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MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Venice, Florida
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MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Part One - Days 1 to 7 can be found here: tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g29220-i86-k825844…

Day 8 - 9/22/06 (Fri)

Woke up early and raced to get to the Gazebo for breakfast. At 7:10am there was already a long line. Lucky for us upon opening we got the second to last table. We both ordered a Macadamia Nut Pancakes. Good cakes but I don't think "the best" I have ever had. They put whip cream topping on their pancakes which I did not particularly care for. Just give me syrup, either coconut or maple and that makes it sweet enough for me.

Back to condo, suit up and off to Black Rock for snorkeling. Great day and lot's of fish. We took a very long snorkel that morning. After that we went off to do some shopping for gifts at Hilo Hattie then stopped for a late lunch at Aloha Mix Plate. We had a sunset cruise booked with the Kapalua Kai that evening and since we knew we would be drinking, we thought it would be better to eat an early dinner. That turned out to be a mistake for me.

Aloha Mix Plate was turning into our favorite stomping grounds. We loved their coconut prawns so we ordered that. Then since we figured this was an early dinner, we each ordered a plate lunch. Teriyaki Steak with rice and macaroni salad. Of course now I am stuffed. Way too much food that I could not even finish.

Back to the condo to shower up and get ready for the cruise. Since the waves calmed down a bit we were able to be picked up right in from of Leilani's at Whalers Village. This was a packed sunset cruise, about 46 people as opposed to the 15 we had on the snorkel trip. Off we go, hoist the sails, the Mai Tai's start flowing, music playing, and the mood is great. The captain heads straight off towards Kapalua area where the skies are really dark and looking like rain. I am standing along the rail and just having a nice trip.

Now the water starts getting rougher and the folks in front are getting drenched by the waves. All of the sudden it starts to pour. Normally I would not care but I had my brand new camera with me and the last thing I wanted was for it to get wet so below deck I go. Big mistake. I sit towards the back with my Mai Tai, watching the boat go up and down. And not only are we going up and down but the hull of the catamaran is slamming against the water. Brian was enjoying standing in the rain so he left to go back on top.

At one point a crew member comes up to me and asks if I am alright. I reply that I am fine, just very full from an early dinner and my Mai Tai drink is way to strong. I honestly did not think I was getting sea sick. I have been on boats all my life and never "EVER" been sick before. The crew member just smiles at me and say's slowly "are you sure"? With that I shake my head and with pouty eye's say "no, I feel sick". It was like a one two punch, just a sudden wave came right over me. Well he hands me the bucket just in the nick of time and up come my cookies. How utterly embarrassing. Thankfully I was able to throw a towel over my head right before it happened. I have to say it was nothing to this crew member. He say's it happens all the time. He then say's I bet you feel better now which I did.

That put a real damper on something I was really looking forward to. We then turned out of the storm and sailed back to Ka'anapali which had calmer waters and a beautiful sunset as well.

Day 9 - 9/23/06 (Sat)

Haleakala Day - Left condo at 6:00am. Stopped at Bad *ss Coffee for a cup of Java and a muffin. Made it to the summit in just a little over 2 hours. So beautiful up here. Haleakala crater happens to be one of my husbands favorite places on Maui. Three years ago he hiked down on Sliding Sands trail. However since the air is so thin, and at the time I was a smoker, there was no way I cold hike with him. Just a few steps and I was out of breath. I promised him that when we came back I would be a non-smoker. I quit smoking 1 month prior to this trip (yeah me) and while I was able to hike down a bit, I still did not go as far as I would have liked to. But still, I did go down. You think the view's are beautiful from at the top, just hike down and see how they change! While my husband hiked further down the trail, I just found a rock to sit on and take in the view's. I could not stop taking pictures. Every second the view would change as clouds parted and moved. I remember how quiet it was. The only sound was an occasional buzzing fly. I could not even hear the wind.

After spending a few hours exploring the crater, we headed to the town of Makawao, another town we never visited before. Cool little cowboy town. Wanted to try a coconut turnover from the Komoda Bakery but they were closed for renovations.

