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2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

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2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

I would like to see most of the important and special places in Madagascar, in hopefully 2 or 3 weeks. Is this doable? From the north, east, west, central and south.Yes inner flights a must to so that, I am sure. We are about 8 persons all traveling friends in our 70s, have traveled to many adventurous places, like Uganda, Tibet, Indonesia,Borneo, Ethiopia even Antartica etc. We are all healthy and fit. Some like more comfort than others and internet would be nice if possible. We are looking at September 2014. Atn this time we looked at GMT+3 tour and Rija tours, both seem to have good reviews. Any suggestions would be appreciated. What is most important to see.

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1. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

Of course the more time you have the better but in 2-3 weeks you should have enough time to get a great overview of the wonders of the island. There are so many amazing options! Two good resources for information: www.travelmadagascar.org and the Bradt travel guide is highly recommended. Along with RIja there are many quality tour operators to work with. One option: tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293808-i9291-k685…

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2. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

Thank you for your reply, I am currently getting info from Rija, just looking for the perfect trip I guess.. we will take 3 weeks as ther eis so much ot see. I have noticed that the very south where the Atandroy tribe is would be very difficult to get too etc, but would like to see Central, West North and east., any other suggestions are welcomed.

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3. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

3 weeks is enough to do the main part of the island. Talking about Central, West North and East is confusing sometimes. I would suggest to have few days in the west (nearby morondava)+ North (Nosy Be-Diego)+East (Andasibe)+South (RN7) if you are used to travel by car. For the hotel, You do better to ask the list of hotel and choose. You can pay the difference at your arrival if it is not so overwhelming. The most difficult is to imagine the quality that you are looking for. The first proposal is always the economic package. Then, you can ask for better accommodation/hotel for those in need.

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4. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

This is our itinerary..anyone has comments????? and we are looking to do this with Anja of GMT+3 TOUR...ANY COMMENTS???

4 internal flights


Day 1: Wednesday 3rd September 2014, Paris – Antananarivo

Meet and greet at Antananarivo airport by GMT+3 staff and then transfer to your

hotel in Antananarivo city. Check in at your hotel and have breakfast. In the

afternoon, we are going to make you discover Antananarivo city and its

Ambohimanga Kings Palace which is situated at 25km from the main city, this is the

cradle of the Merina dynasty, the Mecca of the Merina Kingdom and the starting

point for the unification of Imerina. This ancient royal city was reputed to be a sacred

city where no foreigner could enter.

Overnight & breakfast at Palissandre hotel 4*

Day 2:, Thursday 4th September 2014, Antananarivo –

Périnet/Andasibe (170km +/-3h)

After breakfast visit Andasibe National Park, depart for Andasibe National Park. We

leave the mountainous region and make a small stop at Marovezo to visit the

Peyreiras Reserve with its butterflies, reptiles and chameleons. After the visit, continue

towards Andasibe and check into your hotel. You will visit after Vakona private

reserve to able to discover crocodiles, endemic birds, the foussa foussana,

orchids…After the visit, drive back to your hotel.

Overnight & breakfast at Vakona Forest Lodge 3*

Day 3: Friday 5th September 2014, Périnet/Andasibe (Analamazotra

& Lemurs Island)

After breakfast visit Andasibe National Park that you will discover the biggest lemur

alive which is the Indri Indri and other 13 lemur species, such as woody lemur, grey

bamboo lemur, diademed Sifaka, brown lemur, red mouse-lemur, red-bellied lemur,

and black and white ruffed lemur. You will discover as well orchids, medicinal plants,

endemics... After the visit, transfer back to your hotel for lunch and then visit the

Lemurs Island that you are able to see lemurs closer

Overnight & breakfast at Vakona Forest Lodge 3

Day 4: Saturday 6th September 2014Mantadia/Andasibe –


After breakfast, visit Mantadia National Park which is the largest than Andasibe

National Park to discover the Aye Aye and other lemurs species. The Park is known for

its very varied orchids which over a hundred inventoried species that bloom in the

forest, for its indri indri that can be observed the whole year and whose voice

illustrates the nice mornings, for its magnificent waterfalls and the famous cultural rites

of the inhabitants living around. Matandia forests are the domains of the liana and

epiphytes like the foams and ferns. 108 species of birds are known in the park, some of

them plays a role in the survival of the plants like the Terpsiphone mutate... After the

visit, depart to join Antananarivo and then check in at your hotel.

