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Excess Baggage Warning.

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Excess Baggage Warning.

Recently flying home from Kuala Lumpur after holidaying in Phuket, our luggage was 10 kg over. We were flying with Air Malaysia, who were great, however excess baggage charges were very expensive.

I somehow thought excess baggage was relatively inexpensive, so was very surprised when we had to pay $250 extra. Not ideal after holidaying for 5 weeks and spending way too much over budget.

I just wanted to warn other TA members to check these charges before they leave, as our cases were by no means even full, and probably could have fitted another 10kg between us.

Enjoy your holidays you lucky things



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1. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

Hi Alicia,

This also happened to us last year with Malaysia Airlines but from Cambodia, we were supposedly 21 kilos over and had to pay US12.60 per kilo, funny thing was we overnighted that night at the KL airport hotel and when we checked back in to fly to Phuket next morning our luggage was 45 kilos!!. (without taking anything out)

So yes you have to be careful, as its very expensive and not a nice way to end a holiday. (it all depends on who checks you in as well as this trip we had 51 kilos checked in and 20 kilos between us in hand luggage and were not charged excess)


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2. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.


I flew with Thai airways last April and they were excellent. I was about 5-10 kilos over for the trip home and they allowed it without any excess costs.

Tip for Golfers..

The weight of your clubs is added to the weight from the rest of your baggage. This could end up costing you excess baggage however if you ring Thai airways and request a Golf Club allowance then the most you will pay for your clubs (if you combined buggage is deemed to be excessive) is approx 35 US dollars up to 15 Kilos. This is great and could save you a heap of money.

I did not have to pay it because the combined weight was deemed to be okay. Thanks Thai airways.

You have to make this arrangement BEFORE you turn up to the airport. The travel agent booked the ticket then I spoke to Thai direct.



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3. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

A lot of airlines are starting to crack down on excess baggage because of the increase in fuel costs,as every KG over the allowed limit costs them more in fuel.

For example,if there are 300 people flying with just 10 extra KG of baggage,that's an extra 3,000KG or 3 TONNE the plane has to carry and that uses a lot of extra fuel,then multiply that by 12 months of flights and the annual fuel bill blows out substantually.

I think it's fair for them to charge for extra baggage,it's user pays,fair for everybody and everyone comes home from Thailand with loads of shopping.

An Airline In the U.S. has even removed the inflight magazines to reduce weight,it's true.

Next they will start charging extra for overweight people--get on the scales fatty,sorry you're 12kg overweight,cough up $$$$

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4. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

i think it's great that airlines are starting to crack down on excess baggage.

will keep the cost of fares down in the long run.

hopefully they will start to concentate on excess hand luggage next.

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5. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

Excess Hand Luggage.

Now that's a pet hate. I can't believe some of the monstrous bags people are allowed to bring onboard, as hand luggage.

Full size back packs, large suitcases etc etc. On a couple of occasions, I've had to seek storage space for my briefcase, several rows back due to huge bags stuffed into the alockers, above my seat area.

I always thought is was for essential items in case your main luggage is lost, not the whole wardrobe.

I am glad that I have never really experienced real bad turbulence because some of the bags I've seen would kill you if they flew out and landed on you.

Anyway, although I think it is wrong, I often help people squeeze the stupid things into the small stowages and/or help them get them down.



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6. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

To Cathy & Garry

I thought your bags were a bit heavy (hahaha).did you get thru KL ok

Cheers Ian&Tanya

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7. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

Hi everyone,

When we came back we thought our bags were over because of the hotel scales.. and we were talking to one of the other guests at the hotel and she said that she finds that if she buys another bag and distributes the weight evenly over the bags that they dont seem to get so upset because its a health and safety thing. so instead of one bag being 30 kg divide it in to 2 so both bags are 15kg. :)


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8. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

Higher weight, more fuel. Today we are punished for excess luggage, tomorrow perhaps our BMI. lol...?

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9. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

Hey Leesh,

Firstly, why am I not surprised that you had excess luggage ;)

Sorry I haven't been in contact, Bri and I finally found a place of our own but don't have internet access yet so I try to use Glenn's whenever I get the chance.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!

Kristy xxx

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10. Re: Excess Baggage Warning.

Wow! that's terrible. I always have too much baggage. How bad is this though. We are flying Tiger Ailines to Phuket and their baggage limit is 15kg. My empty suitcase ways nearly 7kg. If I want to pay $25 more I can get an extra 5kg. Sooo we have decided we have to take soft sports bags, fairly empty. Yeh right!!!