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省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

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省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

anyone saw the mediacorp channel 8 varitey show, <<省钱王之出城记>>.

There's one episode on going to 高雄.

Anyone know where are the places they went?

I planning to go taiwan this sept.

I really need help in getting some information.

Thanks. =)

Johor Bahru
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for Johor Bahru
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1. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

If not mistaken they went :

1) 新堀江

2) 旗津--- seafood

3) 85大樓misu

4) ......

cannot really remember. Sorry.

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2. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

Is there anyway to find out the details?

I wen to their mediacorp website but too my disappointment, cant find anything. Don noe is bcos the show is stil showing.

Anyway thanks for info. =)

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3. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

Welcome to the Taiwan forums, Mikyo79.

My wife & I watched every episodes of the recent 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行 tv series.

In fact, I even alerted my nephews to catch the show, as they hv just returned from Taiwan in our Nov 08 trip.

Did U guys also watch the debut series: 省钱王 for Singapore?

If so, U'll understand our position better:

Where to go n what to buy n eat on a budget - that's the premise of this series.

IMHO, this latest 省钱王 之 "出城记", for Taiwan or Japan or other countries, had not effectively continued the good work it has done on its Singapore series.

In fact, on where to go n eat n buy for bargain in Taiwan, I see U guys can get lots better info - WITHIN these Taiwan forums alone! :-)

Many forumers hv enjoyed touring Taiwan on budget, n the forums here are loaded with their tips & ideas.

Hv fun planning!

TA :-)


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4. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

I understand what you trying to say. I just need some info to do some compair.

u also shld noe for budget trip. we of cos have to compair and c which is better.

Everyone wan cheap & nice right.

Sometime tv show one also mus add into consideration ma. m i right =)

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5. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行


U're smart to compare, as there's nothing inherently wrong with doing so indeed. :-)

The tv show is a start, n a suitable guide. Not necessarily a worthy base to start exploring Taiwan (KaoHsiung or elsewhere) on budget.

We looked to the tv series with anticipation too - but was pretty disappointed. ;-P

These forums hv lots more to offer - than what the show did by picking up mainly shopping stops here n there n saying how cheap the buys are.

Will forward U tips here as I locate them.

Hope this is helpful.

TA :-)

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6. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

Look what I found!

Someone has uploaded the 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行 series on YouTube!

Mikyo, maybe reviewing the vid might help U get better idea/ info where the hosts went in KaoHsiung..




TA :-)

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7. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

Wow... Thanks =D

I will have a good look at it and c how's worth in the offer given by them.

Really thanks. =D

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8. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行


got this from another forum. hope they are in correct order with the program.

Shops list in 《省钱王之出城记》 in taiwan


1) 包子先生 (北投区石牌路二段77号)


- 面包和传统包子的时尚结合

2) O’mani 谐音糖果 (格子趣店 - 武昌街二段30号)


- 所有的创意产品售 NT105

3) 美国二手货市场 (昆明街96巷8号)

4) Banana jeans & Co. (天母东路30号)

- 成衣及剪牌服饰商店

5) 师大夜市

6) 漫画王 (南京东路2段11号4楼)


- 24小時复合式服务的漫画店

7) Leeco 礼客时尚馆 (内湖区民善路205号)


- 号称全国最大的Outlet時尚主題馆

8) 伍角船板餐厅 (内湖区内湖路一段32巷8号)


- 艺术与美食相结合的餐厅

9) 生活工厂outlet (内湖区民善街88號4F)


- 台湾家具生活用品专卖店

10) 北投亲水公园露天温泉(北投区中山路6号)

- 台北市第一座可以“泡汤”的公园

11) 山园野菜餐厅(北投区竹子湖路55之12号)

- 阳明山美食

12) 草山夜未眠 (士林区东山路25巷81弄99号)

- 文化大学后山,营业到凌晨,观赏夜景的好地方

苗栗 / 台中

1) 大湖酒庄 (苗栗县大湖乡富兴村八寮湾2-4号)


莓香醉美 (大湖酒庄4楼)

2) 天津路服饰商圈

-麻布依 (天津路二段104-9号)

- 红磨坊服饰批发( 天津路二段41号)

- 新上品服饰(天津路二段104-8号)

3) 逢甲夜市

4) 沐夏精品时尚旅馆 (西屯区市政北七路279号)



1) 新堀江商圈

- Levi’s Outlet (J Shop,新兴区文化路85号)

- 阿爆小铺Doraemon (新兴区文化路82号1楼19室)

- 够坏堂(文化路82号3-5楼)

2) 旗津岛

- 万三小吃部(旗津区中洲二路162号)

- 明丽乌鱼子厂(中州二路68之8号)

3) 刘家酸白菜火锅 (左营区介寿路中正堂旁)

4) 旅人假期 (东帝士85大楼,22楼,27楼)


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9. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

WOW.............. Jun21, you reali power.

Feel like give you a big hug. =D

Thanks so much... m(_ _)m arigato!!!!

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10. Re: 省钱王之出城记- 台湾行

Jun21, how u find out one... i find until i go crazy lo.

you go which forum?