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Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

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Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

OK so I got back from Thailand on Saturday, having had a wonderful 7 nights there.

Jetstar was awesome, very happy with their service and meals, the seats, leg room, etc.

QANTAS on the other hand...grrrrrr!!!!

I had booked a Jetstar flight from Brisbane to Phuket, which included a return flight from Brisbane to Sydney flying with QANTAS. When I arrived at Brisbane Domestic Airport on Friday 24 December, I initially went to the Jetstar desk who informed me that I was flying to Sydney with QANTAS. I proceeded to the QANTAS desk, where I was informed that I was actually flying with Jetstar. Due to the confusion, I headed over to the Ticketing Desk. No one there knew what was going on with the new Jetstar/QANTAS codesharing flights, however I was helped by a very friendly and helpful gentleman. He had to try phoning a few different staff members before I was able to given a definite answer on the check in procedure and whether or not by baggage would go straight through to Phuket. Lucky I arrived at the airport in plenty of time, and was able to check in just in time. However, I met a lady in Phuket during my trip who was not so lucky, and actually missed the flight, and therefore her connecting flight to Phuket, and was forced to fly over a few days later.

I had thought the whole situation was unprofessional enough, until I returned from Sydney on Saturday 2 December, after flying back from Phuket. I had been informed by Jetstar and several other airport staff that I would need to go straight to the QANTAS Domestic Transfer Service upon collecting my luggage and going through Customs. However, when I got there, the lady who served me (possibly of Mediterranean descent) insisted that my itinerary was incorrect, and that instead of flying with QANTAS I was actually flying with Jetstar. After explaining to her what happened in Brisbane, she remained adamant that I was to catch the bus to T2 and fly with Jetstar. There were about 8 other people who were there when I was, that received the same incorrect information about the connecting flight.

So I hopped on the bus (which cost $5, as opposed to the free QANTAS domestic transfer service) to the T2 terminal, as instructed. When I arrived and looked at the flight boards, I couldn’t see the Jetstar flight from Sydney to Brisbane (which I’ve learnt since is because Jetstar doesn’t actually fly that route!). I asked at the Help Desk and they told me that I was actually flying with QANTAS, and that my itinerary was correct and I did need to go to the T3 terminal. By this stage, you can hopefully imagine how I was feeling, after a 10 hour night flight, alone, and carrying heavy luggage – very frustrated! So I picked up my bags and walked through the carpark to T3, stopping for several breaks on the way, and feeling very puffed by the end.

I went to the Bag Drop counter, where the lady working looked at my itinerary, and…you guessed it…says “This is actually a Jetstar flight”. This was the final straw, and I explained to her what happened and asked if QANTAS trains their staff in new procedures, to which she replied “What new procedures?”, and acted very rudely, not offering any kind of apology or sympathy for the trouble I had to go through.

Overall, I was shocked that such a well-respected company like QANTAS would not at least notify its staff of the flight codesharing arrangements with Jetstar, and the process for connecting flights. I realise that it is a new arrangement, but I’d expect the staff to have a general idea of what the processes were, and be a bit slow at it, not give out wrong directions or be completely unaware that they were in place.

I hope that this situation can be rectified soon, so that others do not have to go through the same frustrating experience, which ended the holiday on a rather sour note.

So you've been warned! :) Ignore what the QANTAS staff say...

Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

I will not Qantas bash

I will not Qantas bash

I will not Qantas bash

damn, it's so hard not to!

Yes, Qantas is a fantastic airline, if you compare it with Chad Air or most US carriers or Tajikistan Airways.

But when it comes to the simple Aussie domestic flight or how they treat their passengers - their arrogance astounds me.

I tried not to Qantas bash, sorry. I'm sure there are people out there who love them to death.

Don't get me started on "Bozo the Clown Airline" Virgin Blue...

Adelaide, Australia
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2. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

thanks for that starlet girl, we are flying Jetstar to Phuket from Sydney in January but have a qantas flight booked from adelaide to syndey so I will now be aware!

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3. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

starlet_girl... sorry to read about your experience and thank you so much for the warning.

Like you, we are flying BNE to SYD with qantas... and then Jetstar to Bali and I was wondering how the transfer at SYD would work when one dosn't have a boarding pass.

At least now we are able to expect the worst... and hopefully, by then, the staff will have been trained to guide muggers like us.

Hope that your next flight goes more smoothly.

Port Macquarie...
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4. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

Wow! you poor thing.

