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Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

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Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

Day 11 - Saturday, December 28, 2013

Up early. Today we are going on a snorkeling tour with Capt Steve!

We had talked about doing a snorkeling tour to one of the islands. I assumed I would just book the tour with trilogy but after our whale watching adventure, The Girls suggested we go with Capt Steve. Plus they gave us a discount as a return guest.

We arrive at Mala around 730 for checkin. They had breakfast waiting for us of donuts, fruit, and granola bars. We have 2 guides today, one is a college student home for winter break. I forget his name but he is a student at Penn State and grew up on Maui. Bright kid and we actual had some decent conversations.

We set sail around 8 and the conditions are not good. Between the wind and the surf we are off to a rocky start. However, we do see a turtle as soon as we leave the dock.

We are told that it looks unlikely we will be going to Lanai. Oh well. But they promise an excellent tour, we shall see. Sure enough, on our port side we spot 2 whales, Mama and baby. The mama is breaching not once, not twice, not three times, but nonstop. The baby did breach once so we guessed the Mama was teaching the baby. So, so so cool! Too bad I didn't bring my cannon camera. A third whale arrives and the breaching stops. The guides think it was a male since mama stopped beaching. Male dominance can do that to females....lol

The guides get a call from Capt Steve about a school of spinner dolphins. Now I don't know if this is common but this is my second trip with Capt Steve in 3 days and I am seeing another amazing show of spinners. Even the guides were in awe. They met the dolphins about halfway btw maui and Lanai and followed them back towards Maui. This may sound crazy, but I got kinda bored, felt as if I saw this done that....lol. Am I crazy!!! So we are not even an hour into our trip and we saw turtles, breaching whales, and a school of dolphins. Am I spoiled? Or this just Maui at its best!

Our first snorkeling spot is a dud, huge dud. We didn't even see fish. I was in the water maybe 10 minutes and had enough. Told the guides I can do better at the beach. They promised we will have a better spot on our next stop.

As we sail along they point out a few homes belonging to celebrities. Soon we drop anchor and are told this should be a good spot. Apparently it's a turtle station?

In the water we go, agreeing on the buddy system. The conditions are good, the visibility is great! Better then I had the last few times we snorkeled. Sure enough, DD immediately spots a huge turtle resting below. The quality and quantity of the fish and coral are awesome. I can't believe how large an area this is and how deep, maybe 20 feet? I some how venture off by myself, not sure how....so much for the buddy system. I lost count of the number of diff type of fish and turtles I saw. DD counted 9 turtles for herself, I had to be way north of that.

At one point I look up and I am complete alone. Don't see The Girls anywhere. Finally see DW and she points toward the boat. DW and I are the last ones to get back on the boat, I would have stayed longer but she said everyone was waiting for us.

Back on board lunch is served. They had tuna fish, assorted cold cuts, a variety of salads and fruit. No skimping on the food, I actually had two plates. Before we head back they hand out cookies!

We get back to land around 2 and head back to HK for pool time. The rest of the day is spent at the pool, which is very crowded. I actually had to search for chairs, was told by the pool boys to just remove the hotels towels and take the chairs if nothing else is on them.

For dinner, DW has been craving Chinese food. She is convinced the food will be good because we are so close to Asia. Once she saw the Chinese restaurant on the lower road, I think it's called China Bowl, there was no stopping her. Mind you, at home we rarely eat Chinese food. As a matter of fact, DD didn't even know what the food was. So tonight we are going to China Bowl.

DW suggest we do the 1 from column a menu, 2 from column B. Huh, no way forget it, are you nuts! I grew up like that, I could choose my own thank you. I actually wanted to tell our waiter to just bring me what the table next to us had. They were a local Asian family. If you have ever seen the Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode of him visiting a Chinese rest you'll know what I mean.

The food wasn't bad, about what you would expect. DW was happy.

We end the night playing cards with the lanai doors open and the winds blowing. An end to another Maui day....

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1. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

I am loving your reports and taking notes on many things for our trip.

You are having a fabulous time and everyone is happy which is how it should be!

Thanks so much again for sharing.

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2. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

I am so jealous! This all sounds amazing.

"Am I spoiled? Or this just Maui at its best!"

A little from column A, a little from column B, perhaps? :)

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3. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

The only reason I didn;t book with Capt Steve is because I was afraid the raft ride would be too rough as I am prone to seasickness. How was the ride itself?

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4. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

Another fun day! Too bad it didn't cooperate to go to Lanai. At least you got some other good snorkeling in. I am looking forward to hearing what you did on your last couple days.

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5. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

D P. I like the ride on the raft better than the ride on a Big Cat, not sure why but I felt the small raft flowed better with the waves than the Cat did, the Cat seemed to tip more maybe due to the size so part was on a wave while part was tipping down the wave,hope that makes sense.

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6. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

Awesome day again, beer! I wonder where the raft took you snorkeling? Was it Olowalu? It almost sounds like Makena with the celebrity homes and the turtle station, but did they go that far south?

Thanks again for the Maui virtual vacation!

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7. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! :)

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8. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

What a nice way to start the day on TA........another "Beer" report! Sounds like you headed north past Napili?

China Boat is pretty good-it varies sometimes, according to the cook's mood, I think.

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9. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

"Male dominance can do that to females...."

Are you kidding?! She hooked him.

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10. Re: Trip Report - Day 11 of 14

Have been enjoying your posts very much. I was thinking about booking this snorkel with Capt Steve but also was concerned about the raft in terms of bouncing, not motion sickness. DH has some low back issues and I have some neck issues. Were there enough seats for everyone? Much bouncing up and down on them?