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JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

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JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Hi guys, well here we are back home after such a long wait to go to LOS.....why do our hols go by so quickly..... I have a bad case of PP&SB (post Phuket & Samui blues) now! :(

Well, this was our first time to Samui after many years going to Phuket (still love my Phuket too though), couple times to Khao Lak (love that too) and Bangkok (love that too) oh to heck with it ....I just love LOS full stop :) ..but yes we loved Samui and would love to still be there now....just not ready for home, and so much more to see and do and eat and drink in Samui to be wasting time going to work lol ...we will definately be back :)

OK...on with the JBR! This could be long so go get yourself a coffee and be prepared for a long read!

We left Phuket on Sunday 30th Dec on a very wet and windy day, after a week of lovely weather (don't think Phuket wanted us to leave)... and me being the sook that I am always leave in tears saying good bye to our Thai friends, and especially our driver (who is now a good friend) I gave him big hugs and extra money at the airport...aw he is so sweet :) anyway, sad on one hand but excited on the other to see what adventures await us in Samui :-)

I had shopped a fair bit in Phuket as I wasn't sure what we would be able to get in Samui??....need not have panicked, all same same!! lol

Flew with Bangkok air and good that we had extra check in luggage allowance to 30kg as we sure needed it hehe... my hubbies fault...he's a big shopper lol..... the flight was delayed by 25 mins but no dramas, a good flight and even got a snack...wasn't expecting that, so yet another bonus lol .... my first time on a propeller driven plane but all good and flight was good, bit of a worry on landing though he looked like he was going way too fast to stop on that runway....yikes!!! I had visions of a big parachute coming out of the back to stop us!!! hehe.. but no worries we landed...and stopped... right where we were supposed to.....at beautiful Samui airport...WOW I had read about it being so pretty but you don't actualy take any notice until you see it for yourself...it is just magic and so so pretty :) love the ride on the colourful little buggy from the plane too :) we went through & collected our baggage with no problem and very quickly too, made our way up to the meeting area and met by a pre booked driver, it was a metered taxi but our hotel arranged it for us....300bhat...not sure if thats good or bad but sounded ok to us!

A nice little drive through a couple quiet roads that reminded me of Khao Lak a bit, and arrived in Bophut, Fisherman Village to our first hotel...Hotel Hacienda Suites, not the original hotel L'Hacienda but the new one a couple buildings from the old one, the staff were waiting for us and we had a quick check in and taken to our room.....top & 3rd floor up.... oh these stairs how ever will we cope lol...more good than harm I suppose!!! its good they were carrying the cases hehe...BUT! on entering our room...WOW what a view and all worth the climb to the top...180 degree ocean view with a 6mt long balcony...it was just awesome!!! So we made ourselves comfortable and raided the mini bar with some beers on the balcony...this is the life! (Review to follow soon on the hotel)

Well, after a couple of refreshers we decided to go and explore our surroundings....oh no these stairs...forgot about them!! ....a flying fox down onto the beach would be good lol

We walked down the street towards the jetty and then down from there and being pretty hungry we stopped at one of the first restaurants along there, as I felt like a little indian...(but didn't look like one haha).... we ate at Kohinoor and I must say the food was great, totaly enjoyed our meal and a couple drinks, the guys were lovely and friendly and we had a couple laughs with them too. While we were sitting there eating the heavens opened up and everyone went scurying to get out of it, except for one guy with a brolly! bit of a laugh people watching hehe

after dinner and the rain had stopped we walked on to have a look around and suss out where to get a foot massage later on. ended up walking up to Coco tams to see where we had to go on Tues night for the TA drinks...looks lovely! we then walked back and had a banana pancake...yum! loving this place already haha

We noticed that the town seemed to be very Europeany (nothing wrong with that I went to Europe last year and love it) but after Phuket with all the Aussies around I had a bit of de ja vous from Khao Lak and started to feel like "the only Aussie in the Village" (little Britton) haha

we stopped on the way back for a foot massage, don't remember the name of the shop but we entered through a chemist door into their massage bit, had a good foot massage each and while we were sitting there i was looking around and noticed that they had only 3 massage beds with a sign above saying "happy room" hmmmmm! looks a bit suss i must say...my hubby not coming here on his own...much to his disapointment when I told him about it a few days later hahaha ;-)

Well, after a fairly long day we decided to head for home.....not those stairs again!!!! gee we should get fit here lol

So, next morning awoke to the last day of 2012 and a lovely morning it was too, bit overcast but sunny and just lovely to sit on the balcony and watch the world....or the fisherman village folk... wake up and all the boats geting ready to go out for the day :)

Had breaky on a lovely waterfront place think it was called Energy? or something like that, very nice spot! and good breaky too :)

I had booked a private longtail boat tour with Five Island Restaurant for this afternoon followed by sunset cocktails on the beach and dinner, but due to very windy conditions it got cancelled so we had to make a plan B for the day. I spoke to Colin (the manager there)and he said to come out for dinner anyway as we still had the table reserved, so thats what we had planned for later.

