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Namibia Car Rental company

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Namibia Car Rental company

Hello, has anyone used Namibia Car Rental? I've hada look through some of the relevant posts and can't find anyone who seems to have used it! I'm planning a trip around Namibia, nad several of the travel agents I've spoken to seem to be using them.

Anyone got any experience with them?


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1. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

We used Europcar in Windhoek arranged by tour organiser. Toyota Hilux crewcab and they gave us 2 spare wheels. Definitely get a 4x4.

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2. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

Reason it may be a bit quiet is as they are fairly new, only being around about two years. They have predominantly 4x4 vehilces and bigger 2x4 vehilces. Solid reputation locally

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3. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

We used Namibia Car rental through the Cardboard box. I recommend them.

They were nice, friendly, efficient and the used car we had was very well maintained.

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4. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

We just returned from a 4x4 holiday a week ago and used Namibia Car Rental

In short:

- they did not supply all the quipment which cost us N$700 to buy along the way

- supplied a 4x4 with a dodgy clutch which burned out on day 2

- took 7 hrs to replace the 4x4 when we were only 3 hrs away

- the second spare wheel could not be released as it was stuck so tightly we broke 2 wheel spaners and could still not get it loose. Had to borrow a passing vehicle's spare wheel till Swakop and then had to buy a replacement wheel spaner at N$300

- they wrote on the contract that access were N$1000 but when returning the 4x4, they changed the contract to N$4500

-threatened us with the police if we did not pay the N$4500 access

I would rather pay more and use someone else that ever have to deal with them again.

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5. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

We picked up our 4X4 pop-up camper in Windhoek with Kea Campers. They were okay, although to avoid problems, always look through the camper before taking off. For instance, they neglected to give us enough cutlery and there were no cloths to clean pots. Neither are not easy to find once you are on the road or in remote towns.

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6. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

Many travellers utilize South African rental companies.

There are several companies to choose from.

Make sure you get a low milage capable 4x4 and be carefull of hidden costs

Kind Regards

Lee Rich

African Getaway 4x4 Rental South Africa

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7. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

We used Namibia Car Rental just now for 15 days. They gave us a PETROL Nissan double cab utility verhicle with 2 rooftents as booked. It was fitted with a secondary tank (135 litres all up) which made for LONG stops at the filling stations. The car was totally underpowered and could only barely get up to the recommended speedlimit on tar road of 120. When driving long distances on tar road it burned about 23 litres/100 which made for a very very expensive trip. We basically paid 37% of the rental price again for the fuel.

Would NEVER recommend a petrol 4x4 as gutless as these. Nice cars though, well maintained and good equipment.

After talking to Namibia Car Rental, they said that Diesel is often not available in remote areas of Namibia. The cars are not high powered to stop people from speeding. I think that is just scaremongering and would not recommend a PETROL 4x4 to anyone. There are enough filling stations around and Diesel cars generally dont use that much, so you dont need to fill up at every single one.

So, not happy with this company, but only on grounds of fuel usage and performance of the car. Customer service was great, equipment was, too.

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8. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

Hi All,

we also have booked through Cardboard Box a 4x4 vehicle with NCR ; after reading germanmamacow comments we asked for clarifications to Cardboard Box and they told us that most of the companies hire petrol cars and not diesel ones.

Is it really so that diesel is not common or available in Namibia and most of 4x4 need petrol ????

Shall we look for another company now? We had almost everything fixed at this time, we only needed to make the advanced payment for the whole self-drive trip, besides we preferred having the local agent booking for us to avoid direct contact.

Gemma, you are there, could you please explain us how it works exactly?

Many thans for your help.

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9. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

I don't use Namibia Car Rental so I can't comment on their vehicles as I don't have first hand experience with them so it wouldn't be fair.

Most companies we use have a majority of petrol vehicles. I have once experienced struggling with getting diesel, but that was a while ago. I generally have found petrol vehicles, particularly the Hilux to be better powered in their petrol version, but again that is just my opinion.

My guides currently in petrol Hiluxes are running fuel budgets at N$1.1 per km. Diesel is more expensive than petrol, but your fuel economy can sometimes be a bit better. Of course it depends on your vehicle model. If you are in a 4 litre turbo diesel then it is going to chow through fuel.

If vehicles are vastly underpowered it can be because frankly they have been trashed by people that have a 'it's just a rental' attitude. A good rental firm will have a good maintenance record and not have higher mileage vehicles , and most likely won't be the cheapest.......maintaining a fleet costs money, so bargains tend to not be such a great thing when renting a car, you get what you pay for. That said I have never had any dealings with Namibia Car Rental, but Cardboard Box know their stuff, so I doubt they would get you to book with an unreliable firm.

Gemma Dry - Discover Namibia Safaris

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10. Re: Namibia Car Rental company

Thank you so much Gemma for your prompt reply, I also trust in Cardboard Box and that's why I was even more surprised with these info.

NCR is however part of CARAN association so I guess they should be reliable.

Probably diesel against petrol is not really an issue in Namibia while in other countries we are used to diesel.I also agree there might be a "it's just a rental" attitude ;) with some people, hopefully we'll find a vehicle in good conditions.

At the end I think we'll go ahead as we planned with our agent.

Again thanks for your precious info.