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Family destination .. a new reality ?

Divide, Colorado
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Family destination .. a new reality ?

Please bear with me on this one . i am not intending a popcorn thread and no pro or con kids discussion that gets dreleted within the hour .

Here is my question : We keep confidentally telling new posters "there will be few kids on any island you choose" .. but is that ancient wisdom and no longer valid? it seems that the vast majority of reviews now stems from families and also the majority of new posts come from parents. reading the most recent conrad review ("were woken up by 6 a.m. every morning by screaming children in adjacent rooms") brought the question up in my mind .. whoever travels as couples anymore ? and .. are there really as many infants and toddlers as it seems or are they just the most vocal age groups?

so..poll (please no opinion for or against kids) : Who still goes as couples or single adults ? Who travels with kids ? and what are your impressions during your recent visits regarding the numbers of families versus travelers without chidren?

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11. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

Usually as a couple. My daughter is at uni now but she still comes on some holidays with us. She's been travelling since she was a babe in arms with no problems at all.

I admire people who go on holiday on their own, I don't have the courage to do it at all.

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12. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

My son is grown up now but I wish we could have afforded to take him to the Maldives when he was young. I think it is a lovely place for children from around 5 yrs onwards. A perfect seaside holiday and a great place for them to get interested in nature and the sea life .

On the other hand, the fact that the islands are mainly occupied by couples With low key entertainment, is probably what appeals to me most about the Maldives.

I reckon all the Maldives honeymooners will be addicted to going ( it happens to everyone!) and will be taking their children along in due course : )

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13. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

We travel as a couple.

On our most recent trip (March 2012) we weren't really aware of any families. There was a young couple with a toddler in a pushchair but we rarely saw them except perhaps at evening meals. We did travel in term time though - we generally do.

Either of us would happily travel solo to the Maldives.

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14. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

We just came back from Iru Fushi on Monday & was there with our 1 yr old daughter for 14 nights. There were many families with kids there, but couples were definitely much more. We got to know 2 other babies, 6 months & 7 months & there rest of the children ranged between 2 to 10 yr olds.

This was our third visit to Iru Fushi & we did notice that number of families with children were much higher this time than before.

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15. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

Children Count

Saw no kids on Sun (parents too wary to take them so soon after the tsunami); can't remember any on Angaga; loads on Fiha running wild and being forced to snorkel the drop off in arm-bands and, of course, on Vila the dreaded FAMILY camped out on towels and surrounded by inflatables in the now 'Couples Only' bit.

YP - yeah, all the mad ones from the Forum!! I predict a riot.

Would have to take a lot of Dramaline, though, as to my shame I get sea-sick on boats. I don't know how that'd mix with all those cocktails!

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16. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

I have only recently become a Mum... so have never travelled with my own children yet.... however will be heading to the Maldives in 2 weeks.

I think most resorts will still be mostly couples, but think that it is quite good that a few resorts are becoming more family orientated. This will help keep families to these islands, and leave the majority for couples etc. It is such an expensive destination for most folk, and I could understand why they would be upset if heading for a romantic holiday and being stuck with on an island with lots of families.

It would be a shame for all the Maldivesaholics out there if they were expected to stop visiting for the years that their children were young.... how would we cope with the withdrawel symptoms.

I agree that most holidays for very young children are probably better in Europe for ease of travel etc. but some people do have legitimate reasons to go the Maldives for their hoildays, so it is great that there are facilities and resorts available to them. One point that my Dad once made for the Maldives was the fact that the beaches were very easy for children due to the (mostly) shallow lagoons, and the fact that the sand doesn't get hot for their little feet!! :)

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17. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

Tunia - Welcome to the forum. I hope you'll help future travellers by posting a review of Irufushi and giving us a summary of the weather you experienced by posting on the September weather thread here tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293953-i7445-k5…

We travel as a 'loved up' couple (rapidly approaching retirement age). We have to go in school holiday time because Mrs D works in a school. We noticed this year that there were a lot more children than last year. However, they were not a problem. Mrs D made friends with an Italian child whose age would have been counted in months not years. I know there were more children there but a few weeks later I can't even remember anything about them because they were so unobtrusive. I agree with Froggy that the grown-ups are more likely to cause problems. I remember a family on Biyadhoo where the children were chaming but their mother was anything but.

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18. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

I also admire people who go on their own. I love the idea, you know, the kind of im off for a week. See you later darlings, I do it for work without blinking, but obviously not to the Maldives.

But in reality it's the meal times and the evenings that bother me. I can't eat In a Restaurant on my own, although occasionally I do breakfast ( I just genuinely don't eat breakfast often) , never mind dong it several evenings in a row on holiday, so I think being able to meet with other singles, without being forced to socialise must be important.

So all in, I think a lovely idea and hats off to those who do.

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19. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

As a couple. There have been a few children on just about all the islands we have visited except Laguna (now Velassaru), and Makunudu. In our experience the number of families has increased over the years, but they are still very much in the minority, at least on the islands we visit.


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20. Re: Family destination .. a new reality ?

I love going away with our grandkids, but would be less enthusiastic if that were our only holiday. So, since January, one ski trip with them plus our sons and partner, two quick weeks to Tenerife and Corfu just the two of us, two long hauls just us two, (one of them coming up in a couple of weeks' time) and the Maldives family outing this time to Reethi.

The Maldives is a perfect place for our 7 and 9 year olds, safe swimming and no kidnapping. But, after the first few days when there were some rather feral German and italian kids around, there was just one little girl with whom ours chummed up and a couple of toddlers. I was surprised because it was the school holidays.

There did seem to be a higher proportion of honeymooners than we have come across before though.