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Travel Insurance......get it.

Melbourne, Australia
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Travel Insurance......get it.

Hi all, good article on travel insurance attached for your info.


Melbourne, Australia
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1. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

Good read! We were so glad to have taken insurance out as the doctor appointments in phuket cost a LOT more than at home in Australia!

South Pole
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2. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

I've never read a travel insurance policy t&c's that didn't cover cancellation, only the reasons allowed differ eg death in family,cancellation covered, but not if the person was over 70 years old (article comments state Travel Insurance Direct covers for this).

And why exactly wouldn't I be covered if I accidentally left my wallet in the back of a taxi ?

Not sure if most insurances would knock you back on "unattended luggage" if you left it with the porter, but they may if it's covered by other insurance, eg the hotels liability insurance. Same as how they don't cover you for ferry travel as the ferry has insurance.

Important tip is that you have to make a police report. This doesn't immediately occur to you, especially if it's loss not theft.

We get 'free' travel insurance by paying with our credit card. I'm comfortable with that. Only difference is excess is higher, and public liability payout is lower. All the important medical stuff is exactly the same.

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

My policy is as soon as you book your flights/accomadation , you book your travel insurance.

You can't afford to travel without insurance.


Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

Oh nolonger...you brought back some stressed out memories for me....Talk about leaving one's wallet(travel wallet) in the back of the taxi...!!....Let's just say...Thank goodness the plane was delayed for 2 hours....Whew...!!...

Rawai Beach, Phuket
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5. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just lucky.

25 years of traveling worldwide, 44 countries and counting.

I've never bought travel insurance and doubt I ever will.

Have I ever missed a flight? Sure I have.

It added to the adventure of traveling.

Never have been robbed.

I follow a few rules like trying to look like the locals when I can.

Don't get out a map in a crowd: go into a store to do that where only a few will see you.

Don't act like a tourist.

Wear a money belt.

That's me.

Insurance companies are in business to make money.

And they do!

Brisbane, Australia
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6. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

bad advice from fiddledude. Always get it. You could be hit by a bike or car, fall ill, get robbed, have an accident on your scooter...there are countless ways you could require insurance. There are cost effective online companies like 1cover. www.phuketgazette.net there are serious accidents every day.


Sydney Australia
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7. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

It is always better to have it. My wife's purse and phone slid out of her bag when she placed it on the floor in a taxi in Bali. Covermore paid up.

In contrast, I had a fall on a Phuket holiday, injured my shoulder, went to a local surgery for pain killers, but waited to get home to Sydney have it properly evaluated. I couldn't claim any of the costs incurred back in Australia with Zurich, as those costs are covered under Health insurance once you are back in Australia, and the Thai costs were under the threshhold. I am told that this is part of the reason why the insurers encourage getting you an early flight home.

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8. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

I agree with post # 6.

Always get it. Just because you were lucky and didnt need it isnt a reason for not getting travel insurance. Ive never claimed either in over 30 years of travelling but its the first thing I do when I book my trip.

God forbid if you were ever hospitalised you could cost a lot of money. For the $100-200 one pays well worth the peace of mind.


Wyong, Australia
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9. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

Here’s a post from TA member Andy4359

Why have travel insurance-never think it won’t happen to you.

Just have a bit of a read of it, and then see what you think.


Have fun, but stay safe.

Mildura, Australia
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10. Re: Travel Insurance......get it.

Agree, bad advice from Fiddledude. Yes you have been very lucky to avoid any issues travelling but the most important one you have left out of your list (and potentially the most expensive) are medical events.

I have personally had a serious medical event happen while on holidays (very unexpected) where I was covered for thousands of dollars in expenses which I could not have afforded to pay at the time. A friend of mine has a relative who leant against a balcony in Thailand and it collapsed and she fell leaving her a paraplegic. She had to had medical treatment in Bangkok and when stable was flown back to Australia with a full medical team. Costs totalled over $200,000 - their insurance of a few hundred dollars covered it all.

It just isn't worth travelling without it.