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Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

Liverpool, United...
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Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

Dear Michael

I felt I had to reply to your review about Sun Island and your view on people who visit it. Your first statment;

I can only assume that the people who have given this Island rave reviews are not widely travelled and are almost certainly first time visitors to the Maldives.

You are in the minority Mike. Read the reviews, pages and pages of excellent reviews and from people who are well travelled and visited the Islands on numerous occassions.

We as a family have visited the Maldives 5 times and I have travelled the world, but Sun Island is a fantastic resort, I truly think it is yourself that is out of sorts with the Maldives and not us.

I couldn't believe the minute things that you picked, such as unatended gardens, not kept well paths, 30 minutes to walk to the restaurant (yes, if you are staying at the Hilton!!) I could go on.

This is a tropical island in the middle of no where, that stands head and shoulders against comparable places and this includes the Carribean.

Other Sun Island users, please read Mikes review..do you agree with him??? I think snobery is the underlying issue..sorry Mike, that's FACT!!!!

Crawley, United...
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1. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

yoh ! batman.

Where did this review come from mate ? this forum?


Crawley, United...
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2. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

just found and read the review and i can only support Batmans comments .

I struggle to believe it takes anyone 30mins to walk to the main rest as i walik daily at a snails pace around the island at the waters edge which takes me just under the hour !

As for the female staff being ignorrant then if thats the case ,its the guests who make them so !!

I have found them to be polite,and helpful if you spend the time to talk to them.

As for the food then may i say that any resort that cooks for those numbers.3 times a day can only be admired.

I politely suggest you find some place else that meets your apparently high standards !!

Dos cerveza, por...
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3. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

Read the review & I have to say that seems like a "lemonade pockets with champagne expectations" type review............each to his own I guess..........

I've not been but it most certainly is at odds with other visitors perceptions & reviews on here.............plus I would have thought that if a person is not widely travelled, then they wouldn't pick a place that takes 12 hours on a plane to get to..................

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4. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

hi all you sun island lovers,having visited sun island i cannot agree that it is like BUTLINS,but having visited other islands i can compere it with them, and i am sorry to say it is my least favourite, to big, to many people, concrete paths and bicylces!!!!my favourite island was fesdu, truly tropical paradise small island with a fantastic house reef,it is now closed and due to reopen as the 6star W resort, i will not be going there, i have had agreat holiday every time in the maldives and it is a really special place ,hope not to have offended you . jackie

Dorset, United...
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5. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

tuckwood - I share your pain. Fesdu was utter bliss.

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6. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???


the problem is the world is getting smaller. The prices and availability of cheaper flights from more airports to further flug places are increasing year on year. Folks have more money and want to go on different holidays.

People were once happy for a week in Spain ( my homeland ) or camping in Wales.. Then in the 80's and 90's Florida was the place to go. First it was the wealthier folks then later as prices fell every bugger went there.The quality dropped to match the pockets of the visitors. Now its the Maldives and Dubai.

I went to Dubai in feb this year. It was full of Brits on a cheap holiday. There were chavs aplenty. No disrespect ment to anyone there but football shirts , burberry baseball hats and screaming uncontroled kids do not make for the kind of resort I was looking for.

If you want a quiet calm holiday away from those pepole you have to spend a bit more cash and look at other options... I sound like a snob I know... I am not.. But I dont want that kind of holidy.. Its my money and I worked hard(ish) for it...

I looked a sun island for next year but mud sticks. The butlins tag put me off. It seemed a bit down-market. I chose Island Hideaway. Its a little more cash but a whole lot more my style...


Divide, Colorado
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7. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

sun has it's die hard fans .. like all islands . there is nothing wrong with that .. i am sure it's a great resort for families and those not exactly looking for romantic small island flair .

personally for me sun island is on the list of "not if you paid me to go" islands. .. but isn't it a good thing that opinions and tastes vary ? or else we'd all be sitting on one and the same island .

i don't think there is a "someone is right or wrong" here .. the writer of said report just didn't enjoy all aspects of sun island . it was his perception .. everyone's personal experience is different .

(i also recoil in horror at the sight of paved "roads", european front yard looking little gardens, bycicles and vehicles)

i think it's perfectly fine to describe personal experience and perceptions in reviews (short of outright lies) .. if everyone was to just praise every resort , then we could save a lot of cyber ink, cause what would be the point of reviewing , if only positives are allowed ?

and .. sun island defenders , be fair ... sun island is not for everyone .

Cinderford, United...
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8. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

Wow - I never thought that my review would facilitate such debate. Just a couple of bullet points though for those of you who will defend any and all Maldivaian Islands to the death:

- I agree that my comment that "only first time travellers to the Maldives would give Sun rave reviews" was, with hind sight, condescending. I apologise to anyone that I may have offended and take back that comment.

- Perhaps the comment about 'Butlin's Maldivian World' was a little over-the-top too.

Now some hard facts:

- I have not derided Sun's beauty, if you read carefully you will see that I comment on the turquoise water and lush vegitation.

- Sun has a perimeter of just over 2k and is big, brash and santised.

- You do need bicycles or the elecric buggies to get to the facilities if you are at the far end of the island.

- There is block paving everywhere.

- The canteen (sorry restaurant) is massive and the food is at best boring and below average (who cares if it's difficult to cook for 1,000 people three times per day - I want reasonable fair as that's what I've paid my hard earned money for!!).

- The female waiting staff were incompetant and ignorant.

- The AI gusets are treated second best to half and full board staff.

- It is almost impossible to get served if your drinks waiter is on a break.

- There are many restaurants and bars that AI gusts have to pay.

- You do have to pay for tea and coffee in your room (even if you are on the AI package)

- There is no reef to speak of and the diving and snorkelling is far better on Filitheyo and Bandos

- Ther are far more beautiful and peaceful Islands with better service and food.

- As indicated in my review the above bullet points did not ruin my holiday.

To sum up, I am not a snob I just wasn't that impressed with Sun Island's concrete jungle and I think a review further down that board says something like if Marks & Spencer did the Maldives this would be it - I would have to agree. Sun will not, though, stop me returning to the Maldives again and again and again (We've been twice this year again) - I just don't want that kind of experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I look forward to your reposts with interest!!! Perhaps I should try to be less truthful on my next review!!

Cinderford, United...
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9. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

A couple of things that I forgot to mention in my review are:

- Our room boy used to chase us around the island in order for us to sign chits to the value of two or three dollars for the odd Mars or Snickers that we consumed from our mini bar. And I mean all around the island - one day he followed us from our room (198) to the beach bar about 400 yards or so away.

- The World Cup was on during our stay and they were showing all games on two giant screens at 6pm, 10pm and 00am - perhaps that's why there were wall to wall people in the bars and surrounding area.

- The swimming pool had the weirdest floor - it was sort of pebble dashed and was really difficult to walk on without hurting your feet. If a child fell over it would really hurt it's self.

- We hooked up with seven or eight other couples at different points during our stay and they all made for a terrific holiday (despite my criticism). The interesting thing is that only one couple said that they would return (and they were on honeymoon). One couple from Southsea, Portsmouth actually cut there holiday short they were that unimpressed. Thety said that they preferred the Sandals type resorts. Hello to Terry and June from Boston and Janet and John from Middlesborough if you get around to reading this. John if you want to get in touch and send me your home address I'll forward the video of your water skiing, jiving and shark experiences!

- We had a great game of footballduring our stay too - guests vs staff. Perhaps I wasn't so far off with the Butlin's remark!

Joke, JOKE!!

10. Re: Sun Island.....Butlins Holiday Camp!!!???

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