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Message for Shareen

Plymouth England
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Message for Shareen


I'm sorry you felt it was necessary to request that you are removed as a destination expert,I have read a great many of your posts and have always felt they were both honest and informative.

Before my first trip to Egypt I was completly unaware of the pitfalls that I may have encounterd but reading the posts from yourself and others I was able to prepare myself and have had 2 fantastic hlidays there.

I for one am glad that there are positive and less positive posts on the forum that way I get a balanced view from "real" people experiences that they encountered.

I have recommended people and tour company's on here not because I have any interest in them but because they have provided a good service to me.

I have also recieved PM's from people touting for my custom but NOT I hasten to add from the people I think you are refering to.

Please think again the site needs people like you as experts. If we start losing our experts the site will be worse of for it.

I hope you will continue posting no matter what you decide.

Take care :0)

Aswan, Egypt
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1. Re: Message for Shareen

Yes Diane, you are right

Sherien is a very active member on tripadvisor and she writes the best forums to help people to go around Luxor and Aswan

She is a fantastic destination expert

I get many useful things from her reponses

Hope she doesnt stop writting and help all people who like our beautiful Egypt

Edinburgh, United...
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2. Re: Message for Shareen

Shereen - I too hope that you continue to provide your invaluable advice here on the forum and am sorry to see that you have asked to be removed as a destination expert.

Colin_Diane - I also agree with your view that there should be positive and and less postive posts on the forum to give people a balanced view to help them make decisions. The forum needs honest reviews and opinions, whether they be postive or negative.

Leeds, UK
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3. Re: Message for Shareen

Hi Shareen,

Please don't take your bat home because of a couple of cheap jibes on the forum.

Ruth and I found your advice (among others) extremely valuable in planning our trip to Luxor. The value of ex-pat destination experts on the ground (who know both UK and Egyptian culture) cannot be overstated.

By comparison - we're planning a trip to India this Easter. The equivalent TA forums for the area we're visiting are superficial and lacking in the depth we experience here.

That's also why we contribute from time to time - to repay some of the debt we owe to Shareen and other regular posters.


Alexandria, Egypt
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4. Re: Message for Shareen

I'm truly saddened by this too.

Shareen was one of the few people on here who really did deserve to be a destination expert. She offered up invaluable on the spot local knowledge, and was never offensive in any of her posts, polite to all who asked questions and had some very useful tips and advice for ANY traveller to Luxor.

I just think it's a shame that the bullies are going to win, and I think it's a bigger shame that Tripadvisor is going to lose out on a great asset like Shareen.

I don't know what I've been missing out on - this is the first thread I've opened up this morning, so hope I'm not getting my wires crossed.

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5. Re: Message for Shareen

I agree!

I wish there were 'Thanks' or 'Helpful' buttons on Tripadvisor forums as there are on the Hotel Reviews.

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6. Re: Message for Shareen

Hi Shareen,

What a pity this has happened. I have been on this Forum virtually everyday since we decided to go to Egypt in April this year.

We`ve discovered that anything we need to know can be found on it, but only because fellow travellers and the destination experts like you are prepared to share their experiences (good and bad ) with the rest of us.I`ve always wanted to go to Egypt but my husband has never been keen, however after reading dozens of posts on here he is looking forward to it.

Please re-consider Shareen,TA users will miss you if you go.



Turenki, Finland
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7. Re: Message for Shareen

Sorry to see a very useful member of the forum pack their bags, so to speak.

Over the past couple of days the forum seems to have degenerated into a slannging match, with innuendo flying in all directions.

People, this is not a chat room, it's an advice forum.

Everyone has something to input and everyone has something to gain by using this forum.

Sure, some are pimping businesses, it's not too hard to figure out, there is certainly no need to hound certain members.

Other posts have been pulled, not for any valid reason that I can figure out, I refer to Hogmanys post, albeit negative about Winter Palace, thought that was what the forum was about, what did Hogmanys post tell us, ``if you want a pizza, don't go to the Winter Palace´´ He tells that the standard was below his expectations, nothing wrong in that.

If you go to a restaurant and get food poisioning, all the other clients get the same, is it not your duty to inform, certainly not get the post removed, because it upsets someones sensibilities.

Lets get this forum back on track, Shareen, sorry to see you go, your posts previous I personally have found very helpful.


(fully expecting this to be pulled too).

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8. Re: Message for Shareen

I'd just like to add to this thread to say that I think it would be a great shame for the forum if Shareen's valuable advice as a destination expert was no longer avaialable. I have always found this to be an extrememly informative forum, and Shareen is one of the many people whose contributions I have always valued.

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9. Re: Message for Shareen

Shareen I am sorry to see that you felt you had to pull out as a DE. I think sometimes that threads can 'look' like they are being abusive when in fact they are debating. I wasn't offended by anything that anyone put up and in all honesty no names were mentioned by the original poster.

I know you felt the need to pm me a while ago because you thought I was talking about you in a post when I wasn't. It is easy to get defensive if we feel it is personal. I know I do it loads;-)

The forum is a wealth of experience and yes there are some on here for their own financial gain...you can usually tell who they are. We are all adults and can make our own minds up with the information that we get on here. I don't think anyone is silly enough to just listen to one person on the forum.

Hopefully you will reconsider and ask to be reinstated as a DE.

Luxor, Egypt
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10. Re: Message for Shareen

Firstly thank you to all who have posted here. Unfortunately I have no desire to ask for re-instatement. I am happy to stay as an occasional poster.

These kind of comments will always arise simply because I am resident here, and I do have a boat. I do not need these kind of negative comments.

However, I would just like to say one thing to my fellow DE, Kaz.

These are quotes from recent posts, and are part of the reason I decided to stand down. I require no comment from you, I simply would like you to re-read them.


I couldn't agree more with you about people with vested interests in companies on here. Matter of fact some of them even put up websites on their profile regarding their business. I didn't realise this was acceptable on TA.

I have been accused of promoting 2 companies on the forum by a couple of people. The fact that I use these companies for my trips within Egypt seems to of bypassed them and I don't live there!!


I get quite angry by how some of these so called experts all but call you a liar for honest views and Kazl you are one that i find to be trustworthy and balanced who can see the downsides to Luxor as well as its splendid aspects .


Why should people not think twice when you have your 'company' website on your profile? just think things like this make us regulars suspicious of posters.

Sorry, but comments like this do cast doubt on the integrity of those of us who live here and have businesses.

And now I ask that this thread be allowed to die a natural death. I have places to visit to report on in another thread.

Thank you again to those who have taken the time to post here and to message me. I appreciate it.

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