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Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

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Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

The second time message from the one who needs a great help.

To Whom It May Concern,

Thanks a lot for that nice person from London who replied me,but I still can't make the phone through.Here I am again,and this time I hope there could be anyone here reads this message and hopefully he(or she) also lives in Libya,because I wish he(she) could make a local phone call instead of me to make sure if this my good friend is reachable?or the phone number he gave me is correct or not?

I know this sounds crazy from a stranger on website.Even like this,I still hope crazy idea could be done as a great favortie by anyone here who is in Libya. I just do my best to look for this good friend of mine.Sorry for taking your precious time to listen to my little voice.and thanks very much in advance.

If you are interested in giving me this great help,please read through the following words that I posted at the first time.


The first time message I posted:

First of all, I'd like to say thanks , because I'm here for getting some help if anyone of you here who could give me a hand.Please be patient to listen to my little voice here with my lousy english because that might be a bit long story.

Few years ago I studied in Switzerland,meanwhile I got to know a classmate from Libya and became a good friend of mine.Unfortunately I left Switzerland for some reason before he finished study.At that period of time there was no E-world like emails or messenger stuff to contact with each other, so before I left,he gave me his hometwon telephone numbers on a note that I have recently kept trying to put through but failed.

I have been trying so hard in my country to find out what's wrong with those telephone number ? But unfortunately I fail to make it right. Therefore I keep on surfing on net for searching any piece of information about Libya and finally visiting this website. Would anyone here who could help me in figuring out what will be the correct telephone number I should dial to reach for my good friend in Libya?

The below are two telephone numbers my friend gave me. I am wondering if some codes are missing?or maybe Libya has once changed some area code or upgraded telecommunication system ?

The telephone number my Libyan good friend gave me as below :

My good friend name:

Mr. Omran Awedat or his cousin,Mr. Faraj.M.Sharif

Compnay: 00218-21-503033

Home: 00218-21-544273

Comparing these two telephone numers,I'm pretty wondering if the "Home one" is wrong?(like missing area code(21) or maybe some digits or something I don't know).Besides the Home one,I still can not make through "the Company " phone either.

It has been taking me so much time to figure out what would be the correct phone number ���should dial up to reach for my this good friend in Libya?So here I am for needing some help.

I truly hope you could understand what I am trying to describe this case and how eagerly and sincerely I hope to look for my Libyan good friend back.

Sorry for taking your precious time to read through my mail and thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart.

Please try to give me a hand on it because I really miss my Libyan friend.

Thanks again!

The one who try the best to look for his good friend in Libya~Travis.H.

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1. Re: Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

Hello dear

Its very nice to hear that someone is looking for an old friend, I also had similar case and never found my friend.

In fact looking throughthe numbers they seam to be correct. But unfortunatly they belong to the old system. All the tele. numbers of six digits have been replaced with different numbers of sven digits.

The only hope you have is the names.

Tip: Your friend's suename is the hope, so if anyone who knows anybody with the same surname, he will be able to find him for you.

for your friend's cousin. the family surname is non reachable, because it is very commen one.

I wish you the best

Tripoli Libya
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2. Re: Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

hello there...

i read all what u typed ..

and im really happy for founding people still searching about old friends...

i might can help u by the name cause this number u have have been changed ..

u can say that i know Awedat family but i dunno OMran who is he of them ..

so i can help u by contacting me on my hotmail msn or yahoo messenger to descus online how i could help ...

this Is my e-mails: libya_greece@yahoo.com


best wishes and luck


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3. Re: Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

I am an american and married to a man from libya I lived there for 3 years.. do you recall the city of where your friend leaves? I know from America we dial 011 218 279-2612 is my husband brothers number.. my email is jacqueline.musbah@phoenix.edu if you want more help i hope i can help you... We need to know more things of your friend.. that may help..how old is this friend of yours. that might help to start narrowing things down abit.. what is his back ground ect...

I hope you can get the help your needing to find your friend..


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4. Re: Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

Although I am not Libyan, I know a lot about it and its people.

It seems that there's something wrong with the telephone numbers as although the country prefix is good, there must be seven more digits after the 00218 21.

My advise to you would be to write en email to the only English language newspaper in Libya, THE TRIPOLI POST.

I am sure that if they could, they would really go out of their way to help. They have helped me previously. Write in English to:





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5. Re: Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

Hi I have just visited Tripoli and have

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6. Re: Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

Hi I have just come back from Tripoli I am from the U.K And my husband is Libyan. Do you know your friends date of birth?

Saudi Arabia
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7. Re: Please....anyone who lives in Libya reads through my...

The numbers you have are missing a digit after the Tripoli area code of 21. Try adding number 5 after the area code so the telephone number becomes 7 digits. Hope this help. If 5 does not work try 4 or 3 because these are the numbers they added in Libya.

For further info email me at mali63ca@yahoo.ca

Good luck.

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