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Will it spoil when the rain comes?

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Will it spoil when the rain comes?

Im looking to book our honeymoon in the maldives jun/jul 09. Was made aware of the monsoon season by a tour operator, then told us it could be a waste for such an occasion, and then suggested Mauritius. But we would prefer the Maldives. Ive read reviews of hotels around this time of year, with no one really complaining about the weather. Is this to be the case?

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1. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

Don't listen to him. The Maldives would be perfect. It may rain while you're there but it will still be hot and beautiful. Go for it!

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2. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

i totally agree with Pipling, just go.

We've been (for 2 weeks at a time) during Jun/Jul/Aug for the last 6 years and the most rain we've had is a 10 min shower during the day.

It sometimes rains at night but it's always warm.

Sometime you sit on your island and can see the rain hitting another island in the distance. It's like weather everywhere, totally unpredictable.

We are off again this year in June (in 51 days time) so that must say something..... :-)

You've picked the best spot in the world for your honeymoon. You'll have a great time.

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3. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

We were there for the first time in July last year. We were very unluckey with the weather and did have quite a bit of rain, however we have booked to return again this July. Actions speak louder than words. It the the most perfect place in the world and the rain does not make a bit of difference.

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4. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

as pipling says ignore the agent we off for our 4th time we have always gone in May/June and once July. Out of 6 weeks we have had rain 6 times either during the night or a couple of short sharp showers. It is still warm and if you get a thunderstorm they can be spectacular


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5. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

I havenn't been in June but last year went in February - peak season. This year in February there was alot of rain so you just can't tell. As other posts have said it might not hit your island, it may be at night, it maybe a short shower during the day. To be honest you will be in one of the most beautiful places on earth so a bit of rain will not spoil it.

Have a fantastic time and good luck for your future together.


PS Don't get too stressed, I am planning my daughters wedding for Sept 09 and OMG I njeed the bank of England and an army to help organise!!!LOL

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6. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

hmmmmm why worry about the weather on honeymoon? need some pointers? lolol

seriously , we have been twice in June and as the previous posts its been great with rain at night.I think we only had 2 sharp showers during the days but to be honest it was quite nice to have a break from the heat.Go and enjoy


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7. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

Hi Wolphy

Mauritus is no comparison to the Maldives, and i have been to both,as others have said it might rain, but the islands are geered up for it if it does, its still hot you still get a tan and its not a problem it can be short 10 min burstst but mostly its of a night, you can only get wet once, and you spend so much time in the water does it realy matter, just go for it. The Maldives is the best place on the planet.


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8. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

............Maldives, maldives, maldives...!!!!

............We went to Mauritius on honeymoon in August, weather was okay, but definately not as hot as it is in Maldives, and if given the choice again, would definately choose the Maldives, it is absolutely wonderful, perfect for a honeymoon!!!

.........In Maldives even if it does rain, it is still warm, it is beautiful, the people are very friendly, i just cannot say enough about the place!!

Totally different islands too....!!

................Congrats on whatever you choose!!

....................best wishes the DmM...x..

PS: i too was talked out of choosing the Maldives due to the monsoon wish i had known about TA back then, i would have definately chosen the Maldives listening to all on here, ha ha!! x

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9. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

Did your rep also tell you it is winter in Mauritius in June/July? Yes, ssre it is warm during day, but at nighttime you are likely to be wearing jeans and a cardi and in higher areas, during day trips, also during the day; we also found the water a tad cold and next time we travelled to Mauritius during their summer (much better!). Soem peopel of ocurse prefer it not so boiling hot.

Maldives has a pretty much constant temperature all year round, both air and water very warm / hot (water like bath tub temperature ...) so would definitely choose Maldives.

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10. Re: Will it spoil when the rain comes?

I agree with others. The Mauritian winter (our summer) is not the time to go. It will be very nice during the day, but quite cool in the evenings - feels more like an early summer day in the UK. Inland it could be coolish too. I would definitely choose Maldives at that time of year.