We then headed to Ho'okipa Beach to watch the awesome windsurfers, then off for a late lunch/early dinner at Mama's Fish House. We wanted to go here for our anniversary however it is a drive away and besides we wanted to have a daylight view. The ambience of Mama's is gorgeous! So South Pacific and tropical. Lunch was 1 drink each ($14 a drink - ouch), 1 appetizer, and 2 entries. Total bill around $130 (not including tax and tip). The food was ONO, pricey but worth it. Their drink prices are way overpriced. I had something called a champagne cooler which was ok, however the glass was only half filled. Seemed like a rip-off.

Back to the condo to watch yet another Maui sunset. We then headed off to the Tiki Bar with free Hula show next door at the Ka'anapali Beach resort. Why did I not find this place sooner. Loved the Tiki Bar! There is also a Tiki Grill! Hey I love things with the name "Tiki" in them! Just look at my screen name :)

Day 10 - 9/24/06 (Sun)

Total Beach Vegg Day - rented a lounge chair and just chilled out. Spent 5 hours roasting in the Maui sun and playing in the Maui Blue water. Back to condo, showered up then back to beach to watch sunset. Then headed back to the Tiki Bar for some drinks. Meet a really cool local guy named "Gee". Bought drinks back & forth. Then back to the condo to grill up 2 porterhouse steaks for dinner. Had dinner on our Lanai under candle light. Perfect evening.

Day 11 - 9/25/06 (Mon)

Today we decided to take a drive to South Maui. The furthest we have ever gone was to the Grand Wailea Resort and I was determined to find Secret Cove and Big Beach. Off we leave sunny Ka'anapali and head off to cloudy south Maui. I am sure we just picked the wrong morning to go, but it was really cloudy. It was a bit tricky finding Secret Cove but we did it. I can see why so many brides-to-be want to get married here. It's just a perfect spot. We got there around 9:00am and already there is a wedding going on. When did this bride start to get ready? I almost felt like I was intruding on their beach but all beaches are public right? Then I noticed the line up of other brides waiting to get married here. There must have been 3 other's and it's only 9 in the morning.

From there we headed to Big Beach. Again I wished it was sunnier as I wanted to take some water tide shots but oh well, I did my best. From there we went to another beach right next to the Maui Prince Hotel. Wanted to snorkel here in hopes to snorkel with turtles but between the cloudy weather, I just was not in the mood. From there we hit Jawz Taco Stand (Truck) for some really ONO fish taco's.

Head back to Lahania (It's sunny again!) for some more shopping then back to the condo. Take a dip in the ocean, then drinks on our lanai. Back down again to the beach for sunset. Look at my sunset photo's dated 9/25/06. Head back to Leilani's for dinner again.

Day 12 - 9/26/06

Woke up to overcast skies today. Head over to Hilo Hattie's to finish up my gift buying. Back to condo and notice the skies brightening up a bit so down to the beach for a quick swim before tonight's Luau at the "Hyatt".

Drums of the Pacific Luau at the Hyatt - this is the third time we have seen this luau and while it is good and I highly recommend seeing it, I think this was our last. We just started comparing it to the first and second time we saw it and thought it was better then. The dinner buffet is still great. All in all a nice luau but much preferred the Feast at Lele.

Day 13 - 9/27/06

Woke up at 6:00am to do my morning ritual, Kona coffee on the lanai and write in my travel journal. Instead of hearing ocean or birds singing, all I hear is loud voices and car horns. It took me a few minutes to realize this was my next door neighbors Loud TV set due to them keeping their lanai doors wide open. Did not hear one thing inside of our condo which tells you how nice and thick the walls are here :) Packed up all my purchased gifts and goodies and called FedEx for a pickup at the front desk. Great idea to ship some stuff back home in order to save suitcase space.

Today was another Vegg day. We rented a beach cabana at the pool activities area. All we planned to do that day was work on tan's, swim, and snorkel. Even though Black Rock was a short walk away, I noticed darker patches in the water not to far out directly in front of our cabana. Decided to swim out and sure enough there was a small reef.

The next thing I see lying on the bottom of the ocean floor is one HUGE turtle! I was so happy seeing this BIG turtle just chilling out.

