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Bangkok to Phuket

los Angeles
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Bangkok to Phuket

I am new to all of this. My husband and I want to end up on Phi Phi island. We are traveling from Los Angeles. Should we fly to Bangkok and drive to Phuket and take the fairy over? How long is the drive? Help I feel lost at this.

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1. Re: Bangkok to Phuket

The distance is 800 miles, are you talking of a hire car and driving yourselves, if so you would be mad, roads are crowded and traffic is hectic. The best thing is to fly from Bangkok to Phuket, there are all sorts of cheap fares, and you would get there alive.

then get the ferry across to PhiPhi, but have a look around Phuket first.


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2. Re: Bangkok to Phuket

Hi there katie,

I wouldnt take a car when there's plenty of cheap flights, return fares

http://bangkokair.com - return flights 6500thb (approx $175 US)

http://nokair.com 2700thb (approx $75)

ferry to phi phi will take about 1 3/4 hours



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3. Re: Bangkok to Phuket

Hi Katieinto,

I've just came back from Bangkok and Phuket. We are at Bangkok and took the domestic flight to Phuket.

It would seriously be madness to drive to Phuket. Take a flight, it is much safer.

Hope you enjoy your stay at Phuket. Don't forget to visit Fantasea and see the show, really wonderful.....

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: Bangkok to Phuket


I totally agree with the past posts dont drive.

Try AIRASIA for flights from Bkk to PHK we are and have flown with them a few times and they are ok. We paid AUD $ 60 all up and it took about 1.3 hrs. If you want to do the road thing why not play it safe and take a bus. I am sure there is bus but it might cost you as much as flying and alot of time to get there.

Enjoy your holiday.


los Angeles
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5. Re: Bangkok to Phuket

thanks for all the replys. Now one more question.... We have 12 days total How many days would you suggest to stay in Bangkok, Phuket and Phi Phi Island? We like beaches, some sighseeing, people watching, local cultural, food and drink. Thanks for all your help

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6. Re: Bangkok to Phuket

4 days in Bangkok

day 1

Grand Palace

Wat Pho

Wat Arun

day 2 (if it is weekend)

go to chatuchak weekend market

believe you can spend 3/4 of the day there

go back hotel and just relax

consider having dinner at Sirocco at Lebua at State Tour you are going to love it.

day 3

go MBK, Siam Paragon and other shopping center and enjoy the shopping.

Day 4,

Ready to fly to phuket :)

8 days in phuket, you can set aside 2 or 3 days to Phi Phi island. Should be enough.

what do the other expert think? cheers

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7. Re: Bangkok to Phuket

If you simply want to get from A to B, that is bangkok to Phuket and then take the boat to Phi Phi then flying is the way.

However, if you are talking about a road trip to see different places then the trip by road gives you the chance to see some amazing places.

The distance from Bangkok to Phuket is about 840 km ( about 500 miles ).

The road south is execllent, dual highway for the first 620 km and then normal road.

There are marvelous places to stay all along the coastline south of Bangkok, also national parks, towns and villages, and plenty of very good accommodation.

Even if you want up scale travel then you can find places like the Evason at Pranburi, the Tusita near Chumphon which are top level resorts.

beach hoping along the coast is popular with many, from Hua Hin to pranburi and on to Prachuap, lots of good scenery, then Bang Saphan and Koh Talu island.

You can stop along the coast and find deserted beaches, nice resorts, local towns and villages.

So it depends whether you simply want to get from A to B or whether you want to beach hop down there.

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8. Re: Bangkok to Phuket

This gives you an idea of road journey times between main places along the coast:

Bangkok - Cha Am / Hua Hin : 2 hrs 30 -45

Hua Hin - Pranburi : 30 mins

Hua Hin - Sam Roi Yot National Park and Dolphin Bay: 40-50 minutes.

Dolphin Bay / Sam Yoi Yot - Prachuap : 45-50 minutes

Prachuap - Bang Saphan : 1 hr - 1 hr 15 mins

(Bang Saphan hop to Koh Talu by boat : 10-15 mins )

Bang Saphan - Chumphon ( boats to Koh Talu and Koh Phangan islands ): 50 mins

Chumphon - Surat Thani ( for Koh Samui ): 1hr 30 mins

Surat Thai - Phang Nga Bay: About 1 hr 30-45

Phang Nga - Phuket: 1 hr 15-45 depending on beach destination.

Stavanger, Norway
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9. Re: Bangkok to Phuket


Fly into Bangkok and stay there for a few days...it is a pretty amazing city with lots of contrasts :-) From there take a flight down to Phuket...if you can afford it go on business class with Thai airways...they are great at spoiling their passengers even if it is a short flight :-) From there you can get to Phi Phi...or you can stay in Phuket and just take day trips to Phi Phi.



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10. Re: Bangkok to Phuket


We are leaving Friday from Houston to go to Bangkok for a week and then we are flying to Phuket for our last week in Thiland. We are flying Thai Airlines. The air far is cheap and I think the flight is about one hour long. Once there we are taking a taxi to Karon beach which is on the west side of the island. We are staying in the Hilton. I would also suggest staying on in Phuket. You can take day trips to Phi Phi. The problems that I have heard about Phi Phi is that the ferry runs a curtain times so you will be waiting if you are not there at the time of leaving. I think I read that the ferry service stops at a certain time of the day so You might get stuck on Phuket ( not sure about that though). Also I have read that Phi Phi is a place to bring lots of books. Not alot to do on the island, but if you like that then your good to go. We wanted to go on tous and do some activites such as the Starlight trip which we can wait for along with snorking at Similan Island which is suppose to be breath taking and also an Elephant ride with Richard. I hope your flight goes well. Have fun.