Overnight & breakfast at Palissandre hotel 4*

Day 5: Sunday 7th September 2014, Antananarivo – Morondava –


Transfer to the airport for your flight to Morondava. Upon arrival, you will be met and

departed for Bekopaka, passing by Tsimafana and cross number of rivers before

arriving in Belo sur Tsiribihina in time for lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch

continue through an arid landscape to Bekopaka. Check in at your hotel

Overnight & breakfast at Olympe de Bemaraha 3*

The Queens Palace – Antananarivo



Area: 594,180 sq km.

Population: 18,000,000

Language: French, Malagasy.

Religion: Christian, Muslim.

Local Time: GMT +3.

Electric Supply & Plugs: 220V, 50Hz, two pin round plug

Manambolo’s Gorge – Bekopaka

Bat –Peyreiras reserve

Indri Indri – Mantadia N.P



Day 6: Monday 8th September 2014, Bekopaka (The Big Tsingy)

This is probably the most rewarding half-day trip within the park as it goes deep into

the limestone forest passing through several hanging bridges with the impressive

karstic formations below your feet. The trail is not technically difficult and even

children can cope with it, but you certainly should not suffer from vertigo! The look

down from the hanging bridge is something to avoid for the easily fainted.

Overnight & breakfast at Olympe de Bemaraha 3*

Day 7: Tuesday 9th September 2014, Bekopaka (Small Tsingy and

Manambolo Gorge)

After breakfast, this circuit of 4-5 hours of duration passes through a labyrinth of

limestone and two view points over the impressive pinnacles. There are some good

chances to spot the Decken’s sifaka and red-fronted brown lemurs. It is a canoe trip

along the gorge combined with an easier path through caves, stalactites,

stalagmites and the famous family tomb of the Vazimba tribe. After the visit, return

to the hotel

Overnight & breakfast at Olympe de Bemaraha

Day 8: Wednesday 10th September 2014, Bekopaka – Morondava

(200km +/-8h)

After breakfast, depart for Morondava, stopping at the village of Sakalava to

discover some unusual colored tombs. Have lunch on arrival at Belo sur Tsiribihina

around noon before going to visit the unique Baobab Alley and experience sunset,

one of the best memories of this trip (don’t forget to charge your cameras

batteries). The Baobab trees are specifics to the area and Madagascar boats six

species out the eight existing. Drive to Morondava after and then check in at your


Dinner, Overnight & breakfast at Palissandre West Coast

Day 9: Thursday 11th September 2014, Morondava (Kirindy


Kirindy, 50 km northeast of the town of Morondava, is a privately managed forest by

a Swiss company dedicated to a selective and sustainable logging (Centre de

Formation Professionelle Forestière). It comprises one of the most outstanding and

threatened wildlife habitats in Madagascar: the dry deciduous forest, whose

extension has been reduced to 3 per cent of their original extent. Dominated by

majestic baobab trees and a forest canopy of even 14 m altitude, this protected

area of approximate 100 square kilometers is the only place where the world's

smallest known primate, the giant jumping rat, occurs. This animal can hop like a

miniature kangaroo, but is also seen walking on all four limbs. The Sakavala people

living here are mainly proud zebu holders. After the visit, drive back to Morondava

Dinner, Overnight & breakfast at Palissandre West Coast

Day 10: Friday 12th September 2014, Morondava – Antananarivo

(1h15mins flight)

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Antananarivo. Upon arrival, you will be met

and then transferred to your hotel. Depending your flight schedules, you may visit

Antananarivo city

Overnight & breakfast at Palissandre hotel 4*


International code: 00

Madagascar indicative code: 261

Network Codes

Telma = 20

Orange = 32

Air tel = 33

Baobab Alley sun set – Morondava

Petit Tsingy – Bekopaka

Mongoose – Tsingy of Bamaraha N.P

Brookesia – Amber Mountain N.

