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is marrakech really bad

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is marrakech really bad

hi i have been hearing alot of negative reviews about marrakech on the internet. Also everyone I ask who has been there says that they would never go again. Please can someone reassure me as i am due to fly next week for ten days and i feel i have a big mistake. Thanks.

1. Re: is marrakech really bad

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Marrakech, Morocco
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2. Re: is marrakech really bad

Hi Jehan09 !

Some ..will LOVE Marrakech..and some will..Hate..

same place & same people. question of perception my friend..and to know exactly what you can expect..

..or not and what you would like to be perfectly happy of your stay..and last to do a little" homework" on TA about the destination..and not to come with a huge apprehension(at all!!) as for the huge majority..you'll find the Morocco's people.. lovely & welcoming and the country amazing!

Just only think that the ones who had experimented something bad are much more numerous to say it here or there..than the ones who just enjoy the trip my friend and this is good for any destinations. good to know!

Hope it will help and in a hurry to hear your comment here at the end of the trip!

Have a great stay in a ..great place!

Cheers , Oliver.

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3. Re: is marrakech really bad


Marrakech sharply divides people into those who "get" it and those who don't, those who love it and those who hate it. There doesn't seem to be anyone who ever says it was "just OK". Research is key. If you arrive having read as much as possible and most importantly with a positive attitude you should enjoy your stay. Keep a sense of humour too, be polite but firm, remember everyone is out to make a living and if treated with respect will treat you the same way.

York, United Kingdom
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4. Re: is marrakech really bad

Those who hate it usually fail to prepare themselves for what a developing North African country is really like, and just believe what the tour operators tell them.

The reality of Morocco is allot different, with poverty, dirt, pollution, touting, and hustlers being a real issue (for Marrakesh anyhow)…..which are all conveniently not mentioned in the tourist literature!

So, if you arrive in Morocco with the expectation of an 1001 Nights experience with humble locals, an easy and authentic shopping experience and guaranteed European standards (basically any of the rubbish the Sex and the City films spout)….then you may be disappointed.

If you expect to be hustled (as you will be in any developing country…..you will be extremely rich compared to the average Moroccan), if you expect dust, dirt and screaming mopeds, if you know there’s a possibility of a shop keeper grabbing your arm and steering you in to his shop “just for looking my friend!”….then you may have a better time and not be so surprised by how different Morocco is from X (replace X with you home town as appropriate).

Enjoying Morocco, especially Marrakesh, is all about managing your expectations. This can be done by doing a bit of research (as you are rightly doing Jehan09) and finding out what Morocco is really like….not what the travel agents and tour operators tell you.

So if you are used to what a city in a developing country is like, or you know what to expect, then alls well. If you’re expecting Disney’s Aladdin, no touts, no one invading your personal space and not having to haggle like a fiend for every monetary transaction you make…..then don’t bother going and stick to Europe.

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somewhere near...
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5. Re: is marrakech really bad

All the previous posts are spot on - all I will add is

'Marrakech is really GOOD!'

York, United Kingdom
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6. Re: is marrakech really bad

Thanks #5 for reminding me to say.....But I still love it!

Richmond, VA
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7. Re: is marrakech really bad

"Also everyone I ask who has been there says that they would never go again."

Well that's not true for everyone. I've been 3 times; I was just there this past May and am heading back in November. I love both Marrakech and Fes and if I could live there forever I'd jump at the chance!

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8. Re: is marrakech really bad

We went for the first time in May/June and we are going back late September.............................it is a Marmite place...you either love it etc:

It is a place that should be accepted for "What it is"...we found it mystical,noisy,sometimes frustrating,magical and never boring. The people are some of the kindest we have ever met, and "Yes" you will get the hustlers, the hassle and the plain demanding ones...but, then you will come across the generous, the willing and the "Happy to just talk to you ones"

Our first visit thru the Souks was jaw dropping, the noise, the smells,the people, but, after slipping in the middle of a narrow alley way, and finding myself flat on the floor.........the shop keepers came out,dusted me down,sat me on a chair, brought me water,tea and tissues and made me sit for 10 minutes whilst I got over feeling like a total Prat...........their concern was overwhelming, and most people we met were willing to just chat, after getting used to my Lancashire accent.............

If people choose not to go back, I suspect it is because they don't give things a chance.......the Mosques,the museums,the parks,the taxi rides, the open topped buses,the haggling,the sipping of mint tea and the joy of just feeling alive is wonderful.

Go with an open mind, be prepared to just be amazed, and honestly you will be.


Southampton, England
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9. Re: is marrakech really bad

I am glad we went, but the harrasment and begging got a bit to much, you could not walk in peace with out someone trying to angle their way in to your wallet. Do i get it? Yes, do i like it? Yes and no. Why do i think i get it, because i have just booked my third holiday to Tunisia and look forward to it. You get the same thing there but its not as in your face.

Go with an open mind, if you like to relax and chill, Marrakech is not for you.

Marrakech, Morocco
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10. Re: is marrakech really bad

Marrakech is a good place with lot's of good people in it too. Unfortunately recently we have some bad apple's hanging about in the tourist areas trying to take the off-chance here and there. So just keep your wits about in general and enjoy yourself. Don't let the odd thing or two put you off your experiences - yep and agree with DustyJ (welcome back Dusty : ) ) the begging has got worse since this crisis took place. If anyone bothers you tell them kindly no thanks - if it gets too much then just call out for the police - or at least that scares the hell out of them.

Have a good one.

Best : )