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Hello All,

What is a reasonable tipping %age in Thailand?

(eg) Hotel Bell Boys, Airport - Hotel Pickup Drivers, Restaurant Waiters etc

In the US, a 10% should be safe, what about Thailand?

Many thanks!

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1. Re: Tipping?

Start reading;





Crestwood, Illinois
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2. Re: Tipping?

I don't think 10% is safe in a major US city; more like 15-18%.

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3. Re: Tipping?

no wonder holiday tipping gets expensive wherever they have been. 0 to 10% ok for brits!!!!!

Johannesburg, South...
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4. Re: Tipping?

Like the UK, 10% is also the going rate in South Africa (for waiters in restaurants). None required for taxis or day trips.

London, United...
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5. Re: Tipping?

10% in restaurants etc but only if the service has been very good.

As to bell boys and the like I 50tb usualy does the job.

If tipping in a bar or restaurant though and you want the tip to go to a particular person give it to them in their hand personaly otherwise if left on a tray/table etc it is put into a central pot and divvied up (often not very evenly)!

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6. Re: Tipping?

In general, tipping is NOT part of Thai culture, and not expected. Only leave a small gratuity, and certainly not any percentage of the bill. It's immaterial what your tipping custom is at home, how little these amounts seem to you when exchanged into your home currency, or whether you were once a waiter living on tips etc. etc. Remember that a factory worker typically gets paid 200 baht for a hard day's work. 20 baht will buy a meal on the street.

That 20 baht is the standard tip in Thailand for bellboys, cleaning ladies, etc. should you wish to give it. 50 baht is too much.

In restaurants, leave the loose change, plus 20 baht if you thought the service was particularly good. Do NOT leave a percentage of the bill.

Don't tip taxi drivers, just round up the fare ie if it comes to 71 baht, make it 80 NOT 100. 20 baht extra if you thought he gave extra service or was a nice guy or something. Not one single baht if he tried to get you to pay a flat rate.


Massage ladies, who work hard on you for an hour or 2 and really see only a pittance out of the amount you pay the house or hotel. Give them 50 baht, maybe 100.

Big entertainment establishments where a group of you was eating and drinking all evening and being served by a phalanx of service people. On bills totalling a couple thousand baht, Thais may leave a 100-200 baht tip.

Helsinki, Finland
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7. Re: Tipping?

Bill above tells the truth!!

The procentage of the bill is a bad habit that tourists are learning to thai people and that is absolutely not recommended!!!

San Francisco...
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8. Re: Tipping?

That's a good point you make!

I wouldn't want to tip any more than what is required because at the end of the day I would not want the waiter/bellboy to start expecting more than what the usual amount is, just because tourists can afford to shell out that extra amount.

Those tourists will leave in a few days time, but it is injustice towards the residents of bangkok, they might have to deal with the raised standards else risk getting poor service !

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9. Re: Tipping?

Echo bill2p. There have been quite a number of posts regarding tipping, and bill has reiterated the common practise. This is Thailand, and like everything else you may encounter, please don't try to impose American or Western practises just becasue that's what you are used to.

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10. Re: Tipping?

Must admit that we are quilty of being part of the crowd that greatly over tips but only to a select few. Have been going to the same hotel twice a year for 16 plus years. The personal in the gym, the pool bar and restaurant, chambermaids etc. have always gone far beyond the call of duty on each of our visits. These wonderful people have been at the hotel as long as we have been going there. They are always very greatful and I doubt they are laughing/mocking at the amount we tip them.

Outside the hotel, our tips are not nearly as generous but certainly more that the amount recommended by those who live in Thailand. Regarding taxi drivers, we know the approximate cost to/from the regular places we visit. Those who are honest will get a tip, those who try to scam us get nothing. Eg. drivers who use the meter can get us from the airport to the hotel for less than 300B(including toll fees)get a good tip. We explain the tip is for being honest. Those who take us the long way or try to scam us get nothing.