Day 11: Saturday 13th September 2014, Antananarivo – Diego

Suarez (1h15mins flight)

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight to Diego Suarez. Upon arrival,

you will be met and then drove to Joffre Ville, check in at your hotel, have lunch

before visiting the oldest National park in Madagascar and discover its fauna and

flora. The Park is the Mecca of endemicity with 77 species of birds (among which

endemic 35 as the Eagle, of a scale of 2m), 7 species of lemurs and 24 species of

amphibians, about fifty species of reptiles, numerous batrachians and butterflies. It

represents the 3% of the plant in the world...After the visit, transfer to your hotel

Overnight & breakfast at Nature Lodge 3*

Day 12: Sunday 14th September 2014, Diego Suarez Diego Suarez

(Windsor Castle)

I am saying we should not to this Windsor castle, looks like a lot of driving and very ardious for us.) what do do on this day ????

After breakfast, depart to visit Windsor Castle, a 391m military fortification from the

colonial period visible from Diego Suarez. On the ascent, discover unusual

vegetation, a mangrove swamp, a raised savanna and dry forest succulents such

as pachypodium, aloes and spurges. The 360° panoramic view extends from the

Mozambique Canal to the Indian Ocean around the bay.

Overnight & breakfast at Nature Lodge 3*

Day 13: Monday 15th September 2014, Diego Suarez (Three Bay)

This is the most common excursion from Diego Suarez. At a 12.5 km drive from Diego

Suarez, a 5 km long path of laterite stone will take you to the coast where three

beautiful bays lie side by side: Sakalava Bay, the Bay of the Pigeons and the Bay of

the Dunes. They all have huge natural beaches and are located on the beautiful

turquoise Indian Ocean. The Sakalava Bay is known for its enormously long white

beach and its quietness. The lemurs that live here are happy to say hello to visitors

up close. Across the bay are two tiny islands, rich in flora and fauna. The islands can

be reached on foot at low tide. In the season of the Alize wind, this bay is also great

for windsurfing on the big waves. The Pigeon Bay and the Bay of Dunes are more

known for their remoteness. Walks in these bays will give you beautiful views of the

Mer d'Emeraude and the Bay of Diego Suarez itself. The Bay of Dunes is the least

visited of all the bays, but it is great for swimming and with a little luck you'll find

beautiful turtles. Before the day ends in the Bay of Ramena, you will pass the infantry

of Orangea with its beautiful beach and history.

Picnic lunch, Overnight & breakfast at Allamanda hotel 3*

Day 14: Tuesday 16th September 2014, Diego Suarez (Emerald


After breakfast take a boat trip to the emerald sea - a site of an almost supernatural

beauty. The shallow depth of the water and sandy bottom give a turquoise blue tint

to this small inner sea, which is lined with little frequented, white sand beaches. After

a picnic lunch, go bathing or snorkeling or just walking on the long white sandy

beach. After the visit, return to Diego Suarez.

Picnic lunch, Overnight & breakfast

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5. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

I view your message well but a bit of routing to visit Madagascar for 3 weeks, if I'm in your place not to miss visiting the south and east of the island that has even the most important.

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6. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

Seeing Aye Aye in Andasibe-Mantadia may be problematic:) Other than that the itinerary for 2 weeks looks more than impressive. If you do decide to do 3 weeks you could add Nosy Be and Sante Marie (it is the whales time) - two more flight, and that might become a world record journey:) One important thing, do not rely too much on Air Madagascar - flight delays and cancellations are common, and if your schedule is that tight that may be a problem. If you have 8 people travelling, I would think that chartering a small plane to go certain places may be time- and cost-effective (experts correct me if I am wrong). Wish you good luck in your trip planning!

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7. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

Quite right re Air MD - there are often changes. Chartering a small plane is a good option depending on the exact number of travelers.e.g. Caravan has 9 seats so with 8 traveling it can work well depending on the route...

8. Re: 2 or 3 weeks to travel to Madagascar

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