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turkey price warning

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turkey price warning

just thought i would drop a warning message to people traveling to oludeniz area we have just returned from a week there over the august holiday the genaral prices are as much if not more than the uk and they charge for everything i have never been any where like it,i have been to many of the usual holiday spots,spain,france,poland,ect i will give you a quick run down of a few things we found ,

there is a free public beach there but it is pretty lethal for youngsters the beach is small pebbles but if you want to go swimming in the sea the beach goes down very quick 1m out in the sea 1m deep 2m out 2m deep ect very hard to get out once your in ,most of the safe beaches are private and you have to pay to get on it from 9-20 lira (4-8 pounds) some include beds some dont,

2-3 course meals nothing fancy for 2 from 28-42 pounds with soft drinks maybe 1 bear (i dont drink very often)

quality of the food is average very little in the way of local turkish food just like eating in the uk i guess it depends what you like but i like to try local food now and then

evan down to the hotel taking 15 pounds per week for the use of the room safe i have never been any where that you dont get it refunded at the end of the week!!

also other friends in a nearby hotel lost there safe key and got charged 80 euros for a new one to be cut!!!

hotel food prices are a little cheaper but not much

if you wish to go on a boat trip from the beach you must be pretty fit to get on the boat as the access walkway goes up and down 2-6ft with the sea as there is no plontoon to get on from

you need to be very carefull what hotel you book as many have recently been built and they are no where near anything like 1hrs walk to the beach up a very steep hill in 35-40 c heat not fun ,you can get the local dolmosh mini bus but is very crowded and cost 5 lira each to use (2 pounds each) will soon add up with a family

the main street in oludeniz has a little bit of a strange feel not sure what it wants to be no clubs or bars you can have a dance lots of tat for sale evan at 12pm at night its neither a modern youngsters area nor an older (30 plus) area very little in the way of local products for sale we missed the local market due to the dates we traveled but most say you can only stay there for 1 hr as the heat is unbearable and not for youngsters for that reason

you dont get hasstled to much from the venders just a little

i think turkey as a holiday place is on limited time it is just to exspensive very hard to move about as you need to take a bus or taxi to get out of the area and there is not a lot till you drive at least an hour away i for sure wont be going back

the people are very friendly and cant do enough for you and the service is very good and speedy but they just try to be like a british person putting on stupid london acents and sayings thinking its great i do like a little culture when im away

all in all not terrible but for the money i have been to much better places

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1. Re: turkey price warning

o and forgot the huge rip off in dalaman airport departures there is no aircon in the airport and it was 35-40c at 12pm at night !!! you have to dispose of your fluids prior to going in then they charge you 3.5-5.50 pounds for a can of drink!!

7 pounds for a bottle of water and 13 pounds for a large bag of dorits crisps i have never been ripped of like this any where before even in the centre of london !!!

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2. Re: turkey price warning

I do understand some of what you are saying and it sounds like you didn't enjoy your holiday but are you absolutely sure about the prices you are quoting at the airport? Seven pounds for a bottle of water would be almost 20 lira - at Bodrum airport (where the prices are meant to be the same), a bottle of water was 4.50 lira (about £1.60 which is still a rip off but nowhere near £7).

As for the difficult in travelling about the area, it just shows how important it is to do your research before you book - there are some lovely areas where you can jump on a local dolmus and explore the whole region without problem (eg the Bodrum peninsula).

Jak xx

j j
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3. Re: turkey price warning

yes i am sure about the prices in the air port a can of is it capa ?can 330ml was 4 euros so 3.63

people sitting next to us bought the water and the crisps for there kids

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4. Re: turkey price warning

Water at dalaman was 4.50 lira for a small bottle in July, we stayed in calis but did go it olu deniz a couple of times, we had a big lunch time meal for 3 of us for around £15 including 2 lots of soft drinks.

Out of interest, where were you travelling to on the dolmus that cost you 5 lira, that surely wasn't just for trips around the resort itself?

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5. Re: turkey price warning

jj, you should be posting on the Olu Deniz forum or the Fethiye forum rather than the Turkey forum.

What you're doing is more like posting on United Kingdom Forum and complaining about Benidorm or Skegnes. :) Future travelers to Olu or Fethiye will not be reading this post otherwise, and will end up swimming in deep water. :)

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6. Re: turkey price warning

yes sorry should of made it clear the meal price was in the evening we often had lunch in the hotel and was about 15 lira each with only 1 soft drink but this was snack type food so about 5.50 pounds still alot for a holiday spot for just a sandwich like i said about the same as in the uk i cant really see why everybody is trying to protect the pricing and saying it is good value there i dont have an axe to grind just saying what we were charged

the dolmus seamed to have a minimum charge of 5 lira??

the airport prices were in the departure lounge i can only go on what we were charged twice !! it was the other half that bought them i would not of botherd i dont like being ripped off but every body was complaining about it and if you look on this forum other people has complained about the prices like 10 pounds for a burger and chips that pretty much 3 times the price in the uk they are just scamming every one, speaking to the locals the average wage is around 250-400 pounds per month for a blue collar worker and you can buy an rural ok house for 10-15k so i dont know were the money is going ??