We are using our qantas frequent flyer points to travel from Sydney to Bangkok, and when we booked found out we are flying British Airways! is this a good thing??? Hope they have that sorted!!

Flying home we got the cheap jetstar flight bangkok/Sydney for $500 for the two of us. Guess I can't complainf as we are flying return for $800 for the two of us all up!

What will be will be!!


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5. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

Hi Starlet Girl

What a dreadful messup you had - thank goodness it didn't actually affect your holiday. Have you made Qantas aware of these issues? It's only by letting them know at the top that they can ensure it is rectified. Surely if you explain the situation to them as you have to us they may compensate you for the inconvenience.

Good Luck.


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6. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)


Thanks all for your sympathy (much than I received from QANTAS haha).

Yes I've used the above to form the basis of a letter - I made sure that I got the address to write a letter to QANTAS at the time it all happened! Will be posting it today, so will let you know the outcome. However, I doubt I will receive any compensation (but at least acknowledgement of their mistakes would be nice!).

So the correct process should be, for when any of you fly...

You are DEFINITELY flying with QANTAS for the connecting flight - point out to them the 'Operated by QANTAS' on the itinerary under the flight details, and insist that it actually is, if they don't believe you. You'll probably need to check in at the 'QANTAS international checkin' point at the Domestic terminal, for those of you who aren't aware (since I didn't even know that existed). There is normally 1 or 2 people serving on them, right next to the normal ones. Your bags should be checked through straight to the final destination (well they were with mine anyway). You can check your baggage receipt to make sure this is the case.

On the way home, you will need to get your bags when you arrive back into Sydney to take them through customs (another problem i had, which wasn't QANTAS's fault - the Jetstar staff at Phuket told me they'd go straight to Brisbane, so I walked through Customs with no bag, then found out I had to get it so had to get a staff member to find it for me. I've since learnt that because it's the first point of call into the country you need to get it there. So the problem with QANTAS compounded with this one, and made me a very unhappy chappy!!). Anyways, back on to the topic, once you've got your bags, go to the QANTAS Domestic Transfer Service and it should be sweet from there, and they'll take you to T3!

Good luck :D

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7. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

The address to complain to qantas is

Customer Care Supervisor


Qantas Centre

203 Coward Street

Mascot NSW 2020

we went to Bangkok on British airlines which was fantastic but dont even start me on the return trip with Qantas.

They are just so rude

Perth, Australia
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8. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)


Iam so sorry to hear about your hassles with Qantas. Yes I agree they do need manners as some of them not all are very rude.

I think if this happens to me I will just stand my ground at the first counter and get them to run around and find out where you are suppose to be for real.

What a horror story.

Perhaps everyone should let Qantas know of all the complaints and if everybody does PERHAPS they might do something but I seriously doubt it.

Sorry again.



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9. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

After reading your post l gave Jetstar a ring about my flight in February. I was told to book in with Jetstar in Melbourne at the International Check in and dont need to do any thing with luggage at Sydney and the same on the way home.

Then l rang back and spoke to someone else and was told something totally different.

I am to check in for my Jetstar flight at the QANTAS DOMESTIC check in not the International check in.

Then on the way home pick up my luggage and go through customs in Sydney not when l get back to Melbourne.

If any one else is flying from Melbourne to Phuket via Sydney l suggest you give them a call and find out were your leaving from


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10. Re: Warning 4 those travelling Jetstar (with QANTAS connections)

There is a lot of ambiguity here...

When an earlier poster wrote "International check in"... they refer to Domestic terminal... but there are marked check in counters for international check in, for just this kind of connection... For a domestic flight with qantas connecting with an international flights with qantas it works in the same way...... sounds confusing... but it really isn't...

But do check flight numbers..... so that you are certain which terminal to go to.

To add to the confusion... sometimes international flights carry domestic passengers... It happens very often here in Brisbane that people go to the wrong terminal. The cabbie isn’t going to be happy if he or she has been sitting at the terminal for 1 hour and gets a fare from domestic to international:-(

Customs.... as stated by someone earlier in this post... Your first port of call is where you enter Australia... So you baggage will be offloaded there for you to drag through immigration....

The really confusing part is the transfer from the international terminal in Sydney to the domestic terminal... there's an "airside" bus.... which takes you across without leaving the terminal area and there's an outside bus.... this is the step to watch... ask and ask and ask again..... and don’t allow yourself to be fobbed of... hopefully they will know the drill by now!