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TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

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TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

So, thank you all again for all the positive feedback on my very first trip report. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to all those who may experience Iselle and/or Julio. Please be safe. Feeling very fortunate that our trip only delivered some really warm temps, a few rain showers, and beautiful rainbows. A little hard to write about our wonderful trip while in the back of my mind worrying about the effects of the weather on residents and travelers, but here goes...

OK, Sea House happy hour was awesome - although never made it for an official meal. First night dh had Beach Balls and I had Poke Nachos. Both so yummy. A couple of happy hour beers, some fun conversation with the bartender, and a view behind the back bar to Napili Bay to die for. Then back to the room to decide on dinner. Ended up at Mama's Ribs. Guy in front of us ordered $200+ in racks of ribs. We ordered half rack, half chicken and side salads to take back to the room. First we swung by the (Times?) grocery store to pick up some snacks and beverages. Almost forgot - got Tiramasu at Mama's cuz I couldn't resist (yes, I am a dessert girl). Went back to our comfy and huge room at Napili Kai and ATE. Ribs and chicken were so good. Managed to kill the very meaty ribs but still had left over chicken which made a good lunch the next day. Was too full for dessert, so it made a wonderful pre-snorkel breakfast the next morning! Tired from busy day, travel, time change, food and beverages, so settled in for the night and got a pretty decent night's sleep. A/C was comfortable and quiet. Bed was good. DH could lay on the couch and angle the TV so the light didn't bother me and brought his earphone system so I would have peace and quiet (people who have been married a long time learn to adapt - lol).

First morning! OMG - I am so excited! Wake up super early (of course) and it is still a little dark outside. Walk the paths through the grounds to the lobby for a couple of cups of coffee. Just walking the grounds is such a treat. Napili Kai is really a throw back, in such a good way, to another time that I almost hate to talk about it. It isn't for everyone, but it certainly stole my heart. So I walk up to the lobby and there is this guy who works there just sitting in a chair at the top of the stairs with his arms folded across his chest sort of guarding the lobby and looking out in to the distance. I wander up in my mascara face, crazy morning hair, coffee needing way, smile and say good morning. He gives me a crack of a smile and a genuine good morning back. See, this is one of the things I love about the islands. The true aloha you get - when you give it - is sincere, warm, and genuine in a way that is so very different from the "THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY! - SMILE, SMILE, SMILE" that is sometimes confused for customer service these days. Anyhow, get my coffee and head back in a slow way to the room. It sprinkles a bit as the sun starts to come up. Geckos, hibiscus, plumeria, clouds floating by, sky changing color, breeze softly blowing, breathing in that delicious air. Seriously, how much better can it get...

Well, believe it or not, it does get better! I get to walk the Kapalua coastal trail and then I get to snorkel Napili and Kapalua Bays. I truly am feeling like the luckiest girl on earth (only thing that would make it better is if dh could enjoy some of the physical activity with me). I kiss dh and take off for the trail around 7:00 am. Tell him I will be back in an hour or so. Walk back through Napili Kai grounds, through the lobby, up the road a bit, through Kapalua parking lot and pass by Merriman's on the way through the tunnel, and on to the trail along Kapalua Bay.

The trail is lovely and the views are amazing. A little more "rugged" than I had thought. For some reason I thought it was mostly paved and/or a boardwalk. However, there is quite a bit of the trail that is rocky and uneven. Not really difficult or especially strenuous, but for a person with back or mobility issues, it could be a quite a challenge and probably not recommended. I walked past Kapalua Bay before anyone was on the beach. Walked past the Montage which is an amazing, somewhat overwhelming but beautiful, high end resort. On the way out, I passed by the loop that takes you out on the lava rock towards the sea (so glad I caught it on the way back). Kept going along the coast on the rocky trail, the boardwalk, and then back up to "civilization." Didn't keep going along the road to pick up the trail again. Instead, headed back home so I could try to stay close to the "hour" I had told dh and also because I was so excited to snorkel. On the way back did the loop out to the end of the lava and it was so worth it. Don't pass this up if you do the trail. Just a great morning walk. The views are really too much to describe. Looking back towards Kapalua with the sun coming up over the greens against the water is just amazing. Such a beautiful area.

