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My experience in Thailand March 2013

Koper, Slovenia
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My experience in Thailand March 2013


I have been travelling from Europe to Thailand on first 3 weeks of March.

Expectations of myself and my wife were great - beautifull sandy beaches, crystal clear sea water and smiling people. Well, unfortunately real picture corrupted this fiction.

In three week we travelled from Bangkok to Surat Thani, to Koh Samui, to Koh Phangan, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Hua Hin and back to BKK and fly home. Well thai people all around are not kind at all, not willing to help, at least not for free. Not even for a simple question on the street where to go for a train station. Actually most of the were rude and unfriendly. Where does it takes to? Such attitude is unthinkable in western culture. Helping foreigners is one of instinctive actions without doubt in our culture. I am talking about complete citizen range, also receptionists, various desk staff, sellers, all local people in Thailand were more or less terrible, completely without hospitality. Is this only mine experience or did someone had such? Only in Hua Hin the people were generally nicer, but all other places NO. Then, beaches had all cloudy or dirty sea water, if there was some better, like at Koh Phi Phi that there were a tons of turists and boats, so not possible to enjoy the place. And not to mention animals tourism. Animals are tortured in most cruel way possible. Does anybody noticed how they force elephants to carry people on so called trekking? Shepherds have steel hooks which they hit into elephants head in case of disobedience and this is only one example. And finally prices. All prices are over priced, accomodation, food, clothes and accessories. If you are willing to accept genuine local offer with catastrophic level of hygiene that is cheap, but if you buy anything with a bit of higher level of hygene or more westeren standard, than you pay it same or even much higher that in west. So at the end of the day I don't see a point getting in Thailand. Not to mention inviromental ignorance which is at level zero. I am so sorry that I was so badly dissapointed, but what about other people? And yes, me and my wife will definitely not go back again.

Koper, Slovenia
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1. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

Thai people that I met in mentioned locations are bored and greedy at the extreme level.

chiang mai
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2. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

i lived there 4 years and agree....

i will likely return cos its cheap and food and can afford doctor

those were my reasons to go---def diff when i visit laos/burma

much nicer folk!!! yep the land of smiles!!! when $$ involved!!

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

Think you have opened a can of worms here.

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

Everyone is entitled to state their opinion, good or bad.


Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

I am so sorry you travelled all that way for a disappointing experience.

We have always experienced lovely friendly Thai people.

I certainly agree with you about the animals - unfortunately Thailand is a third world country and there standards are different to those in the west. The only way to stop this is for tourist to stop paying.

We have always found food to be really cheap - don't come to Australia if you think Thai food is expensive!!

Everyone has a different experience so I guess it is good to hear the other side.

I hope your travels in the future live up to your expectations

Mildura, Australia
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6. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

I am sorry that your holiday did not meet your expectations. I have travelled to Thailand many times (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and more) and have never had this experience with friendliness or lack of service. I have always found that if I have patience and a smile, nothing is too much trouble. There have been very rare instances like you describe but overall our experiences have been wonderful.

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7. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

Oh Dear, sorry you didn't like Thailand and the Thai people but everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

Cairns, Australia
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8. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

Fully agree with these comments. We have been to Thailand several times over the years and the Thais seem to have fallen victim to the mass tourism that is taking place. The southern areas like Ko Samui , Krabi and Phuket are a certainly not worth going to, they have nothing to do with Thailand any more. Greed, rudeness and a general attitude to rip off the silly tourists whenever possible is the general state of affairs. The Northern part like Chiang Mai or Pai seem to be still better, but that is slowly changing. Service in most places is almost non existing, even a very basic "hallo, goodbye, etc" is hard to come by. General boredom, complete lack of interest seems to prevail in many places. Thailand is fast becoming a Paradise lost, having become a victim of it's own sucess, like so many other places where tourism is overpopular. There are exeptions of course, but the bad experiences seem to happen more and more. Very sad.

London, United...
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for Thailand
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9. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

Such a shame you did not enjoy your holiday in Thailand,

I do agree that in some places like Phuket Pattaya etc where they have been exposed for a long time to large numbers of foreign tourists some Thai people have become very jaded after so long dealing with tourists who make no attempt to understand Thai culture or even learn a basic yes please or no thank you in Thai and who in some cases behave like complete pigs and or the sex tourists they are.

BUT Thailand is a very large country and there are still many places (mostly which have a more low key tourist influx) where the genuine Thai willingness helpfullness and cheerfulness are still very evident.

Edited: 26 August 2013, 16:58
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10. Re: My experience in Thailand March 2013

I found the opposite, friendly people, amazing service almost everywhere. Yes, they are trying to earn money, but that's because the survival of their family depends on tourist $$$. It doesn't make them bad people.

I agree about the treatment of animals by SOME Thai people. Same applies anywhere in the world. There are also some amazing sanctuarys around the country.

As for prices,I found it to be ridiculously cheap.

I wonder if it was down to your accent. Many thai service staff I have spoken to secretly told me they 'not like russian'. They found them, rude and shouty. The polar opposite of Thai culture.