During the day we just had a walk around and had a lovely lunch at a little Italian place on the sea 9sorry didnt get its name) with pizza and drinks, i had a vodka/martini...shaken not stirred! followed by a couple g&t's and hubby had a couple pina coladas....just to kick start new year lol

We walked up the main road towards the exit to the ring road, and changed some money at the bank, hubby found a tattoo shop to check out later, and we had yet another massage (not in the 'happy room') lol

went back to the hotel late afternoon after getting caught in a heavy rain shower but we just kept walking in it...yup!...now definatly the only Aussies in the village and the only ones walking in the rain and getting looked at by the Europeans like we were the village idiots...think they were right lol ...but hey...we were wet anyway! got back and had a shower to dry off from the rain and the sun was out again now, so we sat out on the balcony with a couple drinks....breezers from the mini bar again... when about 4pm a big dark cloud decended upon us across the sea and we could no longer see Koh Phangan....this looks like one heck of a storm coming through and the wind picked up big time!!! well time to retreat in to our room and get ready to go out for dinner.

We were picked up at 5.15pm by Five Island Restaurant driver with a brolly in hand and off we went on quite a long drive of about 50 mins untill we finally reached Five Island to the welcome of a massive storm...thunder lightning and sky as dark as night with rain just pelting down, the lightning was lighting up the outer islands, it was beautiful but I thought we might have to call Noah to pick us up in the ark to get home hehe....

Despite the storm it was a lovely evening and the food was just awesome, so yummy! Colin came over and introduced himself and we had a bit of a chat, lovely guy and so helpful, I really want to go back and do that longtail boat/drinks and dinner sometime and see the beach there in all it's glory with a beautiful sunset :)

We left there about 8ish and got dropped back at Bophut, the plan was to go to Chaweng for NYE but the driver told us due to the weather and rain they were'nt doing any fireworks and lanterns and the way the weather was at this time we could well believe it!! however, we got to Bophut and stopped in a little bar for a couple more drinks, it seemed very quiet around here, the guy said that they had only just got the power back on 5 mins ago...anyway after a couple drinks moving on and still 'the only Aussies in the Village' or so it seemed lol we headed down toward Coco tams, rain eased off and storm passed...sky cleared up and ended up a lovely night after all...we parked ourselves on a couple beanbags on the beach at Coco's with fishbowl cocktails and enjoyed our night, let off a lantern and fieworks, the music boom booming from the bar and the atmoshere was just awesome....on 12 the sky lit up with fireworks and lanterns everywhere...just amazing and the best NYE we have had for ages...if not the best ever :)

Now for the walk home at 1.30am and OH NO....forgot about those stairs again hahaha how we got up there that night still baffles us lol

New Years Day...feeling a bit seedy and think my head is still on the beanbag...must go look for it later!!! just a relaxing day, walked up changed some more money, had breaky at a French bakery which was nice, and hubby booked in for a tattoo for Thurs night..... there was a cute cat in the tattoo shop which I had to pat knowing I shouldn't (allergies) within minutes my right eye was itchy and went all red....so off to the pharmacy for some drops and more anti histamines which worked pretty quickly thank goodness!! and then off for another nice massage and a bit of shopping!

Tues night...the day has arrived to have our long awaited TA get together/drinks and dinner.... meeing at Coco Tams, seems to be a regular spot for us lol.... still didn't find my head there though?? Met up with Matt, Mr & Mrs Pea, and later Janice and Gus, so just a small group but it was fun and good to meet all you guys, sadly Kris and co couldn't make it in the end due to other committments which was sad but we will meet up another time Kris :) we had a rellaxed but fun and lovely envening, not the druken type party that some of think we might have had....hey i'm already missing my head from last night!! but it was good and we all enjoyed the night. Started aat Coco's and moved on for dinner up the beach somewhere...sorry don't know the name (sorry not very helpfull with info but I am a newby to Samui) it was an ok meal but the good company made up for it....a lovely night had by all...thanks guys :) xx

Wed.... Had breaky at a place we found down the street from us called CoCooning, run by a lovely English couple and we had the best big English breaky we had had yet for only 160bhat mine and a bit bigger one for hubby with double everything for 210bhat and the best cuppa I have had yet.... highly recommend going to them if you are in Bophut, almost opposite the waterfont Hotel

We took a bit of laundry in to get cleaned only 30bhat kilo (its 50bhat in Phuket) so seemed cheap, the girl came out with a towel on and one on her head, and not quite awake by the looks of it, she said come back tomorrow at 6pm all good!

another lovely day so decided to go and book a driver for a sightseeing tour, i can't believe the prices they charge for this??? I had enquired with a private driver a couple months ago quoting 2800bhat so I left it thinking jeez that's expensive!!! asked a couple taxi drivers here and 500bhat and hour!!! so ended up booking at a tour kiosk for 2300bhat, maybe the private one would have been ok seems to be the price all over anyway!! But we had a lovely lady driver, good English and informative so all good in the end.

