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My JBR Finally "Whow"

Brisbane, Australia
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My JBR Finally "Whow"

Hi Everyone,

This is my and hubbys 4th visit to Phuket Thailand.

Our holiday started on the 27th June 2008 and we were off to Phuket for 18 sleeps.

Myself, Hubby Brett, Teenage daughter Mel(her 1st visit) and my best friend Di flew Singapore Airlines and must I say was one of the best flights that I have encounted. Smooth.....

We arrived at Phuket International Airport with Daj waiting out the front for us. It was great to see him again as I met him last year.

Off we go to Patong Beach. We stayed at Swiss Palms Beach Resort and I can't wait to see my sister Cathy and her great hubby Gary.

After our tears of welcome "Let the Holiday begin".

Cathy and Gary had organised a car so it was easy to get to place to place. Not knowing how good the order of our adventures are panning out, but here goes.

Our first night consisted of having dinner and a few drinks at Nickys Handlebar. We really enjoy the food and ambience at Nickys. Kai(the manager)and Naeng and of course Nicky looked after us very well. Kai and Naeng just fell in love with Mel. A few welcome drinks were had.... burp...

Our next task was to find a good tailor so we could have Mels formal school dress made. So off we go as a big family outing to tackle the tailors. To my and Cathys surprise the first tailor that we came across ended up being the one we used. Mel had a beautiful dress made which was not the one that she had in mind. They had a photo of a previous creation and Mel just loved it and I loved even more the price that he gave me. I didn't even try to barter as for a Roberto Caveli dress of satin/silk and chiffon the price was only 4200 baht or $140 Aussie dollars. Whow were we happy. The tailor is Rich Mond Fashion and is situated Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd Opposite Patong Bay Shore Hotel Patong.

Off we are again to Kok Chang. This was my 3rd visit but Mels !st. Gary and Brett decided not to do the elephant ride and just sit at the bar and keep Charley company. The mamuot(or whatever) was fantastic with Mel and let her ride behind him on the elephants head she was hanging on for dear life. He also made her a lovely hat on our travels through the jungle. Cathy and Di went on the other elephant. Di rode on his head but was a little weary. Unfortuneatly by the time we got back Charley had has his play time so Lum Yai was the only one she could talk and touch. Mel just loved this experience as it was the first time for her on a elephant and seeing the gibbons so close.

Shopping Eating Drinking........

ATV's was another fantastic day. Mel again just loved it and had never done anything like this before. The tour guides just loved her and looked after her very well. Richard came with us and it was great to catch up with him. Even though he did get me very muddy heheheh. We went on the 3hr tour and it was great. The waterfall was in full force the day just perfect.

Shopping Eating Drinking........

Friday Nite BBQ...Fantastic... Again it was great food at Mamas and Papas unforntuately Di wasn't feeling to well might have been the few cocktails in the pool before the minibus arrived. This was a special night for Cathy and myself as it was our Mums birthday. Nicky from Nicky Handlebar had organised some fire balloons that Cathy, Myself and Mel (for Nana) let go. This was just a beautiful gesture and I am glad I was there with Cathy on this special day. The Sunshine Bar again was fun. I made it up the pole twice as Cathy and Brett missed the photo opportunity the first time hahah. Mels birthday was on the Sunday so I let her have a couple of quiet ones for her birthday. Well need I say more Mel met 3 girls around her same age and they got on it. Whitney, Kelly and Melissa thanks for making the night even more enjoyable. The ride home in the minibus was so funny and even the walk home from Speedys Bar was not in a straight line. Thanks goodness for Uncle Garys navigation skills in getting Mel home in one piece so she could then hug the big white telephone hahahah. Happy Birthday Mel.

Shopping Eating Drinking......

On the Sunday (Mels Birthday) we are off to Krabi. We had 4 nites in Krabi. We went to Ao Nang Beach and stayed at Wannas Place Andaman Sunset Resort. We went swimming at the beach and Mel got stung. Drinks at the Fishermans Bar on the Beach perfect. We visited Emerald Pool and the Hot Springs again perfect. We also got a long tail boat out to ummmm forget the names of the islands, went snorkelling and swimming again perfect. I really like Krabi it is a lot quieter than Patong. Im sure on our next visit I will go back to Ao Nang Beach. Love It.

Back to Patong (taking 6 hours drive back to Patong stopped at a fishing village on water very interesting and hot )

Shopping Eating Drinking......

Elvis Show.... Whow how I love Elvis.... Cathy and I did ourselves proud when Ritchie recognised us from 2 years ago and called us the Sweet Inspirations hahahah. We love doing backup vocals into our drink stirrers hehehe. Tonite was Uncle Garys nite to be very happy especially after those pink ladys drinks. How does it go again "So here we go and here we go...... I la la la like it la la la like it"

Shopping Eading Drinking......

Our big day out with Captain Mark got cancelled unfortuneatly the gear box went. I was very sad as I knew that Mel and Di would really enjoy this adventure. Not to worry we will catch up next year.

This is a must to do. A funtastic day out on the water. Look out Captain Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!We will be back heheh.

