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iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

Singapore, Singapore
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iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

I just want to warn travellers out there to be extra careful.

I was using google maps to navigate. I was around street 51 on the way to Lakeside at around 9pm. I was crossing the street, which was quite difficult considered nobody actually follow the rules, so I stopped in middle of the road to wait for the opposite lane to clear so I could cross to the street.

Next thing I knew, I was shouting, my iPhone was gone!!! it happened so fast!! I was still in the middle of the traffic when it happened. I chased them down to the dark alley, i slowed myself down as I got a bad feeling about it. I was so angry!! They were on a bike, I can tell they are professional, I was holding it so tight and they managed to steal it right before my eyes.

Later I heard from my hotel that some people actually got hurt by stopping them, so it was sort of blessing in disguise that I stopped chasing them the dark alley. It happens quite alot in Phnom Penh.

Later on I contacted Apple online and they taught me to go to find my iphone app.

Now this is very important for iphone users. Download the latest ios7 and turn on your find my iphone app. They have this function called activation lock. I knew that there is no way I could get my phone back and I won't let them have it as well. Apple guided me through the steps to erase all my iphone data via the app. This is great because by doing so, there is NO WAY they can use that phone forever. The thief will need my apple id and password. There is no way they can ever use it, nor can they sell it to someone else.

I just lost 700 bucks worth of phone and all my cambodia photos are in there as well. It was all gone.

Advice: Don't go through dark alley. Always keep your phone in the pocket. Don't go out late at night. Don't try to fight with them as the might carry weapon and you could get hurt.

I will never go back to Cambodia again.

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1. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

it is awful that you got your phone stolen but there have been warnings here on TA about such sntach & grab thefts. Your 'Advice' is good - such a shame you didn't discover TA and get that very same advice before you went.

As for saying you will never go back to Cambodia - what a shame you feel this way - this could just as easily have happened to you in your home city or any other city in the world

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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2. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

I'm sorry you lost your phone. Smartphone thefts are up all over the world, so it definitely makes sense to be careful when using one, especially at night and especially in a developing country. Personally, I don't use my phone on the street at night if I am alone.

For those in the same situation, try the Find my iPhone feature and track where your phone is at. Usually it can be bought back for a finder's fee of a couple hundred bucks. Not ideal, but still better than losing a $700 phone.

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3. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

I try not to use my expensive smart phone on the streets if possible... most snatch thefts occur when a motorbike speeds past and someone makes a grab... same for bags and pouches... just be careful. PP isn't any less safe than other cities during the day... but at night, it's wiser not to stay out too late.

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4. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

I'm sorry this happened to you, but "Cambodia" didn't steal your iphone, one bad apple was responsible. (pardon the pun!) Hopefully once you have had a chance to process what happened, you will rethink your decision to "never go back to Cambodia again".

When I am here, I never bring expensive jewellery or my smart phone. I use a crappy phone so that

a) nobody wants to steal it, and

b) if they do take it, it's no big deal.

I also upload my photos each day onto my laptop or tablet so that if my camera gets lost or stolen, I only lose that days images.

These things are no more likely to occur in Cambodia than in any other country if common sense and a degree of caution are used.

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5. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

People have to use common sense when travelling, & at least learn & understand the basics of travelling safely & not putting yourself at greater risk.

Walking around with expensive cameras, phones, jewellery etc on show is just putting yourself at a greater risk of being robbed

Kota Kinabalu...
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6. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

Thanks for the info. Will be arriving PP tomorrow afternoon.

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7. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

If you set up icloud it will automatically save your pictures to the cloud so you can get them back.

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8. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

This is too bad! I've heard of laptops being stolen in Phnom Penh as people walk across the street as well as while they're using it in a coffee shop. Someone will just walk-in and grab it and leave. And sure, they'll steal the hand phone right out of your hand. Thank you for sharing; it reminds us all to be careful...wish I knew where you could go to see if they're selling your stolen iPhone.

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9. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

Sorry that you've had such a nasty experience, but fortunately you were wise enough to stop chasing the thief as you could have lost a great deal more than a phone.

Must admit I agree with jasgem that I always leave the bling at home, take a little camera and an ancient Nokia with a local sim card. Nobody would want that.

Please don't be put off Cambodia because of this one unpleasant incident. It's a wonderful country and this sort of thing can and does happen all over the world.

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10. Re: iphone 5 stolen while crossing the street

Have been visiting PP for a month every year for 4 or 5 years now....never had a problem,,,even late at night in the tourist area (and I am an old man,,,easy target?)

only problems I have had is getting ripped off at the border by immigration officials,,use the e-visa now