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Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

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Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

Has anyone used the Sleeper train to travel from Luxor to Cairo? Am going to be staying in Luxor in July for two weeks and would like to visit Cairo.

How Good or Bad is the train Journey and the cabins?

Having had a look on the internet it doesnt look like you get your own loo. Is this correct?

We like the idea of taking the train as it will be something different.

Any comments/suggestions welcome.

Aswan, Egypt
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1. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

Sleeping trains in Egypt are perfect, teh best one starts from Luxor at 8:00 p.m

It costs 60$ per person, if its not late it will take around 10 hours from Luxor to Cairo

For more information, visit www.sleepingtrains.com


Alexandria, Egypt
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2. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

Sorry, you don't get your own loo - but you do get your own wash stand, towels and soap.

The beds fold down - and when I've been on it the sheets have always been spotless. The carpets and the windows weren't quite so pristine though.

You get dinner and breakfast for the price. Dinner is normally some sort of salad or dip and bread, and a main meal with rice - usually beef or chicken panee. Breakfast just seemed to be lots of varieties of bread and the coffee was like brown water - so remember to ask for it a bit stronger.

The journey takes quite a while - but it is possible to sleep (I couldn't - but the woman with me got a full nights sleep!)

Train used to be the cheaper option, then the plane used to be the cheaper option. Right now - it's cheaper to fly but ONLY if you book quite a bit in advance or as a very very last minute thing.

An option you may like to think about is to fly one way, and get the train the other - best of both worlds!

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3. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

Last time we used the train (last August) we had to pay by credit card in US dollars for my daughter and her friend (I pay in egyptian pounds as I am married to an Egyptian). This was the ONLY payment they would accept from tourists so it is worth bearing in mind.

The train is OK. Comfortable enough but take extra loo roll just in case and be prepared for the toilets to get a bit smelly - nothing too bad though. Also take a book as the journey can get a bit boring. Also, the food can be a bit hit and miss and is nothing special at the best of times.

When you are travelling back make sure you are aware which station the train leaves from. There are two in Cairo; Giza and Rameses. If you go to the wrong one you may have difficulty getting back, definately won't be able to get on a sleeper train, and will certainly be out of pocket.

On balance I'd fly everytime if I wasn't travelling with people who hate flying.

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4. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

We had crumbs in our beds, no toilet paper, soap or paper towels in the bathroom, the food is miserable ( so take snacks). Our train was very late coming and going but not much you can do about that. Looking back I can laugh but I'll definately fly next time.

Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

So is it cheaper to buy 1 way plane tickets than a return one? Sometimes there's not much difference.

Do we get our own "tourist" carriage or will we be mingling with locals?

Stockholm, Sweden
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6. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

Hi G,

I agree with you that taking the train will be something different. I used the sleeper train twice. Cabins are small but if you feel imprisoned, you can always take a walk in the corridor and there is a small pub/cafeteria where you can sit and enjoy a drink. Nothing fancy but it's an experience to live once in a lifetime.


South Africa
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7. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

Its the experience that counts!!!

We loved travelling on the train. It was exciting and the swaying rocks you to sleep. But take you own earplugs if you're a light sleeper.

Take extra food if you're a fussy eater - I did not enjoy the food onboard. Also take extra drinks as the selection is limited.

Each car has an attendant. If you want anything, just buzz him and he'll sort things out.

The toilets aren't great, the ones at the station are much worse. Always remember to take a few Egyptian pounds to the station with you, as you have to pay 1 LE to use the W/C. But the same applies for all public parts of Egypt.

Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

I think train travel is great. Especially the overnight ones as you save on hotels. Travelbash. i totally agree. That's why we all travel - for the experience.

Umm LOL about the crumbs in the bed but on the trains in China it is usually dry noodles - Most trains except for the swanky ones have 6 or 4 berth per cabin & the bottom beds cost more but that is where everyone sits during the day! Also they put men & women in together & men wander around in their baggy Y fronts & us girls have to sleep fully dressed. Is that what happens on the Luxor train too?

Great answer BTY Egyptiangoddess. You give good advise & thankyou.

Luxor, Egypt
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9. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

Call me a snob if you like, but I certainly wouldn't share a sleeper with strangers! No thank you.

The sleeper trains in Egypt are nice and clean, two people per secure cabin with private washing facilities, and adjoining cabins if required. The WC's are at the end of the carriages, and not the most pleasant of places, but they are useable.

Be careful that you don't end up on the sleeper which is for Egyptians, this is quite a different kettle of fish! If you're a single traveller, you might find yourself shacked up with someone else, and they are not so hot on the cleanliness either.

The other alternative is the much, much cheaper first cass overnight train. Again, there are some you should avoid, but an agent would keep you right there. These have great big seats, which recline a long way, and are very comfortable to sleep in. You're fully clothed, so no privacy problems. Mind you need to be a good sleeper, my wife isn't and she hated it. Me? I slept like a baby!!!lol.

They are all experiences in their own right, but its not much more expensive to fly than travel on the proper sleeper.

It'll be fun whichever you take.

Best wishes,


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10. Re: Sleeper Train - Luxor to Cairo

We had a lovely time on the sleeper train Cairo to Luxor. It was about four years ago, but I don't think things have changed much. We were pretty tired after the chaos of Cairo. We had two cabins and there was a connecting door, so we just relaxed and chatted about our day. The steward brought us drinks, and later our meal which was adequate (just!). We went into the corridor while the beds were made up. We had fun checking out the cabins and then closed doors, lights out and to bed. I will say that I am a very poor sleeper, but I slept pretty well - must have been rocked to sleep. You are woken and given a breakfast tray just before arriving at your destination. It was a bit of a highlight and we often talk about it even now. Enjoy the experience!