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Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

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London, United...
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1. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

I wouldn't call Bogota a tourist destination at all. It's a living, breathing city with many downfalls but this exist all over the world from Manila to Lima to New Orleans to Rio to Johannesburg. You want the squeaky clean existence of 20% of the world then go there. Bogota has much to offer but its not Europe nor North America. By the way Paris has many bombs, gun attacks and urination all over its metro system. Rio has pick-pockets galore. If you're not cut out for some destinations stay in your 1 block radius safe haven your whole life where even there you could slip in the bathroom and that's the end of you. Each person can make their own decisions and I'll continue to visit Bogota thank you very much.

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2. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

I'm with Jony. I feel like we've been through this discussion before, maybe word for word. I would say more, but I feel like I said it the last time. I admire Bogotá and I think anyone interested in the world we inhabit should see it, but I'd rather live in Bucaramanga.

Andalucia, Spain
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3. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

Agree with the above two. I guess you've just come on here to let off steam and have a go at the city you live in. Sorry about what happened to your friend but this can happen anywhere. Agree it's polluted and agree that the restaurants are overpriced in the Zona Rosa. Having just spent a couple of days there as a tourist we enjoyed it especially the Candelaria area, the museums, the ride up in the funicular, walking tour etc. And yes you need to keep your wits about you but no more than in other South American Cities.

Bogota, Colombia
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4. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

Martin A should live in Zurich or in Singapore. Even Stokholm is not what it used to be.

I guess that people who are more used to small town life have troubles adapting to bigger cities.

This said, yes Colombia and Bogota are still not the safest places on earth. The murder rate here is 10 times higher than in the capitals of Europe, And yes the infrastructures are failing.

Bogota is the 8 millions inhabitants capital city of a developping country, we should never forget that.

I would not agree on saying that the situation is worse than 15 years ago though. I absolutely don't have the same feeling, Statistics show the overall security has improved, and that there is a growing middle class. The trend may have been a bit altered these last couple of years but the general trend remains positive.

London, United...
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5. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

Different cities have different problems. I live in London - major tourist destination, yet many people living here complain about how expensive and unaffordable it has become. Rents are the highest in the world, so is the public transport. Then there is a whole range of different problems and dangers, terrorism included.

I enjoyed the week I stayed in Bogota. I mainly spent it partying as this city has amazing nightlife, but I agree that it doesn't offer much to a typical tourist. I wouldn't slag it off though.

Pretoria, South...
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6. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

If you think Bogota is bad, try live in Johannesburg. For that matter, any major city in South Africa. Cape Town is so expensive, for average South African citizens, it is cheaper to take an overseas holiday to a place like Phuket than to go to Cape Town in the summer holidays. Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria is so full of crime, you do not go to the city centre AT ALL. We live in homes where every single window has burglar bars. And those sometimes do not even stop the criminals. They will squeeze through a window with bars as small as a normal A4 size page. I cannot recall the last time I went out at night on my own. It is a big no-no. And even as a couple, my husband and I avoid parking in parking lots in shopping malls which is situated far from the exit of the mall at night. Some of the malls you make sure you are out of them before 8pm. I would not dare to go to the ladies room alone at night.

Driving and the state of the roads - well, that is a whole other issue. Try google "potholes on south african roads". That should really give you a perspective. Between the people that cannot drive and our average taxi driver, our roads are some of the unsafest that I know of.

So, sorry to spoil your venting, but it is bad all over the world. Not just in Bogota.

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Chicago, Illinois
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7. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

I think with the exception of the sidewalk thing (and the bomb, knock on wood), you could be describing any city in North America with this post. Just sub out the word "Bogota" for the word "Chicago" or "Los Angeles" or "Philadelphia" and you'll find that a lot of cities suffer from these same problems.

I've always found Bogota to have a very similar feel to my hometown (Chicago). While any area you'll wind up typically as a tourist is probably safe, you always need to have your wits about you and know that muggings can happen at any time of the day in any area.

This isn't really breaking news here.

Oxnard, California
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8. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

No city is safe is you're not street smart. What the OP describes in terms of theft and sidewalks is true in many cities in Latin America (and true also in many cities in the US). Anyone can twist an ankle on a sidewalk anywhere in the world, even if the sidewalks are in perfect condition.

The bomb thing which is indeed scary would not make me not visit Bogota, or Paris, or any other major city in Europe for that matter. We've seen enough terrorist attacks in the past few years in European cities. So yes, it is scary, but that's everywhere, not just Bogota.

Been there several times in the past few years and coming back in a few days. I don't walk on my own on the streets of La Candelaria. I don't carry enough cash with me to cry if my purse is taken. I don't hail a cab on the street. And I dress down not to call attention upon myself unnecessarily. Yes, bad things happen to good people and it's a shame. People who are ways too scare to travel and take risks should just stay home, in familiar surroundings, where they feel safe.

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9. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

Everything said here could be said about most major cities. We live in NYC and have visited and felt safe in nearly every city mentioned here: New Orleans, Rio, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Phuket, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia. I'm not worried about our visit to Bogota later this month and it cannot be any more expensive than NYC. I paid $18 each for cocktails at lunch on Thursday in NYC at one of my favorite restaurants.

The worst infrastructure we've seen was in Cuba. The roads and sidewalks are in awful condition and one could literally break a leg walking down the sidewalk.

When I mentioned to friends and family that we were going to Colombia, nearly all of them reacted with shock as if I said we were going to spend our vacation partying with ISIS terrorists. Many people think Colombia isn't safe but as I pointed out, we are subjected to being blown up by a terrorist attack in NYC on any given day as well as any other type of criminal activity. Bad things can happen but that reality is not going to stop us from seeing the world.

La Pintada, Colombia
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10. Re: Bogotá is NOT safe or a tourist destination!

Most dangerous thing in Colombia - is the driving and crossing the street - never forget to watch for motos riding between traffic and sometimes on the inside next to the curbs - always check twice before opening taxi door - never stop out in front of a city bus thinking it will slow down for you.

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