Mom). We visited with them a bit after the show...very nice couple.

We watched our last sunset from the west

and talked about our week on this side of the island. I will miss this.

No night swimming tonight...I was just too tired and happy just to shower and relax.

Tomorrow we move to Grand Wailea. I know that sw and others had encouraged me to go to the turtle release, and although I am sure it would be fabulous, we have decided not to go. Hopefully someone elsecan report back.

Remember that I was in touch with whatahotel about the possibility of getting the new lower rate at GW? We had paid $399 for night one...and $279.00 fornight two....with free breakfasts and $25.00 spa credit. The price for night ine had gone down, and although I was inside the cancellation/change window...they managed to get my price changed. The hotel confirmed with them that our new rate would be only $229.00 per night. Wow....thank you GW and whatahotel. Hopefully it still includes breakfast but we are fine if it doesn't...they just saved us a bundle of money. Same room category as well....cha ching!!!

Until tomorrow...

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1. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

Another great day in the record books! We almost always see turtles being tumbled in the surf when we wait in-line at the Gazebo, amazing creatures.

Kapaa, Hawaii
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2. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

Awesome snorkeling!! I hope your daughter can conquer her fear. At least she's trying!! Thanks for reporting.

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3. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

Oh...I forgot to add....we bought some of that lilikoi cream cheese at the farmer's market. Wow....very very good. Good call guys...thanks!!!!

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4. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

Moving day again!! Have a wonderful time at the GW-nice that they changed the rate for you this time around!

Sorry you'll miss the turtle release, but sometimes there isn't enough time to see and do everything. Most importantly, you are seeing and doing wonderful things together.

Glad you like the cream cheese!

La Costa, California
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5. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

yes, great story :) I understand completely about your stay ay Kaanapali Shores. We stayed there on our second trip to Maui, some years ago.

My wife and daughter loved it there. Me, I thought like you, that it was big, but not really a hotel resort. I wasn't crazy about the beach there but the pools were very nice.

Probably the best thing about staying there was it introduced us to northwest Maui. I had read about the farmers market and so we took our first ride up the lower road and other than one year when there was a Costco deal at the Hyatt, we've been staying in Napili or Kapalua ever since.

Actually, that week at the Hyatt kinda finished us off on staying at big resorts I think and I'll be interested on your take on GW. I'm sure your girls will love it.

thanks for the reports, we may pass each other at OGG, we'll be arriving Sunday :)


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6. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

I love it when Cha Ching happens. Interesting note about

Honolua Bay. This fall we will probably check it out; haven't been there yet.


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7. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

Wow; that's a great rate for the Grand Wailea. Have fun!

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8. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

It's so enjoyable reading your reports. I'm gonna miss 'em! Since Dave arrives Sunday, maybe he'll pick up where you leave off :)

Wow, good deal at the GW.

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9. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

I too will miss your reports as you made me feel like I was there.

Have fun at the Grand Wailea!

It seems no matter how much time you have the end sneaks up on you fast.

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10. Re: 3 weeks on Maui Trip Report...day 18

"She was surrounded by chickens the entire time. lol"

That line just cracked me up.........so you don't like the fish........well how about the chickens while you blissfully journal! It just reminded me of family vacations when I was your daughter's age!

Another wonderful day wandering about and having fun! Yes, that cream cheese is top of my list! I discovered lilikoi danishes on Kauai and those are so very yummy!! Now I try all things lilikoi! Gosh, have fun at the GW and congrats on the low rate! Very smart consumer! Deb