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Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

Tampa, Florida
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Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

My wife and I are booked on Thai Airways nonstop from LAX to BKK Flight Number 795. For better or worse, the flight gets in at 06:40 in the morning Bangkok time. I was wondering how bad the jet lag would be on that trip? Anyone have any recommendations for dealing with the jet lag once we get into Bangkok?

Thanks very much in advance for your suggestions.

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1. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok


I travel to Bangkok VIA LAX several times during the

last 2 years with EVA or Cathay Pacific . These flights usually take off in the evening LAX time and

arrive BKK in the afternoon with a stop over in HK or Taipei.

I never have experience Jet lag when arriving BKK .

In the long haul flight crossing Pacific trying to sleep and drink plenty of water or tea .

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2. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

We fly EVA from SFO and generally arrive at about 11am; I have a hard time getting quality sleep on the long haul and tend to get the dreaded jetlag for about 4 days after arrival, can get to sleep at a relatively normal time but will be wide awake at 2am, ready for the day. Get it even worse coming home after a month in the region, for a week or longer. I get a pre-trip script for Ambien (aka Stilnox) and it works wonders for me on the front and back ends of our trips, keeps me asleep for 5 or 6 hrs (enough for me) and I don't feel fuzzy in the morning, rested and refreshed. After a few days of enhanced sleep, I adjust well to a normal sleep schedule. Another tip would be to try to adjust to the change in time by resisting the urge for a nap on arrival and get to bed a your normal time. It is the 2am waking that is always a problem for me.

Non-stop sounds nice!

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3. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

I use 2 mg of Xanax ( I am 6'5" 250lbs) for the flight. Knocks me out and when I get to BKK I have no jet lag at all..

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4. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok


Whilst not doing the trans-Pacific flights, we do a similar distance from the UK.

As soon as you get on the plane, eat and sleep to Bangkok time. So as soon as you get on, try not to eat too much, drink plenty and sleep as much as you can. A natural sleeping remedy is worth considering.

When you get to BKK, don't have a snooze when you arrive at your hotel, keep going as long as you can and go to bed at a reasonably normal time.

Remember to drink plenty, as flying will dehryrate the body, which makes you feel tired anyway.

Your body will adjust much quicker.

Have a great trip.

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5. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok


Usually you have little jetlag going from LAX to BKK

it is the return trip that really knocks you out

I think it is going against the rotation of the earth

that makes jetlag so pronouced when going from west to east. IMO.

Bangkok, Thailand
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6. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

I have to agree with te previous post; the return to the States seems to be the killer!

Compounding the length of the flight is the fact that your day is inverted. The best thing you can do is try to sleep as much as possible.

Luang Prabang, Laos
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7. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

As others have posted, when flying from the west coast (I fly from SF yearly), you'll arrive either in the early afternoon or late at night. And, as others have recommended, try to stay awake if arriving in the afternoon until night-fall. Then go to sleep which hopefully will keep you on track with regular sleep rhythms. I also agree with sawadeeka and others that it's on returning home from SEA/Asia that I tend to experience more jetlag. Less upon going there.

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8. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

Thai Air has the routine worked out really well, so if you follow their on-board schedule, you should be OK.

Almost as soon as you reach cruising altitude, there's a full meal service. Then lights are shut for about 6 hours, and everyone sleeps or watches TV. The lights go up again, another meal. Lights out again for another 6 hours or so. Lights on again, third meal, then you land.

If you can sleep during those stretches when the lights are out, you will be in very good shape.

Like others have said, try to hydrate and don't sleep until that night, you'll be pretty excited anyway, most likely. I find that taking a swim in the hotel pool really helps relax stiff muscles, and is generally refreshing.

Coming home is rough. It took us a week to get back on east coast time.

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9. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok


Thai's LAX-BKK non-stop is excellent and as previously noted, the on-board services are well timed to help minimize further lag..

A few suggestions.. One, try as best as you can, to adjust your sleep and eat times to Bangkok time a day or two in advance-- if possible.. This makes the arrival much easier on your body as you're already partially eased into it..

Two, considering that departure is 23:10 and main meal service starts just after take-off and normally lasts no more than :60 to :90 to complete-- it should be about 01:30AM or so when the lights go out. Try to get one bigger block of uninterrupted sleep in-- say 5 to 6 hours at best..

Three, hydrate with as much ice water as you can drink.. You'd be surprised by just how dry it is at that altitude and while you'd think that drinking so much water would keep you at the lav constantly, you'd be surprised how much is simply retained.

When you arrive and if you still feel sleepy, it's OK to nap a little, but as best as you can try not to nap longer than 2 hours-- you really want to get to about 8PM before going to bed for the night.

This is my favorite way to get back to BKK from the west coast and if there's ever an empty seat I jump it.. It tends to fill rather easily as there is only 113 seats in Economy.

Travel Safe,

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10. Re: Jet Lag From LAX to Bangkok

Thre are a great number of articles about avoiding jet lag, one of the best is published in Reders's Digest:


There are also jet lag calculators in the net as well.

It's very usual that european travellers forgets how bad it is when travelling to east as it's just a piece of cace when returning home from east (=travelling to west).