there was not many people around when we were there the resturants were often empty and the stalls were not selling anything much now i know why

its only the fuel that costs a lot over there like 1.60 per litre other than that the locals pay very little for ,electric,water,taxes

Cirali / Antalya
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7. Re: turkey price warning

<<<ts only the fuel that costs a lot over there like 1.60 per litre other than that the locals pay very little for ,electric,water,taxes<<<

I have lived in Turkey for over 15 yrs now..sorry you are a bit mistaken..fuel, electric, and taxes are extremely high here in Turkey

try almost 5 liras per litre for 1 litre of petrol. that is almost 2 € per litre and the highest gas prices..also electic is high..and taxes..lol..somethings are taxes 8 % , 18 % plus an OTV extra tax.

Turkey can be cheap but it will depend upon where you go. If you go to the bif resorts yes you will pay more.

I know where you can get a 5 course meal for about 8 GBP's each..thats soup, salad, appetizers, hot grill meats, and dessert..also a burger and fries about 8-10 liras ( 3.50 GBP's )

another thing that is expensive in Turkey is alcohol..both imported and local..WHY because the government places high taxes on these items

oh yeah and meat !! that is also expensive..the average turkish person really cannot afford to eat meat..( beef or lamb ) unless they raise their own animals

here in antalya an average apartment costs over 150 000.00 liras ( one hundred and fifty thousand liras ) and that is just average prices..electonic in turkey like phones, cameras, laptops, TV's etc are also expensive.

Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins.


Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins.

-American Indian Proverb

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8. Re: turkey price warning

hi as per fuel sorry should of put a pound sign in front of the 1.60 it was 4.60 lira per litre

dont get upset i was only relaying what the locals and our tour guide had told me your taxes are very low!!!!!

uk income tax minimum 20 % -maximum 40% and will be rising to 50% soon if not already plus healthcare tax 2-5%

vat added to most products you buy 20%

fuel 1.45 per litre stirling

gas and electric small house around 100 pounds per month nearly 300 lira

local tax for small house 120 pounds per month

other goverment taxes 30 pounds per month

where i live average house price 1 bed 200k pounds so near 600,000 lira

if i lived in the centre of the capital apartment would be around 350k (nasty one) pounds so nearly 1 million lira!!! cheapest apartment round me about 115k pounds so 330,000 lira

i started this thread to give some info on what i had found and been told BY LOCAL PEOPLE are they lieing i dont know

all i was saying is turkey is very exspensive for tourists

i shall not be posting any more on here as you just get attacked for information can not be bothered now by

Cirali / Antalya
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9. Re: turkey price warning

have a read here about taxes in Turkey


Last partial update, May 2012

The tax system in Turkey is progressive. In other words, the higher your income, the higher the rate at which you will pay tax.

The 2012 individual tax rates vary from 15% - 40%.

in 2012 the standard rate of Turkey corporate tax is 20%.


Turkey Value Added Tax

In most cases, VAT is 18%.

There are different rates of tax of 8% and 1% for goods and services as defined in law.

VAT is charged on assets and services in Turkey as well as on imports into Turkey.

Exports are not subject to value added tax.

The period for reporting to the VAT authorities is once a month. The payment is made by the 26th day of the month after the end of the current month.

Inheritance and Gift Tax in Turkey

The tax rates for giftes are 10%-30% of the value of the asset. The tax rates for inheritance are 1%-10%.

Inheritance tax is paid over 3 years, two payments being made each year.

Turkey Stamp Duty

The tax is imposed on certain documents as a percentage of the document's value.

The standard rate is 0.825%. The rate for payrolls is 0.66%.

Turkey Real Estate Taxes

Annual property tax of 0.1%-0.3% is payable on land and buildings.

In big cities the rate for land and buildings is doubled.

Taxes on Expenditure

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The VAT (KDV in Turkish) rates vary between 1% - 18% but it's generally applied as 18%. VAT payable on local purchases and on imports is regarded as "input VAT" and VAT calculated and collected on sales is considered as "output VAT". Input VAT is offset against output VAT in the VAT return filed at the related tax office by the 20th of the following month. If output VAT is in excess of input VAT, the excess amount is paid to the related tax office. On the contrary, if input VAT exceeds the output VAT, the balance is carried forward to the following months to be offset against future output VAT. There is no cash refund to recover excess input VAT, except for exportation.

There is also a so-called reverse charge VAT mechanism, which requires the calculation of VAT by resident companies on payments sent abroad. Under this mechanism, VAT is calculated and paid to the related tax office by the Turkish company on behalf of the foreign company. The local company treats this VAT as input VAT and offsets it in the same month. This VAT does not create a tax burden for the Turkish and the non-resident company, except for its cash flow effect.

