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I am spending some time in the Caucasus in September and was looking into the options re travelling from Baku to Tbilisi by public transport.Would appreciate any info.


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1. Re: baku-tbilisi

The easiest is to take the train. The sleepers are comfortable.

The cheapest is to take a bus to the Red Bridge crossing, walk across then transport on the other side. This is a little more hassle but can save you a few dollars.

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2. Re: baku-tbilisi

The train is okay, although be warned -- it gets HOT, though hopefully by September it will be pretty comfortable. And there is no food service or stops where you can buy food, so anything you want to eat or drink you need to take with you. But the beds are the standard long Soviet-style bunks and are pretty comfortable.

I've also crossed the border a couple times using buses/marshrutkas, which is best if you want to make any stops along the way. I crossed at the northern crossing, by Balakan/Lagodekhi, which is a bit of a pain because there isn't a regular bus service. I took the bus as far as it would take me and then once rode with a family who was also crossing and the second time paid a driver to drive me across, and then I waited for a bus at the next town.

Best of luck!

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3. Re: baku-tbilisi

How long does the train take?

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4. Re: baku-tbilisi

14 hours from baku to tbilisi the last time I took it

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5. Re: baku-tbilisi

is there a day train between baku and tbilisi?

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6. Re: baku-tbilisi

We just traveled to Tbilisi from Baku and back this week.

From Baku, we took a bus from Avtovagsal (near 20 January Metro Station) to Tbilisi. You can purchase tickets for buses that depart at 8, 9 and 10 p.m. But locals say that sometimes, all three departure times are for a single bus that departs at 10:30 p.m. However, we bought a ticket for 9 p.m. and the bus left at 9 p.m. Tickets cost 13 Manat. Best if you come early in the day to buy tickets ahead of time. But if you can't get tickets at the counter, you can pay the driver directly if there are still seats on the bus. The bus ride is about 8 hours long, plus processing time at the Az-Georgia border (can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours). Bus is old, but reasonably comfortable. It will make several stops along the way to let passengers off.

The driver will let you off just outside of Tbilisi early in the morning (7 a.m.). From there, many taxi drivers can take you into Tbilisi for about 5-10 Georgian Lari.

Tbilisi to Baku: we missed the bus and the train that afternoon by half an hour. So, we paid a taxi driver US$10 per person to drive us to the Georgia-Azerbaijan border. We then crossed the border by foot. Once on the Azerbaijan side, there were a couple of buses, many taxis and some mini-vans (marshrutkas) that can take you to Baku. We got herded into a marshrutka and paid 10 Manat each to go to Baku from the border. Local Azeris on the marshrutka were super hospitable! They kept feeding us and talking to us during the trip. The driver even got us to Baku in less than 6 hours (compared to the bus which took 8 hours). Though some may think this is a sketchy way to travel, it sure felt more "authentic."

I hope this helps.

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7. Re: baku-tbilisi

when u go from Baku to Tbilisi, obviously u have to get off the bus when u reach the Azeri exit boarder, but do u have to get off the bus also when you reach the Georgian boarder? do u have to get off the bus twice? do u need to fill any form when entering Georgia?

Geneva, Switzerland
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8. Re: baku-tbilisi

Hi guys, we are 3 friends planing on travelling to Tbilisi and we were thinking to visit Baku if we could. So far, what I could find on internet the best way to travel was with the train, but I am interested in the @bakutbilisi mentioned which is with the taxi. How much do you think this will cost us per person if we plan on taking the taxi in tbilisi to the border and from the border to baku ?

thanks for your reply.

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9. Re: baku-tbilisi

I did it in reverse 2 weeks ago. The Holiday Inn quoted me 300 Lari (approx. 150 EUR) for a driver to take us to the border at Lagodekhi. I was then approached 5 minutes later by somebody offering to do the same trip for 220 Lari, so we used him. Left in an private vehicle from the hotel and dropped off at the border around 2-3 h later. Changed some money on the Georgian side and then walked across. It took a while on the Azerbaijan side because 2 buses arrived at the same time. A few questions about visiting Armenia and Wayne Rooney, then straight through immigration.

A gaggle of taxi drivers was waiting, a price of 50 Manat (approx. 50 EUR) was quoted for a ride to Sheki, I said OK, at which point he dropped it to 40 Manat !! The ride was in a clapped out Lada, we were dropped off outside our hotel about 3-4 h later. I asked at the hotel reception if they could find somebody to drive us to Baku, somebody was waiting with a nice air-conditioned Mercedes outside our hotel the next morning, taking us to the edge of central Baku for 60 Manat, a journey of around 5h. Here we transferred into a local taxi, arriving at our hotel 15 minutes later.

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10. Re: baku-tbilisi

Why not fly?

One hour 120 euro

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