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Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

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Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

Well I finally got to my last day of the blog. It is so much harder at home to do this when "real life" takes over again. BUT, I was determined to finish. This was a wonderful trip..as usual. When Rena was sick at the beginning, it forced us to slow down even more than we are used to. It was still great though (except that she hated staying out of the water). The whales were already active and the snorkeling, once we were able to, was great. We had near perfect weather and spent a lot of time on the Kapalua Coastal trail and just hanging at the pool (more than normal). Thank you for following along and I hope you were able to get some ideas from this TR.


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1. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

Love those pictures, especially that octopus. Can I assume all of the pictures were of the same one?

I don't mind you going back again twice in March and April. It just means more trip reports and blogs to enjoy!

Besides, you know how important it is to not put off that trip. So you go girl!

Thanks for taking the time to finish your blog. Yes, life does get in the way when you get home, even if you didn't have a bunch of laundry to do!

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2. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

Your snorkeling photos are always wonderful and I love them, BUT........you could become a professional dog photographer, if you were so inclined! Your dog photos are amazing and I know firsthand how hard it is to get dogs to be still. Always a good reason to return home! The fish that came after the awesome eel, turquoise colored, with spots.......love that fish!

David is a sweetheart for getting those lounge chairs and umbrellas for the last day! Very nice! I appreciate you taking the time to bring us along and your parting thoughts were informative. Our first trip to Maui was five years ago Christmas and we went with no itinerary or true plans. I believe we would have gone nuts if we had made massive plans. I am very much looking forward to sharing time on Maui with you, David and my posse! 71 days 🌺 Deb

P.S. Congrats on booking next Christmas!

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3. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

I don't always chime in but I love your blog and photos. Thanks so much for sharing. You have a lovely family. Hope my girls can get back to Maui next summer. I am starting to feel guilt about my mother's day trip without them. But it is mom's only...

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4. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

Perfect timing. Just about to turn in. Love the Milletseed. Don't see too many of those. And it looks like you had a couple of Shortbodied blennies there in love. LOL It is so cool to see all the color variations on the Tako. Thanks for posting these. Maybe I'll dream of snorkeling tonight.

BTW way those two Chocolates are adorable. My mom use to raise Labs. I don't know how you can do the fostering. I think I would just have a house full of dogs. Especially some of those I've seen on your blog.

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5. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

>> that means I have to be on Maui for 20 days this March and April…darn! :) <<

and you will then break Deb's record for two Maui trips closest together. :)

PS love how the eels like to bare their teeth at you

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6. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

I loved reading your photo blog.... it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful trip!! Mahalo for posting. :)

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7. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

""Not sure what this was hiding, but it sure was bright!""

It sure is! Finding new things is the best part of snorkeling.

I was thinking your red fish might be an aroused female parrot fish, but the tail and what looks like a fin isn't quite right.

Hopefully you'll figure it out or someone will know. If not try to remember where you saw it and go back. I don't need to tell you how common it is to see a lot of the same fish in the same locations, year after year.

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8. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

Wow! Thanks for starting my day with your fabulous report! I was thinking I should share your snorkeling pics with my hubby to give him an idea of what we will see, I love how you find fish that are hiding and hard to see, like the octopus. I don't have an underwater camera and not sure I can get one for this trip. Do you have experience with the disposable ones?

Again, those Maui faces got to me, they are so different on the last day, so sad even though they are happy. (Hard to explain to someone who hasn't been there)

I am thrilled you are fortunate enough to go back twice this spring and again at Christmas, gives me something to dream about. :)

Thanks again for sharing your trip and I can't wait to read about the next one! ...it will be when I get back, I think. (46 days!)

~ littlered

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9. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

What a treat to wake up to :) though it means it's the last one :( but for only a short intermission :)

I think your (along with slabeaume's) rendering of Maui's underwater world may have inspired many to don the mask & fins for the first time. Who knew there is so much to easily behold?!! The rainbows, whales, and family on this trip have combined for a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy. Aloha.

Middleburg, Virginia
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10. Re: Holiday Trip report- Day 12- Final Day!!!!!

Wow, great pictures, I hope I can see as many fish as you next month. Love those dogs, they make coming home sweet. Thanks, I really enjoyed!