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special thanks to the Egyptian Guide

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special thanks to the Egyptian Guide

To the Egyptian Guide,

We really wanted to post this because we knew you through this site. THANK YOU so much for your pacience and professionalism. Even with a broken leg that i managed to get there, you made for us a wonderful trip and you made us enjoy our honeymoon as much as possible.

My husband had the wonderful idea of contacting you and we are also thankful to this site because this is how we first knew you.

By the way, my leg is not so ok, but we do not regret a minute that we spent there.

to a wonderful person apart from a wonderful guide,

your friends now,


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1. Re: special thanks to the Egyptian Guide

And I want to thank you for showing the truth that has been denied for a long time before.

I really have a serious problem with TA Egypt forum and in particular with the practice of most Egyptians who show up here. This place should not be a market for travel guides and excursions. I think it was made clear that recommendations are accepted by travelers and customers who tried certain services, but what some people don't understand is that they cannot come here and offer advice which is not really a free advice offered on voluntary basis but just a "sample of knowledge" offered for pure advertising reasons.

I cannot blame you as a customer who found a guide that offered you what you want and I cannot say that the Egyptian Guide is a bad guide. He may be the best guide on Earth but trying to fish for customers on the forum is unethical and it does not offer a fair competition.

I suggest for the forum admin to solve this problem to open a page for Egyptian tour guides where they can freely post their ads and interact with customers for a nominal annual fee so that we can take the market out of the forum and the forum out of the market!

I am now preparing a trip to Geneva and there are 3 local experts on the Geneva forum. None of them had ever shown me the least signs of being there for business reasons. None of them ever showed connection of any sort with the travel industry. They are all 100% genuine local volunteers or former travelers. The same I found on the Prague forums, Barcelona Forums, London, Alicante and Athens, all are forums I used the past year, why is Egypt the only place where we have this ethical problem where some of us fail to draw the line between personal interests and social responsibility?

It is really sad to see Egyptians like this, really sad!

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2. Re: special thanks to the Egyptian Guide

Hello Darsh,

i am posting this especially for you because we were really sad to read your opinion.

I just want to add one thing: WE WERE THE ONES TO ASK the Egyptian Guide for help in a very difficult situation on top of it all. It was NOT him OFFERING. As far as I've seen so far he is doing exactly what you are doing here on this forum. Helping with advise, right???

But I am sure that if we had asked for your help (and I repeat, in a difficult situation) you wouldn't have said NO, just thinking of the "ethics" of this forum. I'm asking you where would be the "ethics" then?

I understand you perfectly and you may be right about other situations or other people on this forum, but I completely disagree with you here.

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3. Re: special thanks to the Egyptian Guide

I must say I agree with Darsh's comment

"I suggest for the forum admin to solve this problem to open a page for Egyptian tour guides where they can freely post their ads and interact with customers for a nominal annual fee so that we can take the market out of the forum and the forum out of the market!"

Good idea.

The guidelines state no advertising or solicitations of any kind but the Egypt forum is the only one I visit where it is rife. It does become annoying and I find myself wondering if a recommendation is "genuine" or not. I have nothing against tour guides helping people but when they have something to gain (ie business) , I prefer to take the advice of regular posters and residents of those cities who aren't in the travel business.

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4. Re: special thanks to the Egyptian Guide

No, you are totally wrong.

By the way, I do get many requests by forum users to work for them as a guide (a few of those are on the forums so you can see them if you search and a few others are on my email and more come to me on the private messages and the forum admin can see my response to them) and although I don't have any professional license to work as a travel guide, I do have all the qualifications required to work as one if I want to and if I want, I could have been making lots of money out of this forum.

Unlike others, I don't preach what I don't practice and I challenge anybody on the forum from those who contacted me on my private email or from the few who met me in Cairo for a drink to claim that I offered them any paid service or that I recommended any kind of commercial activity for them.

This forum is only for genuine travelers. Even if you are the one who requested, the Egyptian Guide should have declined your request for the reason of "conflict of interests", a notion most Egyptians know nothing about, but it is by time they start introducing themselves to it! He should follow the examples of people like Swisssinai whom we all know is managing a hotel in Nuweiba, but he never ever mentioned the hotel name or posted his email. Same is true for Ally19 (although I sometimes disagree with her rather pessimistic views), but she never mentioned any information about her business or her husband's work. Why? Because those are people who respect themselves, respect the forums and respect us all.

The fact (or shall I say the claim) that you asked for the Egyptian guide's help does not mean that he could agree. If he had any respect for the forum or for his role as a supposed volunteer to help travelers he would have rejected.

I again ask the forum admin to put the Egyptian Guide's private messages inbox under monitoring and make sure he follows the rules.

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5. Re: special thanks to the Egyptian Guide

Hmmm..... well sorry Darsh but, whilst I agree that we need to keep the forum completely free of soliciting for business, as we need to keep it free from fishing for personal relationships, ( one sometimes sees male posters replying to female posters offering to meet them during their holiday ), bogus recommendations, and any offensive, bigotted and / or racist remarks, it is not a problem that is unique to the Egyptian threads, nor does it happen only on Trip Advisor, and we do have a very simple solution.... by simply clicking the Report Inappropriate button at the bottom left of the page.

I do find it annoying when I see threads being spoilt by inappropriate postings but, when I do see them, as when I see that the postings have wandered completely off from a travel related topic such as this one has, ( and I have been guilty of that myself whenever Spurs win a match ), I do usually report the abuse and I find that Trip Advisor almost always takes action, albeit maybe a few hours later.

Just as a footnote, I would suggest however, that the name the Egyptian Guide should not be permitted to be used, or at least not by a person who is working as a guide, as it clearly gives the impression that the bearer of that title is THE Egyptian Guide and thus more knowledgeable than other Egyptian Guides.

Personally, Darsh, I think that you should be the one holding the title as The Egyptian Guide, as you are clearly the one who has guided visitors to the Egyptian forum with the most helpful advice and assistance.

Now..... where's that button.....