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JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

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JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Hi Guys

We left Phuket just over a week ago but only got home this morning....apart from being tired from an overnight flight I have a big case of PPB :( and cant wait to go back.....Oct 5th so not too long to wait :)

As this was a short trip due to having less time in LOS and wanting to visit Samui too this JBR shouldnt be too long...... but hope it isnt a boring one!!

We left home on the morning of 23rd Dec and flew direct with Virgin airlines, 2nd time using this airline and no problems what so ever.....a very good flight and was there before we knew it :)

Got through customs and immigration very quickly, collected luggage and picked up my free sim card all within about 10-15 mins.... proceeded outside to be met by our friend and driver with big smiles and hugs.....you couldn't wipe the smile off his face lol....no name placard needed for us haha

weather was overcast and had been raining a bit...not what i expected from high season weather but hey all good...... we are back in LOS who cares :) and how good it felt too!

We arrived at our accommodation....back at our little bungalow resort where we have stayed for the last 3 years now..... its great to be greeted by the staff who know us so well as if we are family..... my best girl came running up for big hugs....yes its good to be back in our 2nd home :) some new staff here now, and some of our favourite old one's have moved on.... so we had some new faces to get used to.....or them us which is more to the point lol

After our welcome drink and hugs all around we went off to our room....yes 'our room' lol ....we always get the same little bungalow....but this time there was a suprise....it has had a reno done with a new bathroom and repaint, new pictures and curtains...it looked lovely and so quaint!

We ate there that night and went off for a walk to see what has changed around the place, change money etc... got some supplies at Beautyland and 6 jars of my babyface cream lol.... with a long awaited foot massage on the way back, followed by....you guessed it....a banana pancake from the girls at the back of GL....it was sad to see our usual guy not there now as I love his roti pancakes..... but these were good too.....banana & caramel mmmmmm! and it tasted soooooooo good! first of many to come hehe!! have to end my nights with a good banana pancake lol yummo!

It was great to see Xmas trees and decorations everywhere and GL foyer looked awesome :) Xmas songs were playing all over and in Jungceylon..... great to be here for Xmas (and my Birthday on Xmas Eve) :)) We even put some tinsel and lights up around our balcony to make it a bit Xmassy.....looked cute :)

The next morning started as any other day...but it wasn't...it was Xmas Eve and my Birthday.... first time for us in LOS at Xmas and so far so good it was just magic, what a great vibe and buzz around the place :)

I had planned a 'suprise' tour for my hubby which was for both our birthdays and thought it would be good to do it on my Birthday too.....more about that later!!

After breaky we went for a walk up the beach road which was so so busy compared to what we are used to in low season....but the locals were all saying it is quiet!!!.... you could have fooled me lol...apparentlly GL was only at 50% occupancy!! people backing out due to the 21-12-12 end of the world thingy!!! I wouldnt cancel just for that but each to his own hey? it would have been the end of the world for me anyway if i couldnt go after such a long wait lol

There is another new big resort along the beach road..... on the corner of the road where Andaman Embrace is (not sure if its part of that or not?) opposite the football field! I wasnt too impressed by it but sure it will look lovely when its all done!

Walked on and weather is lovely, walked around the Sixth Phuket new precinct which is mostly empty still but very pretty and colourful, and on walking back to beach road it started to rain, only light but was very windy, sat in the Irish bar by Jindas for some 'refreshements' lol and got a call from the tour company to say they cancelled today due to high winds :( a bit disapointing but cant be helped, re sceduled for tomorrow.....all good and a nice thing to do for Xmas day :) .....so plan B for the day...more shopping, massage and drinks lol followed by a great party and gala dinner that night

'Gala Dinner'..... the manager and friend had asked us to bring him a Santa suit which we had done and as he only just turned up today we hadn't given it to him yet. We were greeted by him when we returned from our walk about..... and gave him the santa suit for that night lol

It turned out to be a great night, good food, good company and a fun night with one member of staff being Santa lol

The Manager had organized a Birthday cake for me for after the dinner which was a big but lovely suprise for me, everyone singing happy birthday and the cake with candles and all..... magic :) a birthday I will never forget <3

