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should I just stay away?

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Dublin, Ireland
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should I just stay away?

Hi. My partner and I are very young late 30s and have travelled extensively. From paddling down the rapids to sleeping in the desert to getting disgustingly drunk in Prague (3 nights in a row)to meeting and sponsoring a child in gambia for 8 years,we have done it. If we were any more laid back we would fall over. However every person has their point where they have their sense of humour failure and mine is under age sex. I an a nurse in a major city and I am exposed daily to the realities of human trafficking and poverty. One thing that creates red mist in me is a 14 year old girl from a 3rd world country performing sex acts with some big bald fat sweaty 50 year old western man trying to justify it.I have studiously avoided Thailand because I have a sense that it might push my triggers although I have not researched it properly. Is their a thailand available for people like me? People who want to eat the food(and to hell with food poisoning) see the sights,drink the drink(excessively),sleep in a hut,swim in the sea,love and laugh and go mad etc etc but who will experience extreme distress when I see under 18 women satisfying the perverted urges of men who western women wouldnt touch with the proverbial barge pole? Would it be too upsetting for me? Should I just stay away?

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1. Re: should I just stay away?

You won't see any sex acts performed in public.

Your assumption that there are fat western men walking around groping children is fundamentally wrong. The type of creature that takes advantage of children do not openly flaunt the fact.

So, just like Dublin, this abominable behaviour is kept out of sight.

I would advise caution though. If you see an old fat western man, or even a fit young one walking hand in hand with a child, be VERY sure you're not looking at a parent enjoying an outing with their child before you react.

Once your research gathers pace, you will realise that the situation which exists in your mind is not the reality.

Bangkok, Thailand
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2. Re: should I just stay away?

That's the truth. I'd say child exploitation of that sort is just as likely/unlikely in Europe or America. Thailand gets very unfair bad press in the west, which often at the same time ignores what is going on in its own back yard. The authorities here take this kind of thing seriously and some very long prison sentences have been handed down to some of those responsible for such things.

And Fourb (I would say one of our most levelheaded posters) is absolutely right to caution against making assumptions. I have a 20 year old (Thai) niece who looks a deal younger, and I'd throttle anyone who voiced or even suggested the wrong assumption if they saw us together, and there are plenty of other westerners here in similar situations.

Leeds, United...
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3. Re: should I just stay away?

Why do you feel the need to go to Pattaya?

Theres some beautiful islands & cities in Thailand where you can do everything you want to do to make a great holiday.

Hua Hin, Koh Samed, Koh Chang, & Bangkok to name but a few plus all the lovely islands to the south.

I love Thailand & its people but will always steer well clear of Pattaya

Oakland, California
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4. Re: should I just stay away?

Yes, you should just stay away. Please.

Pawtucket, RI
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5. Re: should I just stay away?

You will probably find more fat bald priests groping and cornholing little boys in Ireland than any pedophiles you will come across in Thailand!

Fortunately for Thai women even when they are in their late twenties or early thirties with their skin tones and small size they can be mistaken for teenagers. Likewise European, Canadian, Australian and American women can look 10 or 20 years older than they really are. Don't mistake a Thai woman who is small, dainty and petite in size who is with a foreigner for being under age and being forced to do anything against her will! Not to mention the many expats who live in Thailand and have children there.

You will see more nudity and crudeness on a beach in Europe than you will see on a street in Bangkok or Pattaya.

If you are worried about children being molested and being taken advantage of start in your own country in your churches!

What you read in the press in Europe and America is just the tip of the iceberg!




Brisbane, Australia
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6. Re: should I just stay away?

Oh gee Infidelal ..... 10 or 20 years older???? I better check in next time I am in Bangkok for a facelift!!! :S :P

Monmouth, United...
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7. Re: should I just stay away?

You should go and experience it for yourself, everyones opinion of pattaya is different!

But i love it, i'm goin back in september for the 3rd time.

I think you'll be fine and if you dont then its still an experience, you can always tavel to the nearby islands aswell and maybe stay there if you decide its not for you.

i would also say that the thai women who do work in all the bars (where all the older men go) are well looked out for from what i've seen. (i've seen alot worse in my country and others)

hope this helps xx

Bangkok, Thailand
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8. Re: should I just stay away?

I note that the same concerns were not an issue on travels to Morocco and India, both countries with a similar besmerched reputation to Thailand....

New Milton, United...
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9. Re: should I just stay away?

just visit patts for the experience , you can talk to the bar"girls"-they,re actually women , and ask them all about it

tbh when i first visited patts in the early 80,s there was a lot of that sort of thing going on from what i saw these days people are aware of this kind of thing and keep an eye out for it , hotel owners too

you never know, you might even meet father o-brian on your travels, arm in arm with a lady-boy or two

Sydney, Australia
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10. Re: should I just stay away?

When people talk about this stuff, why must they say "bald " ??? If this concerns you so much just dont go there. Heaps of other places to go.

"the perverted urges of men who western women wouldnt touch with the proverbial barge pole? Would it be too upsetting for me? Should I just stay away?

Laid back, right ! yes i think you should stay away.

PS: im bald by the way.........................