Shopping Eating Drinking......

Fantasea....Cathy and Myself took Mel and Daj's daughter to Fantasea. Dajs daughter was just so delighted and you could not get the smile off her face the whole evening. This made it even more special seeing a child smile so much and enjoying every moment. Mel being a teenager enjoyed the show and would see it again. A must see if you are visiting Phuket

Well last minute shopping was on the agenda as we near the end of our holiday. So much bought. So much bartering..... Just a quick idea of prices. Singlet Tops 150baht. Sunglasses 200baht. Bikinis 300 to 400baht Perfume 400baht. Bags 1400 baht. Dvds 50 baht.

Mel just loved Shopping.........the markets- O Top Markets , Banzaan, Beach Road, Ocean Plaza, Jungceylon, Big C really anywhere that you can shop.

With all the final shopping done it was tattoo day Brett, Myself, Mel and Di and Uncle Gary got tattoo at Patong Tattoo. Mit and Wat from Patong Tattoo are fantastic and looked after us very well. Thanks guys.

Final Nite.... Our Last Supper....Nickys Handle Bar...

Well what a nite. Nicky had organised the best meal I have had in Phuket. Tiger prawns and fish yummy. Kai took Mel on the back of a harley for a ride and she just loved it. Nicky, Kai and Naeng are just lovely people and they looked after us so well.

Well I have realised that I have missed so much. Such as Kru Suwit floating restuarant, Wat Chalong, Little View Point, all our eating adventures. Phuket night markets (eating crickets)and lots more....

Our holiday was jammed packed with Shopping Eating and Drinking with lots of adventures as well. I don't think our holiday would have been this good without my beautiful sister Cathy and Gary. Thanks heaps for our funtastic holiday and looking forward to Patong and Ao Nang Beach Krabi next year.

Thanks hope you all enjoy our adventures as much as we did,



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1. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Great JBR Goody, I also read Cathy's as well and you guys had a blast. Glad Mel had a great time too.



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2. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Hi Goody, thanks for the report, you guys pack so much into a trip, thanks for making me feel welcome and glad you are all home safe.



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3. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Hi Goody,

Thanks for your trip report, great reading.

Good to see you all had a great time.

We also love Nicky's nice and close to where we always stay at the Andaman Beach Suites.



Perth, Australia
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4. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Thanks Goody for such a great report. Well done with the formal dress, glad it went so smoothly. Love all the photos.


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5. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Hi Goody, thanks for the report. What a fabulous holiday, really makes me think I could handle the 9 hour flight again. Was Singapore Air direct from Brisbane to Phuket???

Ps I really love your tattoo for your Mum...

Thanks Rene

Dallas, Texas
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6. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Thanks for the report also , only 2 weeks until we go , will give Nickys a shot this time around,

Gold Coast
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7. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

My absolute darling partner in crime, I have no doubt that you did me proud and kept them all in line and under control!!

Mel's formal dress is gorgeous babe, she'll be the belle of the ball, so thanks for the recommendation of the tailor.

Your mum would've been proud of you all Ang, and that's what counts - good times, great food and fantabulous company! All my love to the troops!


Tiff xxx

Brisbane, Australia
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8. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Hello to the 4 of u who we lucky to be there with Cath + Gary.

Not having met you - yet - "Goody" -but seeing as you are as close to twins with Cath, you just have to be a darling as well.

Loved your JBR and your pic's and how beautiful for Mel to have her 17th there. Tell her from me that any teenager that can down a cricket to compete with Mum and Aunt is extremely brave and bloody "gutsy" - good on ya gals.

Look so forward to meeting ya all when Cath heads North.

Thanks for the good read and no thanks for the reminder that I should be there LOL


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9. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Thank you for your report. I have to ask am I a bit of a fuddy duddy. You let your daughter drink to excess at 16. My wife and I have 4 children and is this what I will do as they get older?

Also getting a tatoo. i can remember when my youngest just wanted to get that special pair of jeans because such and such had them and now they were popular. Is tatoos underage now what is acceptable.

Before you all shoot me down i am just asking.

I love this site but need to know is this where we are heading with binge drinking and tatoos?


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10. Re: My JBR Finally "Whow"

Hi Champers, always a fan of irony I did laugh about a comment from Champers (I guessing that stands for Champagne) Charlie the historical synonym for a good time boy after introducing Champagne to north America.

Anyway my two cents goes like this.

I wish I’d learnt my alcohol limits while having a good time at my 17 th or 18 th birthday while under the care of my parents in an exotic location.

Instead it was in a dark and deserted public park with alcohol “borrowed” from my mates parents while I was technically “sleeping over” at his house and him at mine.

I wish I had an adult to care for me after the event and explain where it all went wrong.

Her parent’s state that they had decided to let her have a drink for this special occasion, they didn’t see this as an open invitation to get trashed every night.

By the way I was 15 and have still made plenty of mistakes with alcohol.

You live, you learn, you wear the hangover and say never again.

Being human I’ve realised “never” is a very hard word to live up to.

Sorry if I’ve hijacked the post but feel the need to respond.