We had a few drinks with the manager and couple staff after the party and ordered some big king prawns for Xmas day....loving this LOS Xmas :)

Xmas Day.... started with another little walkabout and had to get back for our pick up at 1pm for our 'mystery' tour....the weather was perfect, a bit of cloud but not too bad, and ok for this tour.... I have been trying to hide this from hubby for a suprise for ages now and had a vision of us pulling up and seeing the look on his face when he found out what it is lol...but! the woman came to pick us up and on the ise of the car was their name: Helithai.... Ok he still didnt click...all good:) BUT! when we sat in the car there were brochures everywhere....oh no! he will see it now for sure :( He just looked at me and said " are we going in a helicopter?" YUP.... it was all good as he looked like a little boy at Xmas.... still a good suprise for him all the same :)

This was one of the best experiences and tours we have done in Phuket yet (except for PST that is) it was just AWESOME! we done the tour flying over Phi Phi Island which was just amazing to look at from the air, a totally different concept of it all, I will post some pics for you all soon to see it! we just loved it and what a great memory to have for Xmas day :)

The staff and pilot are great and have a lovely new office at Boat Marina which is also where you fly from, they do short tours around Phuket and a quick starter tour around Patong and beaches, and also Phang Nga which I would like to do another time, not cheap as you would know helicopter tours are not, but worth every last cent and a special memory for us :)

Had a swim and pool time when we got home and our special king prawn dinner cooked up special for us on the night which we sat down to eat with the manager and a few drinks....this was an awesome Xmas and Birthday of which we won't forget in a hurry...big happy memories :-)

Boxing Day..... we got our driver to pick us up and over to Rawai where we caught a longtail boat over to Bon Island for lunch and some r&r time.....1200bhat for the day, good if there are a few of you to share the cost, but we enjoyed it anyway.... it was very windy and a bit choppy on the boat but not too bad for us as we are used to boats, its only a 10-15 min trip so not bad, we were going to go to Coral island too as we hired the driver of the boat for the day, but he advised not to as the crossing in the longtail that day would be too rough so we were happy to just stay at Bon....had a fantastic lunch, few drinks and just relaxed, it was a lovely few hours.

Went back over to the main land Rawai at about 4pm, and sat at Nikitas for a while with a couple drinks, one of our favourite places.....followed by a lovely foot massage along the foreshore there, which i must say is one of the best we have had yet!

Our driver picked us up at 6pm and off home we went....well to our accommodation which is home! lol ...a shower and change and off up the beach road again lol

we had dinner at Wai at Loma park which was good and cheap as always, they also have tables back on the road side outside of GL again, this is where we first met them 3 years ago.

Also let off 2 lanterns one was a big red heart shape, love these things and watching them all along the beach floating off into the disatance!

Thurs was just a mixture of pool time and a bit of shopping at JC and markets....oh and shoes at Findigs hehe..... bag count only 2 so far and 9 pairs of shoes....but not to worry they aren't all for me haha

We had another visit to Chuchai at P&C Jeweller to get our grand daughters a chain and pendant each and I had my sights set on an ellie bangle there, which I got and also ended up with a new ring too lol Spoilt!! haha...Chuchai wasnt there but his Daughter, Sea, is really good and helped us a lot, she even cleaned my other rings for free, they were so good when i got them back and looked like new again. We have had lots of jewellery from here in the past and its all been of great quality.

Had lunch with the guys at Wai on the roadside and a great laugh and joke with them too, they are great guys :) they were messing around with my hubby and talking about tattoo's, so the young bloke drew a big blue love heart and the words I Love You on hubbies arm in blue marker pen.....lovely tatt and free hahaha its ok it came off later....very funny at the time! :)

Thurs eve we decided to take a walk to a friends bar on Soi Banazan....which we found after surviving crossing the road....it was so busy at 'rush hour'....didnt think there was a 'rush hour' in LOS but there sure is....bummper to bummper!! anyway we found his bar and he was out to start with so just ordered a couple drinks with the girls until he returned.... then had a couple with him and a chat, ordered some really yummy food which had to be the cheapest we had so far and very tasty!