Got take out lunch from the Tiki Grill at the Ka'anapali Beach Resort and what else but a Tiki burger. Had lunch in our cabana. Later on The Whaler condo hosted a free Mai Tai party for all guests and owners. Some Pupus and great Mai Tai's. Another awesome sunset and once again we are off to the Tiki Bar. Ok, this is becoming a habit. Had a drink called a "tropical itch" complete with a wooden back scratcher. Now that was a great drink :) Had a late dinner at Hula Grill.

Day 14 - 9/28/06 (Thurs)

Last FULL day on Maui. Took another drive along West Maui past Kapalua to see if Nakalele blowhole is blowing. Sure enough it was. Again I am ready to hike down but change my mind at the last minute. Why do I do that? We also planned to go back to the Olivine Pools and maybe hike down and take a dip but changed our minds on that as well.. Guess something to look forward to when we return. Took some more photo's along this road and a few at Honolua Bay. The water was so clear today. Look at my photo's and you can see the coral through the water.

After that we drove back to Lahaina, walked around Front Street and checked out the Banyan Tree which still amazes me.

Back to the condo and I go snorkeling while Brian just hangs out in the water. Right away the second I put my head down, what do I see? A Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish. Very small but there it is, only inches from me with its tentacles hanging. No doubt what it is. This was something I had never seen before other then in a photo. I quickly tell Brian and both of us kind of make a dash out of the water. We decide that this is just isolated and go back in but decide not to snorkel. We are from the East Coast and have our share of White and Red Jellyfish.

We must have been in for over an hour, neither one of us wanting to leave. After all, it is our last day. The next thing I knew was something Hot, no wait SCORCHING on my arm between my wrist and elbow. I had a feeling and sure enough . . . yes, I was stung. Now that's a first. It wasn't the most pleasant but was not the most horrible. The local pool "surfer" dude told me the sting from the box jellyfish is worse. Within five minutes the burning feeling went away and all was ok. Well that's how my last swim "for this trip" ended. Back to room, freshened up and back down to the beach for sunset and a bottle of champagne.

We decided earlier to get take out again from Honokowai Okazuya Deli for dinner. I had the Mahi Mahi Lemon Caper and Brian had the Mongolian (spicy) Beef. Their Macaroni Salad is the best I have ever had. We ate on our lanai, looking out at the tiki torch lights reflecting on the water out on Black Rock. It was just a totally beautiful evening and sad in a way as we were going home tomorrow.

Day 15 - 9/29/06 (Fri)

The dreaded day, packed and out of the condo by 11am. Since our flight was not until 5pm we just drove around, stopped back at the Iao Needle, but never ventured far from the car since all our luggage was in there.

Brian's drops me and all the luggage at the airport then goes to return the car rental. The lushes we are decide to have one last tropical drink on "this trip" so off to the bar we go. Since I'm sad, I have a "Blue Hawaiian".

Well that's it . . 12 hours later I am back in New York, planning for our next trip to Maui.

Here is the link to "some" of our photo's but would like to warn that there are a total of 400 photo's here so load time maybe slow:


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1. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

One of the best reports I've ever read, great pics, too!! Felt like I was there:)


Danville, California
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2. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Love your trip report! Mahalo!!!!!!

What does a "tropical itch" have in it, sounds yummy and with a favor too, gotta try that one! From reading your reports, I now have the KB Resort and the Tiki Bar and grill on my must list.

Oh, your cruise experience, I could feel your pain! I do get motion sickness but want so bad to go on a sunset cruise but am a bit afraid, we'll book Pride of Maui since it's a bigger boat and I will take some dramamine but still, I'm going to worry about tossing my cookies.

I can totally visualize the 3 brides waiting, wow, that's something!

What time did you go to see the Nakalele blowhole blowing? Was it a different time of day than your 1st time?

Welcome home, congrats on quitting smoking too! :)

New York
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3. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Excellent post, I would agree that Mama's Fish House has a gorgeous setting but not sure if I would agree that the price of the food was worth it. I was not overly impressed and for the price, I should have been. I would still recommend Mama's Fish House for the setting and ambience but would recommend that diners choose something more simply and less expensive rather than think they were missing something special from the kitchen staff.

