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Water shoes - Any recommendations?

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Water shoes - Any recommendations?

I have a bit of a phobia with things in the sea and hate putting my feet on the floor, so i tend to tread water everywhere even in super shallow areas. I've promised my boyfriend I will try and work on this in Hawaii and I think investing in some water shoes will be a good start and get me putting my feet on the ground!

I don't really know where to start looking - are there different levels of water shoes? I was going to get some mary-jane crocs but I don't think these will really do the job. I don't mind the price if they will help with my things-in-the-sea phobia! Would I be better off getting them in Hawaii as opposed to ordering online in the UK?

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1. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

I think you want, at a minimum, to be able to try them on if you are going for a shoe type thing.

http://tinyurl.com/mz7srsu <--- a link to Sierra Trading Post - water shoes

There are several different kinds. There are "slipper" types -


I have used these before for kayaking and snorkelling and I find them a little difficult - it is very hard to describe why. The word that comes to mind is "cluggy" but I am not even sure that is a word. :)

There are "reef sandals" types -


I find these to be quite excellent and useful for beach walking though not quite so great in the water. It can feel a bit like having pieces of cardboard stapled to your feet.

There is also a neoprene sock with a rubber sole - these are diving bootie types of things.


These are a little more flexible size wise and also you will find a little easier when in the water as they are designed to be there, they fit onto your feet well and unlike the water slippers I linked to above, they are a bit more comfortable especially in the water.

One of the great things about these is, they act like a wetsuit and keep your feet really warm. It is hard for sand to get into them.

These look interesting to me, not sure how they would actually be on the feet though -


Also they would need to fit well, so definite try on.

I completely understand your phobia, and have a similar thing myself. :) When I am kayaking I use the Sharkskin socks which are ok for walking on sand and for use in the water but not ok for rocks or that kind of thing.

I have tried several different options for kayaking

- crocs (BIG NO! but ok to use to walk to the water)

- the slippers - (ok to use to walk to the water, once they get wet and you take them back out of the water it is like massive cold sponges on your feet and a lot of sand tends to get trapped in them making them feel yicky)

- the reef shoes (ok for both in and out of the water but not ok for kayaking because we have a Hobie with pedals)

- the neoprene socks (ok for in the water, cold when on the kayak in the wind)

- and finally ending up on the sharkskin socks because they are windproof, work with the pedals, ok in the water, ok on concrete and sand, not good on rocks, so I just avoid them. Best of all, they can be used with flippers for snorkelling.

This was probably more info than you wanted. :) Hope it helps!

(edited to add - oops - some of my links did not work, you will have to copy and paste them, sorry!)

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2. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

Wow - thanks beedoo for such an informative reply :-)

I will check out some of those links and go from there. I definitely want something fully enclosed just to put my mind at rest about something getting stuck in between my toes! Good to know I am not the only one who has issues with this :-)

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3. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

When you are in HI, I'd go to the Sports Authority at Ward's so you can see what they have in person.


The Columbia Women's Powerdrain Cool Water Shoes are nice enough to wear anyplace, the Body Glove Women's BareFoot Malibu Minimalist Shoes would be strictly for the beach.

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4. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

On a side note - you want to make sure you do NOT stand on the reef. Make sure you have only sand underneath you when you put your feet down in the water. You don't want to end up killing the coral.

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5. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

Great recommendations beedoo,, thanks! :)

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6. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

Try in Sports Direct shop or online in the swimming accessories, myself and my family travelling to Hawaii in July and got swim shoes very reasonably price in there.

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7. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

Land's End usually has reasonably priced water shoes. Not sure if they will ship to England. Sears also carries Land's End so if either of those stores are in Hawaii that could be an option. Or maybe have Land's End ship to the hotel?

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8. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

Thanks for the suggestions - i will have a look around but it will probably work out cheaper and more convenient to get them once in Hawaii.

And yes, i know not to tread on the coral :-)

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9. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

Just go to Longs Drugs when you there. You can pick up a pair for 10 bucks or less.

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10. Re: Water shoes - Any recommendations?

Yes, just get them when you get to Hawaii because you can find them everywhere there. And then you can also try them on. I believe Walmart sells them for as little as $5. Are you OK with sand getting into your water shoes? Some of them are great but sand and stuff can still get inside.