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There is a massive out break of gastro in Phuket we went with 12 and 10 of us got it that bad that had to call doctors in to hotel for injections. Friends went for wedding with 54 people and same 50 out of 54 got it

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1. Re: Gastro

Yep Chris there has been some sort of bug going around Phuket for a few months now. I was in Phuket in July and I estimate 80% of people staying at the resort got crook. They got the squirts & vomiting over a 12 hoiur period. Dunno how they will get rid of it on a Tropical Island with loads of tourists day in day out getting affected.

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2. Re: Gastro

Yep certainly something there, and for those that get it, its really unfortunate.

It appears to be worse in some hotels more than others. And many of the bigger ones seem more effected, which makes sense as there ate more people to keep infecting.

As hawk says don't know how they will get rid of it, short of closing resorts badly effected and cleaning, top to bottom, but most likely will still come back in with some tourist.

I have just returned from 3 weeks, 1 in Khoa Lak, 2 in Patong.

We had one pick up something in khao lak,.

Whilst in phuket I know 5 of our friends got sick. Varying degrees, all same resort. Knocked them for a few days.

3 others had one off day so they were most likely something eaten.

So all up 5 picked up virus is my guess , all stayed same hotel, and 3 with bad tummy one day, not likely virus, and 5 of us nothing at all, different hotel

My best advice is if you get sick, don't wait to get worse seek medical help, a virus will have to run its course. But you can make sure you don't allow yourself to get sicker


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3. Re: Gastro

The posters description of 50 of 54 people getting sick all at once looks like a case of food poisoning

While gastro and foid poisoning is similar gastro is more the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract am mucous membrane usually caused by a virus or bacteria

Food poisoning is more a case of ingesting spoilt or badly preoqred food that infects the person with the bacteria contained in food

The incubation period could be as little as 2 hours but usually within 12 hours

Communal gastro is more likely when the same people eat the same food but usually gastro affects a single person getting sick at different times in small groups

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4. Re: Gastro

Yep, we just got back from Patong today, and 3 out of 4 of us got sick with vomiting/diarrhea.

I was really dreading getting sick after reading about it on TA, but for us, it wasn't as bad as I thought.

We were all sick for less than 24 hours initially, although both my son and I are still feeling a little off a few days later still.

Whilst we didn't need medical assistance, we did notice a couple of tourist medical centers in Patong. So if you feel you need it, speak with reception at the hotel you are staying at for the details of the nearest doctor. They may even be able to organize a Dr to come to your hotel room.

Thanks also to hawk...I had read your helpful contributions to previous threads on this topic before we left home, and I found your information to be spot on and so very helpful. Thanks again to you:)

It didn't spoil our holiday though, and it certainly hasn't put me off from returning to Phuket.

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5. Re: Gastro


Just got back from Patong yesterday and yes we got sick too and I am sure it was the virus not food. Two other people we knew got it too. I got it first and I was so caucious, probiotics before I went, Traveland before every meal and anti bac hand cleaner and washed my hands that much, my husband then got it and he is still not over it, because when he first got it, it only lasted 24 hrs and he thought he was okay but it came back with avengence and he is off to the Doctor today because he has been on Anti-biotics for three days and still not better.

It did spoil our trip a bit and we have to been to Thailand many times and never been sick like this.

Cheers Chrissy

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6. Re: Gastro

I heard about a vaccine for travellers diarrhea, is it worth taking it? I'm on my way on 30/12/13 and i would have to take it now for it to be effective.

Will it reduce my chances of getting "a" bug?

thnaks :)

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: Gastro

Hi Adriana,

I think that you may be thinking of Dukorol, which is a vaccine taken by mouth for Cholera. There is some thought, though, that it may have some effect against travellers' diarrhea.

I took it last time I went to Thailand. On my two previous visits I ended up in hospital with food poisoning. This last time I did get it (I think know what it was from), however it wasn't nearly as severe and quickly cleared up with over the counter antibiotics.

I do stress, though, that in all instances my illness was thought to be caused by the food, or, at my last visit, poor food handling hygiene (several peoples' hands in a bowl of rice making it into little balls so it could be dipped in the one bowl of food - I cringe when I think back on that but I thought it would appear rude not to join in), and not by a virus.

I'm going again in December and I think that I'll take Dukorol again as I seem to be a magnet for food poisoning. I'll also try to make better food choices when I'm there, i.e. freshly cooked in front of me and very hot, rather than lukewarm on a buffet! I'm a bit of a slow learner, but maybe fourth time lucky.

Have a great holiday.


Perth, Australia
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8. Re: Gastro

Just another note on Dukoral. I just looked online and you only need a booster dose every two years so I won't need another dose when I go again in December!

Adelaide, Australia
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9. Re: Gastro

Hi there

I am one of the 5 Michelle refers to, and I can say it was just terrible, I was as careful as I could be but I hit struck down with it, I stayed at gracelands which has a lot of comments on here. I believe I got I'll through the breakfast at gracelands. The unfortunate part is that I was only there for 7 days, and I was violently ill for 48 hrs and the another 2 days to get any energy, so effectively I had a 3 day holiday. The staff at GL were very helpful as I actually had to go to hospital, nothing else was working so a hospital visit it was. Back to work today feeling worse than when I went on holidays lol but the positive was that I got to meet some fabulous people so I wil choose to think of the positive :)

Safe travels


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10. Re: Gastro

People there is no such vaccine against gastro

Its a virus no amount of washing probiotics will make you immune

Even travelan is probably not worth the money its supposed action isnt really succesful as its made from bovine colustrom its very experimental and hasnt been confirmed in any way

Unfortunately if ypu get gastro has to run its course as a vurus and the symptons can be managed

Food piisoning depending in whats injested can be more aerious so if no improvement in 24 hours or there are any signs of bllood at either end or any loss of consciousness

Go to hospital!!!!