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Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

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Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I have been researching airfare from Bangkok to Chiang Mail and then Chiang Mai to Phuket and then back to Bangkok -in early December. I have read many posts from travelers who seem to be paying less than I have been able to find. I went on Air Asia - looked reasonable until I started booking and then realized you pay extra for baggage, seats, insurance, VAT, etc etc. so the price was quite a bit different in the end. I did look at a couple of other airlines but didn't go thru the whole process - figured I'd ask here first

What airlines have you used domestically and what did you pay to go from:

Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai to Phuket?

Phuket to Bangkok?

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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1. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai


Do check out Nok Air:


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2. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai


The price depends when you are travelling. Nok Air are a low cost carrier who include 15kg baggage in their price. With Air Asia you don't need to pay for a seat or insurance, these are just add ons, so for the cheapest price, just take hand baggage and take the seat allocated at check in, most flights are only about an hour.

For Bangkok to Chiang Mai Bangkok Air can often be competitive for a full service carrier.


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3. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

We've just paid £41.00 each for a Bangkok Airways one way flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. This included extra baggage allowance to 25kg and insurance. This price includes an onboard snack and the use of their dedicated lounge in Bangkok airport which provides free soft drinks, internet and snacks.

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4. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Airfares vary from day to day, year to year. You really can't use prices posted in these forums as a guideline.

Air Asia and Nok Air are the budget carriers, as others have mentioned Nok Air includes a few bits whereas Air Asia bills each aspect separately. But even with all the extra bits, they are still lower price than the full service carriers.

Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways are the full service carriers, food, drinks, baggage all included. As MizzTraveler mentioned you get to use a lounge in BKK while you wait if you fly Bangkok Air.

Thai Smile is a new offering by Thai Airways, with lower fares (sort of sits between the budget and full service fares). You book through the Thai Airway website, but look for flights with 700 numbers. I know they do BKK-CNX and BKK-HKT, but not sure if they go direct CNX-HKT.

One-Two-Go I wouldn't fly if you paid me a million bucks.

Ultimately you have to simply look at fares for the dates you want to fly. The carriers like Bangkok Air, Thai, Thai Smile show you the full fare right off the bat. Carriers like Air Asia and Nok you need to go through a couple of steps to see the final fare.

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5. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

The general pattern seems to be that booking closer to the departure date will cost you more. At least Bangkok Airways seem to have smaller price fluctuations, and I have seen them having lower prices than Air Asia for same-day bookings including equivalent amounts of baggage.

The prices are different from day to day so only you may get much cheaper fares if you are able to fly a day or two later or earlier.

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6. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

We recently booked Phuket - Chiang Mai $58.50AUD and Chiang Mai to Bangkok for $52AUD. Flights are per person, one-way with checked baggage and 'hot seats' with Air Asia for next May/June. I think I even paid for meals with one of them.

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7. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

As Mrssmith points out, if you can get the Air Asia sales you will get the very cheapest fares. I think we paid about $30 for CM to Phuket..... but you won't get these fares for early December (too close) - only in the sales (usually when the fares are released).


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8. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

There's no way to answer this question. Fares change by the day. At certain times there might be cheap fares for certain times and days on certain airlines. Each airline has its own tactics and strategies to increase passenger loads.

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9. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

If you are connecting to another flight (with a different airline) ... check the airport you will be landing \ leaving from ... I am traveling from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Hanoi ... for the first leg of my trip flying with Air Asia I am landing at Don Mueang International Airport and for the second leg of my trip I am flying with Vietnam Airways leaving Bangkok from the other airport in Bangkok (Suv ... I forgot the spelling of the airport) ... in any case ... always check the airports you are landing \ leaving from when connecting to another flight.

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10. Re: Airfare rates one way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

It seems to me from the comments, that there is no pattern or inside track for each airline's discounted fares, beyond the "web saver", time of day, and booking well in advance.

I can only share with you, the home work for our flights done today, but not booked as yet. After 3 flights, 24 hours later arriving at BKK at 11:45 pm Jan15 we need to head to Chiang Mai the next morning.(dep.5 hours later) from BKK. The choices are Thai Smile THB 2485 incl. 20kg checked 7 kg carry-on and Bangkok Air THB 2250 incl. lounge, 20kg checked and 5kg carry-on.

We are young seniors and realize from similar past situations, that after travelling for 24 hours, staying overnight at a hotel and then commuting to DMK , the Air Asia or Nok savings might require paying a different price, mostly the wear and tear! As if we had to make another stop involving land transport of selves and luggage; all for a 1 hour flight to CNX. We will chill out at the airport at the Food place and then at Bangkok Air's lounge that opens after the 4 am check in.

If you are young and have the staying power there is a 35 bhat public bus ride that takes you from BKK to DMK. The flight fares for Air Asia THB 1813 and Nok Air THB 2074 both include 20kg checked and 5kg carry on AND the least expensive flights for the day Air Asia 11:35 am and Nok 12:40 pm. Save thb with Nok if checked baggage is under 15kg.

There is a really inexpensive flight on Feb 16 CNX -DMK on Air Asia THB 1150 incl 20K checked bag. The same for Nok Air THB 1674

As warned elsewhere on here, make sure you know what airports in Bangkok are involved if you are looking for same day connections. As for the deals, I'm still clueless and considering our cost base, it's not worth the wear and tear.