Back to the room. Gather the new snorkel gear dh got for me and head to Napili Bay to do a test run. We sit under the cabana by the water for a few minutes while I get gear organized. Then I head to the water to make sure mask, snorkel, fins all work ok. Play around for a while and see a few fish. Get the feel for my mask and snorkel. Fins are shorties so I am not too comfortable with them. Head back up to dh and tell him think I need longer fins, so we head to Snorkel Bob's up the road. Rent fins and two beach chairs.

Back to the room for ice chest and provisions to head to Kapalua Bay. Drive the very short distance from Napili Kai to Kapalua parking lot and get a good parking space. Unload and pack up like a mule, then head down the sidewalk to the tunnel. BEWARE: There is an ever so slight crack in the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to the tunnel at Kapalua Bay. If you should happen not to notice this slightly elevated crack and the toe of your sandal should catch it, you may take a rather major tumble and have your ice chest, chair and anything else you might be carrying fly away in every direction. If you are not so young, but still fairly limber, you might tuck and roll and recover with only some minor abrasions. Hubby gave it an 8.5 for form.

Recovered, more from the embarrassment than the injury, and carried on to a good spot midpoint on the beach. Snorkeling was really good. Water was smooth and clear. Lots of coral and many colorful fish. Not too many people early in the day. Spent a couple of beautiful hours in and out of the water and just enjoying the sun, the water, and the beautiful views. No turtles yet. Took some great pictures and just truly relaxed and started to get in to the rhythm of the islands...

Writing about our trip is bitter sweet. It is wonderful to relive our trip but also makes me want to go back even more. Yes, I guess I am addicted...

Nanaimo, Canada
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1. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Oh my, I am so glad that you didn't do any more damage with that tumble! And that you were able to still enjoy snorkeling. Did you find the bigger fins made a difference for you?

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2. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Thank you for your report! We need to read good things on here also! Now that I'm home I need to finish my blog as well! So glad you enjoyed the coastal trail. That is why we stay at the villas. I love have the trail in my front yard :). Glad you weren't hurt- love your humor. Glad you got some snorkeling in! Love Kapalua when not too busy!

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3. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

I love this report. Napili Kai is a favorite of ours and there is just something incredibly special about morning walks on the Kapalua Trail and the way the rising sun shines on Molokai and Lanai. Thanks for painting such a terrific word picture.

La Costa, California
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4. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Well you're in good company momo :) I, too, love the old time feel of the Napili Kai and your report is helping me get through these last few weeks till I'll be there. Joe, the head gardener, runs a horticultural walk once a week, not sure if you got to go but it's nice. He has worked there his whole life and he knows every hibiscus and banana tree on the property.

I'm glad you had a good time snorkeling Kapalua beautiful isn't it? And sorry to hear about your tumble in the tunnel. Sounds like you recovered quickly though. :)


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5. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Glad your fall wasn't serious, nothing worse than getting banged up on vacation, several years ago my wife fell backwards over some tree roots at Waianapanapa State park and had to use one of those inflatable "donuts" for her.....backside... the rest of the trip.

One thing never changes as the years go by, Kapalua Beach maintains its greatness.

Buford, Georgia
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6. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Don't you hate it when you're cautious on a dirt trail, then trip on a paved one! Glad you were able to still get an 8.5. Sounds like it didn't ruin your fun any.

Fairfax Station...
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7. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Thanks for your lovely report, and glad your fall was not serious! Your prose really captured the beauty of your morning, and is really making me look forward to our trip in two weeks. It will be our first time staying in Kapalua, and I'm really looking forward to it!

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8. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Thank you for your great description of the trail. About how long did it take to walk it and how early did you start it? I'm thinking we might try to combine it with snorkeling also since Kapalua Bay is supposed to be good for beginners.

Look forward to the rest! Sorry about your spill but glad you are ok.

Pittsburgh, PA
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9. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Sounds like a great day...except for the tumble. Glad you were OK and the best remedy for a tumble is snorkeling with the fishies! A mai tai wouldn't have hurt either ;).

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10. Re: TR2 - Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, and the big tumble

Maybe a sign not to drive the few inches from the Napili Kai and take up a precious parking space in the Kapalua Bay parking lot?