Special Consumption Tax

Special Consumption Tax (ÖTV in Turkish) was implemented in August 2002 by abolishing 16 different indirect taxes and funds in order to make the direct taxation system becoming in line with the European Union directives. Unlike VAT, which is applied on each delivery, ÖTV is charged only once. There are mainly 4 different product groups that are subject to ÖTV at different tax rates:

Petroleum products, natural gas, lubricating oil, solvents and derivatives of solvents

Automobiles and other vehicles, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, yachts

Tobacco and tobacco products, alcoholic beverages

Luxury products

Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax

Banking and Insurance company transactions remain exempt from VAT, but are subject to a Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax of 5%, due on the gains by the banks for their loan interest or transactions for example. The purchase of goods and services by banks and insurance companies are subject to VAT but is considered as an expense or cost for recovery purposes.

Stamp Tax

Stamp duty applies to a wide range of documents, including contracts, agreements, notes payable, capital contributions, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, financial statements and payrolls. Stamp duty is levied as a percentage of the value of the document at rates ranging from 0.15% to 0.75%. In the event of absence of a monetary value on the agreement, Stamp Tax would be calculated on a lump sum basis and paid in New Liras. Stamp Tax is payable by the parties who sign a document. Each and every signed copy of the agreement is separately subject to Stamp Tax.

Taxes on Wealth

Property Tax

Property taxes are paid each year on the tax values of land and buildings at rates varying from 0.1% to 0.6%. In the case of the sale of property, a 1.5% levy is paid on the sales value by both the buyer and the seller. The rate is also applied as 1.5% if the property is contributed as capital-in-kind. The rates are applied twice for property located in the Metropolitan Municipality areas.

Buildings and lands owned in Turkey are subject to real estate tax at the following rates:

Residences 0.1%

Other buildings 0.2%

Land 0.1%

Vacant land (but allocated for construction purposes) 0.3%

Farming lands 0%

Inheritance and Gift Tax

Items acquired as gifts or through inheritance are subject to taxes between 1% and 30% of the item's appraised value. Tax paid in a foreign country on inherited property is deducted from the taxable value of the asset. Inheritance tax is payable over the period of three years and in two installments per year.

Withholding Tax

Under the Turkish tax system, certain taxes are collected through withholding by the payers in order to secure the collection of taxes. These include income tax on salaries of employees, lease payments to individual landlords, independent professional service fee payments to resident individuals, and royalty, license and service fee payments to non residents. Companies in Turkey are responsible to withhold such taxes on their payments and declare them through their withholding tax returns.

Environmental Tax

Municipalities are authorized to collect an Environmental Tax as a contribution towards the financing of certain services such as garbage collection. This tax is levied at scheduled fixed amounts that vary according to the location of the house or office. This tax is paid thru water bill of the property by the person who lives or occupies that house or office.

I can pay on average for my apartment electricity bill anywhere from 100-250 liras a month. and that does not included my water bill. cable bill, internet etc.

and dont worry no one was personally attacking you I just wanted to point out some facts that you may not be aware of. I am am expat living here for over 15 years in Turkey

dont forget the average minimum wage in Turkey;

Turkish government has set minimum wage for workers above 16 years old at net 701.1 Turkish liras for the first half of 2012 and at net 739.8 TL ( approx. 252.55 GBP's ) for the second half of next year.

Minimum wage for workers under 16 will be net 610.9 TL for the first half of 2012 and it will be 643.15 TL for the second half of 2012.

I thought this was interesting statistics;

Turkey 1 061 TRY 1 517 TRY - 2011

United Kingdom 1594 GBP 2183 GBP -2011



and the average work week in Turkey is 6 days..whereas other countries are 33-40 hrs a week

In spite of the law, there is no standard work week in Turkey. While corporate employees may indeed work 45 hours a week with little overtime, those working in the tourism industry (especially in the bar and restaurant sector) may find themselves assigned much longer hours.

Time off is given for Turkish holidays, however, unless you are working in the tourism industry. If so, you will have to wait for the slow winter season. Many part-time employees work 7 days a week during the busy summer tourist season.

The average of working hours in the EU stands at 38.6 hours per week. While people in France are working 35 hours, their colleagues in Turkey work 45 hours per week on average.

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10. Re: turkey price warning

I still think Turkey is really good value for money.

We paid more for just about everything when we have holidayed in the Eurozone.

Dalaman Airport ,I have to agree is very ,very expensive but I'm pretty sure I would not have paid £7.00 for a bottle of water,I think it was about £1.50, most of our journeys on the dolmus were 2tl unless we went to Turunc which was 5tl each,I assumed it was because the route was much longer than the distance we actually travelled,from Icmeler,not Marmaris and each dolmus has a set fare.

I think maybe the original poster was expecting Turkey to be so much cheaper than it was ,more as it was years ago,but as tourism increases so do the prices.Turkish people work very hard for their money and it must irk them to see tourists coming to their country and being able to afford a much better lifestyle than they can achieve,I for one ,do not grudge paying their prices,most of the time.