We went to: temples, big buddah, waterfalls, mummified monk, grandfather/mother rocks, very intresting rocks, but we couldn't see the grand mother rock as the sea was rough and the tide was high, too dangerous to go too close anyway! it was a lovely day out and enjoyed every bit of it...especially the banana pancake at the waterfalls lol

had dinner at Le Cabanon that night, a lovely quaint place and bar on the beach, the menu is given to you in an old LP album folder and you get the record out of the cover with the drinks and menu list on it....very novel idea and great food :)

Thurs....it is the day for our VIP boat tour to AngThong Marine park with Samui Boat Charter which I booked on line ages ago, Liam has been very helpful and prompt with all the emails to arrange the tour. From beginning to end this is a fantastic tour to do and the crew are second to none, great guys and help you every step of the way if you need assistance. drinks and fruit served on board and stop off at a few lovely beaches for swimming and snorkling, and a great lunch at a fisherman village on the water. They leave slightly later than most boats and so as we arrived all the overcrowded boats were leaving, it was great, there are a lot of steps to climb to the lookout for photos but if you are mobile and able it is awesome up there, I took lots of photos but they really don't do it justice....you have to see it for yourself. I highly recommend this company and will be doing a review for them on TA soon.

Thurs night....after a shower and freshen up headed out to pick up our laundry....no laundry!!!! and they no speak -en -de- Anglish and we no speaken -de -Thai was hard to communicate....they couldn't find it and hubby was getting cross...he pointed to the tee shirt that he had on as there was one same same in the wash...still no comprehend?? anyway she said come back tomorrow!!

so off for hubbies tatt night, he had a rose and all the inter twinning bits coming off it with my name on.... aw so sweet and it looks great, the guy done a great job! after a bit of nagging this week he says he should have just had the thorn tatt on his side with my name lol cheeky bugger! :-)

while he done that i had a nice mani/pedi with flowers on (now all chipped and have to take it off :( ) then we had a pizza for a quick tea and back to the room....those stairs will be the death of me especially after climbing over 100 steps to the lookout today!!! :-/

So friday...our last day in Bophut and moving on to Samui Paradise today...had breaky back with our English friends and another lovely cuppa and breaky and off to see if our clothes turned up!!

arrived at their door for the laudry and still same story "sorry no have" well hubby started getting a bit uptight so i told him to just calm down and he went to walk away saying we wont be back here.... I felt sorry for them all the same there was a little old lady and she is so cute, no English but she understood! anyway I looked over onto a shelf and there was a bag which looked familiar.... yes it was ours...phew! sigh of relief for them too I think going by their reaction.....I just couldn't hepl but hug them both...you come back again now they said...bless <3 yes we will be back said hubby! so all ended well :)

Later we checked out of Hacienda and a last trudge down those stairs lol quick checkout and the girls are lovely and off to South Chaweng and another adventure :)

So with that in mind and this already gone on way too long I think I will so a part 2 for the last 3 days...I hope it isn't too drawn out and boring for you, I wasn't expecting to write so much but got on a role lol so will leave you with that to read for now and part 2 coming up...

happy reading guys


Mossy :-) s

ee you soon in part 2 and a slideshow and photos too :)

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1. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Great read Mossy! How's your legs after the stairs? My hubby would react the same about washing or whatever LOL! Beanbags sounded like a nice idea but might be hard to get up from after a few drinkies!!! Look forward to part 2 and pics :))

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2. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

As always, a great informative report!


You will be back . . . . oh and not just part 2 of the JBR . . .

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3. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Another good one Mossy, thanks for sharing, hurry up with part 2 please :)


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4. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Hi Mossy

thanks for sharing :-).

Look forward to your next one and the pics too...


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5. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Hi Mossy - loved your report & can't wait for the next instalment.

Are you running marathons yet? LOL!!!!!!

X Sandy

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6. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

My legs are ok Becs except for the same day climbing all those steps to the lookout lol

it was quite funny trying to get off the beanbags, you sort of have to roll off hahahaha but its so good there :)

Part 2 and photos out now :-)

cheers guys for your replies

Mossy :-)

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7. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Love your report Mossy, heading off to read part 2 :)

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8. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

no marathons for me Sandy...only at the bar lol ;-)

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9. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Glad I found the 1st part, I'll now go back and read the 2nd part again, thanks Mossy, great JBR. when we go to Bophut we always have cocktails at Coco tams then dinner at Krua but I have always called it the Coconut bar now I know itìs proper name.

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10. Re: JBR....30th Dec to 7th Jan....NYE, TA drinks and stuff!!

Fantastic jBR Mossy. Can totally emphathise with the laundry saga - been there too. Not in KS though as we are visiting for the first time in April. Now going to read your next report with a glass of wine - blow the coffee! Lols