Princeville, Hawaii
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4. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Mahalo for all the work you put into your report. The pics were wonderful also. Caught them earlier on your note to angel. Whe are you going back?

Gilbert, Arizona
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5. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

OK...I leave in 7 days and I can't WAIT to go to the Tiki Bar!

Thank you again for all your help and reviews...and of course...the pictures!


Venice, Florida
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6. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Rebecca - thank you. I admit that I am not use to doing trip reports this way. I really prefer the "highlight's" rather then the daily grind. There was actually a person here "Alohawahine" who wrote about her 21 day's in Maui Honeymoon as well as a quick weekend trip she did again. I actually printed her reports and took them with me just so I would have a reference on some things we wanted to try. She also wrote about their day to day adventures. Alohawahine, if you are out there, thank you !

Huladolz - I do not remember 100% what the Tiki Bar used but it should be Vodka, Lt.Rum, Orange Curacao (or Grand Marnier) and Passion Fruit Juice. Tiki Bar pours it into a BIG glass along with a mandatory backscratcher. I also have to say that the Tiki Bar prices were very reasonable as well. Maybe this is why we went so much. The Hula show was a tad lame, "think retro" but all in all it was fun to sit around the bar (or at the tables).

As for Nakalele - there is really no time I can tell you to go. Every day might be different due to tides, etc . . . Both days we went were both around 10 in the morning. One day nothing, a few days later it's blowing.

As for the smoking - best thing I ever did for me . . look at this: One month, three weeks, five days, 11 hours, 15 minutes and 1 second. 1609 cigarettes not smoked, saving $531.01. Life saved: 5 days, 14 hours, 5 minutes.

I'm already putting the savings to our next trip to Maui :)

Travel4Three - my husband & I both agree that we do not mind paying good money for good food. Both of us thought our lunches were excellent. While I preferred my dish better over my husbands, maybe I would have felt ripped off had I got his dish. I don't know, different strokes for different folks I guess. HOWEVER, to pay $14 for a drink is just insane. I don't care how pretty that drink looks. My husband had some sort of fruity concoction that looked exactly like you would get at the Hula Grill (or the Tiki Bar! <g>). My Champagne cooler was the biggest rip off ever! I think it was suppose to have something else other then champagne in it but looked like just a plain 1/2 a glass of champagne with a lemon peel twirl balanced on the glass. At the time I could not even take a picture of it. I almost wanted to send it back. How did it taste . . . just like champagne. Maybe I was drinking Don Perignon Champagne? Hmmmm

Aloha Shantybob - Glad you enjoyed reading my report and the pic's . . . As for going back, I hope sooner then in 3 years. Maybe 2008? It all depends if we decide to buy a house in Florida next year.

Burlington, Vermont
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7. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Those photos are the best I've seen.

I can't wait.....10 more days.

Thanks for sharing

new hampshire
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8. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

WOW! just checked out your photos those were amazing!

sorry to hear about the seasickness - that happened to me once I got sick 1 hour into a 6 hour trip. I was so miserable! I was afraid to get back on another boat but I did and was fine.

we did a horesback ride into the crater on sliding sands trail and it just felt so surreal - it was one of my top experiences ever in Maui

thanks again for sharing - sounds like a wonderful trip

Mastic Beach, New...
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9. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)

Hi MauiTiki!

Loved your report, and am really glad you decided to do the blow-by-blow instead of the highlights. Cool idea about using FedEx to ship stuff home. How does that work? Where did you get the boxes, etc.?

And where is Hilo Hatties?

Bummer about the seasickness and jellyfish sting, but in the end, no major damage done and it makes for an interesting trip report, right? *g*

Like everyone else, I adored your photos (but you knew that *g*), and just think, you've saved over $500 in one month of not smoking. At that rate, you could be in Maui again in 6 months!

Aloha & mahalo!



new york
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10. Re: MauiTiki's Trip Report Final Days 8 to 15 (long + pics)


Thanks so much for the great report and the pictures were amazing. Can't wait for our trip (2 months). Thanks again!