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real or scam

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real or scam

can anyone tell me please, if there is a place called Kanda Avenue in Accra? I might have a love interest there, but I after all the stories and scams I have heard about women from Accra I'm very dubious and not too sure what to do, she swears with all her heart she loves me etc, and i swear is brautiful, you know the blonde blue eyed slim model type? But i honestly dont know, could someone pease find out or if they know of this place let me know. Thank you

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1. Re: real or scam

Blonde blue eyed slim model type? Two ways to confirm if she is the real person

1. Talk to her using Live Cam. You can see if she is really blonde blue eye..etc If she gives you excuses, go to idea #2

2. Ask her to take a photo of herself holding a sign that says I Love New York, or something similar. Scammers steal photos of others from the internet. By asking her to take a photo based on what you ask, she has no choice but to comply. If she is really a Nigerian dark skin non blonde then she will have a real problem complying with idea 1 or 2.

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2. Re: real or scam

Maic hit the nail on the head. This is not Sweden for goodness sake! Blond haired blued eyed looks like a model -- she should be strutting a runway somewhere in Milan, not marching up and down Kanda Avenue... and there is a Kanda highway by the way. Follow Maic's good advice, but even without it, I'd bet scam. Definitely.


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3. Re: real or scam

Thanx people, i actually thought of the sign thing myself last night, and i also found lots of pics of the same woman, but she had a whole lot of different names!!!!

But she insists she is being set up by her ex lover, so i will try the sign, thanx again.

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4. Re: real or scam

Very recent BBC documentary on the subject of these romance scams


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5. Re: real or scam

Definitely a scam!!

Blonde hair blue eyes from Accra I don't think so. This person is probably a guy anyway. They frequent the internet cafes trying to hook onto someone that will send them money. They will state their love for you within 2 weeks, and their line will always disconnect when you want to see them on cam.

Be aware be safe and pull the pin on this one.

good luck

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6. Re: real or scam

Argh! That bbc documentary twix posted! They're talking about a "Ghanaian businessman" named Asola Fadola! That's not a Ghanaian name! Why can't the BBC tell the difference beween Ghanaians and Nigerians?!

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7. Re: real or scam

Wait a minute... She insists she's being set up by her ex lover?

I say ran as fast as you can because this is a scam for sure. I was born and raised in Ghana and not once have I seen a blonde hair/blue eyes model type girl walking the streets of ACCRA. Even if you see a girl like that in Accra, she most likely will be on a business trip or vacation and won't be looking to meet you online and in Accra. Have you spoken to her on the phone? You can tell by the accent if she is a Caucasian lady or Ghanaian.

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8. Re: real or scam

Time to smell the coffee my friend !! What if such a street does exist? It won't confirm that the person is who they claim to be will it?

Why not book a flight to Ghana and a hotel - but do not pre-arrange to meet any person claiming to be in love with.

Then simply have a look for yourself what the place is like and how nice or otherwise the people are

If you don't have the confidence to do it on your own persuade a friend to go with you. And if you don't have such a friend abandon your ambition of meeting a Ghanian.

It'll cost you a lot less in the long run.

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9. Re: real or scam

I'm a Ghanaian woman currently living in Australia. There are beautiful ( inside and out ) Ghanaian women but you wont find them online.

My culture is such that a good woman is less likely to be so forward. Your chances are better going to Ghana or other Ghanaian communities abroad if you want to meet a Ghanaian women.

Be careful there are alot of Nigerians living in Ghana now because of the free movement ECOWAS laws scamming people online.

Cheers :)

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10. Re: real or scam

Thank you for your insight on Women from Ghana

It confirms what I felt all along (U would not find online dating site)

My concern is being a retired Military Intellience Officer who has the

recources to expose these people is do the scammers actually have

local women working for them? I would not hesitate exposing frauds

but do not want to see some woman just trying feed her family get

caught in the same net as the scammers.