Walked back through JC and Bangla road, its still a good laugh through Bangla if you take it all in fun :)

Had a bit of an RAC moment during a massage lol (for those of you in Australia you might understand this, others might not) We went into Mantra in the basement of JC for a foot massage (all this walking and the poor feet lol) well we were both seated and the girl I had started my massage a bit rough....ouch!... I had to tell her to be softer...which she done so i laid back and relaxed and then felt the massage getting harder again...when i heard my husband say "where did she go".... i opened my eyes and there was a young guy doing the massage..... complete with the orange top lmao..... first instinct was to say " where's ??.... she's s-helping someone...I'm filling in" hahaha just like on the ad....we had to laugh at that lol :))) had to be there moment lol

Friday, our driver came and picked us up and we went to Tesco for some supplies and a couple of things, I love this store as its just everyday stuff and cheap. I had asked him to take us to the Phuket Botanical Gardens after Tesco, but we went there first instead as he suggested to us.... a good place if you like gardens and there is a small butterfly garden too, very neat and well kept, just something different for us to go and look at, had a good couple hours there but it was very hot in there. Moved on to Tesco after there for some more shopping lol

Friday at 6pm we had to go pick up my rings from P&C and then we had been invited to dinner with the manager of our hotel, so headed back to get ready for that. We all had a great night, many drinks and great food :) This is where we had to say goodbye to him at the end of the night as he was off for the weekend and we were leaving on Sunday....I hate good byes especially to our Thai friends :(

Saturday was our last day here :( so was a mixture of last min shopping (not knowing what is in Samui) and pool, with a few cocktails on the beachfront beach bar outside GL and a very beautiful sunset. We walked along the beach road and the beachfront markets that night,started just south of Bangla road and went all the way up, they were great and the smell of all the yummy food was mouth watering but we had eaten already!! Got more shopping and some good bargains too. sad to be the last night in Patong but also excited to be moving on to Samui and a new adventure that awaits us.

Sunday was breaky and left at 10.30 to go to the airport, picked up by our good friend and driver, always sad for me to leave him and I always have tears at the airport, but knowing that we are booked for Oct makes it all a whole lot easier this time.....

see you soon Patong and all the wonderful smiling Thai people....havent done a countdown yet but it's only about 39 weeks to go :-)

Hope that wasnt too long and drawn out for you all, as we dont really do anything too exciting these days in Patong as we have done most of it.....however, we do still find new things and places along the way and always look forward to returning again

Samui and part 2 JBR on its way in a day or two

cheers guys

Mossy :-)

Perth, Australia
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1. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Loved the good read Mossy. We will hopefully be there early September.

Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Thanks for the report Mossy.

I can totally understand that feeling of the taxi ride to the airport. Watching everything go by and doing the sums in your head trying to figure out when you'll be back.

I'm lucky i've got 3 trips all together this year (May 1 week, July and October 3 weeks) so i hope that feeling wanes a bit but i doubt it!

I've never done a heli tour in Thailand so tempted to do that at some stage for sure.

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3. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Thanks Mossy

I can see you have been busy ..lol.

Look forward for Samui part!!!


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for Patong
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4. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Thanks Mossy. Hopefully we will meet in October.

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5. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

I can't believe your actually there after the Countdown thread, you really packed a lot in, my heads buzzing but a great report and you can tell you love Phuket, hope you enjoyed Samui can't wait to hear about it.

Sydney Australia
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6. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Thank you for sharing Mossy. A great read, looking forward to part 2.

Only 135 days to go for us.

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Great read Mossy and looking forward to your Samui JBR. Wishing I had a LOS countdown this year :-(

Newcastle, Australia
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8. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Loved your report Mossy.

Going back in June can't wait.It will be our first time in Samui so really looking forward to part 2.

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

Great report Mossy, it took me right back :)

I walked along down the soi's with you.

Hope your Ketut wasn't too rough ;)

Looking forward to the next chapter.


Buderim, Australia
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10. Re: JBR....Santa suits, Xmas, Birthdays and stuff! :-))

We've all been waiting for this Mossy, lol.

Great read as always & so glad you had a great birthday, Xmas & holiday :)

Many thanks