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Scooter/Bike Warning!

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Scooter/Bike Warning!

Do not attempt to ride a rental in Phuket if you haven't done so before. There are daily deaths of holiday makers like us. No exaggeration. The rules are very sloppy, and anyone with some spare change can rent one with little or no paper work. The residents of Phuket drive or ride very irratic on the streets with no considerations for pedestrians.

I almost died today myself. I'm injured, but limping strong.

Please enjoy your holiday in Phuket and go home with memories, not become a memory.

It's great for families, couples, singles and thrill seekers. Play it safe and use comman sense. Being on holiday free of responsibilities doesn't mean you wrecklesly endanger your life and the lives of others. Carry a rubber wherever you go, dont get carried away by locals spoiling and complimenting you.

Have a great holiday!

Perth, Australia
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1. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

This forum is full of warnings about the dangers of hiring a scooter on Phuket.

The hospital wards on the island are full of tourists who thought it would be a great idea to rent one of these.

Scooters might be a cheap way to see the island but it's also a great way to potentially ruin your holiday by not only injuring yourself (or worse) but by costing you thousands of $$$ in medical bills and possible compensation payments for anything else you may have damaged.

Good advice about Phuket not being the place anyone should embark on their first scooter hire/ride.

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2. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

What do u mean by carry a rubber ? Like carry a franga ?

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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3. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

The warnings on this site are numerous however that doesn't seem to stop people who have never ridden going and hiring a bike not matter what the danger. My daughter being one of them despite my constant protesting. Thankfully in her case nothing happended.

Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

Hi Always...When you mean you almost died today limping and injured...Did you come a gutsa off your scooter....??...And if you did can you explain how it happened please...??...

I'm thinking a bit like Josho...How does a rubber fit in or protect oneself whilst riding a scooter...??...

Unfortunately,alcohol,foolishness and inexperience plays a major part in most scooter accidents....

Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

Im not sure we'll hear from the OP again but I think he was raising 2 seperate issues - that of road safety & that of being called handsome by every bar girl he walks past without entirely first realising what they are ultimately after...

Phuket, Thailand
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for Phuket, Kata Beach
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6. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

Yes, driving a scooter can be dangerous, especially if somebody is not an expereinced motorbike rider.

Yes, this a wild exaggeration: "There are daily deaths of holiday makers like us. No exaggeration. "

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

we ride bikes in australia but there is no way i would ride a bike or scooter over there it scares me in the cars let alone on a bike

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8. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

I have driving in LOS for many years. Recently have done my motorbike course here in NT.

On the same course was a mates friend who said that they ride a scooter all the time in Vietnam and Thailand. During the course they did not show any riding ability, crashed twice and had a nice ambo ride to the hospital. I understand that they have since failed this course for the second time. Moral is it is not always the Thai's or their creative driving that you need to worry about it may well be one of your Aussie tourists to watch out for!!


New Milton, United...
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9. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

most thai bike riders actually ride really well imo, they ride a different way to tourists, some young male thais ride like lunatics tho

its the tourists that mess up

if i rent a bike as i hav done in the past i normally follow thai riders&do as they do

the rubber thing was as robbol said in post 5 , i saw a b/g with advanced hiv -- not nice

Bangkok, Thailand
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10. Re: Scooter/Bike Warning!

Thailand (not just Phuket) sees an average of over 30 deaths a day from motorcycle-related accidents. I'm not sure what the injury figure is, but its very high too.