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Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

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Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

We are wondering what really happened to our account of Trip advisor. Previously we have been rated with 24 reviews of which 21 are excellent and 3 very good. Of recent our account now has a total of 15, 13 excellent and 2 very good.

Could this be anew trip advisor way of doing things especially making upgrades in case these are underway or someone could have deleted them and how could this happen

I very well know , these are people's opinions but on the other hand, they help our potential clients to make decisions on whether to book with you or not

Could someone out there explain to us why this happened and how it happened? Can we have our reviews back? We respected our clients comments regarding our services that give more insight on our transparent operations regarding our services

Edris- African Pearl Safaris

Ottawa, Canada
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1. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

I think that reviews get weeded out by Trip Advisor every once in a while. Currently, you are listed as "things to do" for Bwindi. Well, really you are a tour person, not an activity, and perhaps they removed all reviews with no reference to Bwindi. If you were listed under 'activities' under Kampala, you would have to offer day tours, like the other TOs. In Tanzania site last summer, a well estsblished TO was cimpletely removed from the site as it didn't mention Day Tours. Others had some reviews removed but no one else was completely removed. There were cries of 'foul' and non impartial behaviour by TA, to no avail. He is still trying to recover from it.

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2. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

This question can be answered by trip advisor only who are in charge of this travel forum.

PM the management.

Kampala, Uganda
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3. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

I don't agree with Ugandasafaris.. Users should know what's going on...

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4. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

Thanks for raising this query. I'll take to the DE forum and see if anyone else is giving this feedback and report back.

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5. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

OK, this is an old reply - none of this may apply to you - but it might be useful to share anyway:

"It happens all the time. Here's the stock response I use on the Support forum:

Welcome to TripAdvisor and the TripAdvisor Support Forum! Before I respond, I want to point out that I don’t work for TripAdvisor; as with all Destination Experts, I’m just a member like you who tries to help out other members.

TripAdvisor staff will not respond in the forums to questions about why reviews were removed from the site. To find out exactly why your review was removed, use the form on this page from the Help Center: www.tripadvisor.com/UserReviewSupport (The Help Center has a tiny link on the bottom of every TripAdvisor page.)

Speaking in general, there are several possibilities:

- The most likely reason is that you failed to respond in a timely fashion to an e-mail from TA which asked you to click on a link to verify the review. This e-mail is sent for almost every review which TA receives. If the link is not clicked before the deadline given in the e-mail, the review is removed from the queue for approval. If it has already been approved and posted, it is removed from the website. The e-mail is sent from donotreply@tripadvisor.com and has the subject line “<Business Name>: Is this your review? (Action required)”. Don’t forget to look in your junk mail box for it. If you find it and the deadline has passed, it is best to use this form: www.tripadvisor.com/UserReviewSupport Select “When will my review be posted?” and for the review title, choose “not listed” (if, of course, it isn’t listed)>

- You submitted a second review for an establishment that you had reviewed before. TA only permits one review per member for each establishment (hotel, restaurant, etc.); your old review may be deleted before your new review is posted.


- The accommodations that you reviewed has changed owners, and all reviews made while the property was under the previous owners have been deleted:


- Your review did not meet review guidelines:


- You posted your review on a TripAdvisor forum, rather than submitting it as a review for the property in question, using the “Write a review” link on that property’s TripAdvisor listing. Reviews are not permitted on the TripAdvisor forums, and will usually be deleted: tripadvisor.ca/help/what_the_forums_are_not

- You submitted your review from a computer in that property’s business center or using their wireless network. Reviews submitted from the property being reviewed are, for obvious reasons, considered possibly fraudulent: tripadvisor.com/help/can_my_guests_write_rev… "

As I said, I will ask if anyone else has found this though.

Fredericia, Denmark
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6. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

Questions or complaints about matters that pertain only to your business or property, or that are relevant only to business or property owners, should be posted in the Owners' forum.


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7. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

>>"I think that reviews get weeded out by Trip Advisor every once in a while."<<

Hi Quiltingmamma;

That has NEVER been TA's policy.


Best Regards

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8. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

Thank you for the link rescue team . It is surely helpful.


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9. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

Cheers guys!

Isle of Man, United...
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10. Re: Reduced Trip advisor reviews from our account

I think Quilting Mama has it right.

TA rules/guidelines, call em what you will, do not permit 'reviews' of outfits whose trips involve a night stop or multiple night stops. i.e. The activity is a day activity not a multi night Safari.

So given the nature of African Pearl Safaris, I am surprised ANY got posted at all.

Again as QM, there was a big spat on the tanzania forum a while back over just such an issue. A favoured few were left on but others were removed arbitrarily. Or should that be "arbitrarily removed"? Splitting infinitives was never my forte.