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Angelotel nile cruises

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Angelotel nile cruises

take my advice do not book these boats they are 3 of the worst boats on the nile

i am a travel agent specialising in egypt and nile cruises

they use the etoile du nil cruise boats and ms papyrus and sold as 5* they are more like a 2*


dirty old tatty smelly diesel fumed tug boats

they stopped selling them under the correct names because of the bad reviews and the complaints

i i wouldnt put my worst enemy on them !!!

its hard to believe but there are worse boats than these 3

the ms karim and juliana palace are the very worst nile cruisers

given a 4* and 5* rating by some websites you would be lucky if they made a 1* by uk holidaymakers

with the nile cruises you really do pay for what you get

pay peanuts and you will get a monkey !!

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1. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

Monkeys have been reputed - given enough typewriters - to be able to capitalise sentences and use punctuation?


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2. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

Dont listen to EGYPTLOVER1 totally biased and untrue

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3. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

One bad review doesn't mean abandon ships!.Yes you usually do get what you pay for but there are still good deals around if you're lucky. I like others are considering whether sailing on either the Karim or Juliana Palace is that good a deal. Is there anyone out there who has sailed on these ships recently?



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4. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

Hi All

I have been on all of them lol at some point over the years. mostly unfortunately because the travel agencies I used were obviously getting a big commission on selling them.

What I would say is that they are cheap and cheerful and at least a good way of people getting the chance to see Egypt who cant afford anything more luxurious (when booking from outside egypt). Personally speaking I jumped ship and started booking with private tour company inside egypt and everything been fantastic with them since that time, but there are people who cant afford to do that and who really want to see Egypt (the nile cruise way), and if you go with an open mind that it is not 5 star (by our western standards) but more of a 3 star then you wont be disappointed.

The best thing about these boats is the other people you meet, so whilst the standard of rooms etc might be lower, the fun you can have with the other guests you meet can more than make up for it.

To be honest I personally wouldnt recommend these boats unless you get them for a really really good price, and I would avoid booking them with Medhotels as their service is really not that good at all (in my experience). The price that they charge for these boats, you can get a good 5* Deluxe from an in Egypt Agent for not that much more - then you are getting value for your money.


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5. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

Just returned from a cruise with Angelhotels. I agree totally that the boat Etoil tu Nil is a wreck. Booked through rubbish agents Flightsandpackages who state on their web site that the boat was totally renovated in 2006, it is nothing like the one described or photo shown. Having said that, the staff are extremely friendly, the food palatable and we were fortunate to meet great table companioms. Flights and packages however, I would strongly advise they should be boycotted as inefficient. Having paid in full, only after repeated phone calls and emails did we eventually get information on what we had paid for, and even that was flawed. We met other fellow travellers with same experience of this agent and were similarly stressed by the whole thing. We also met other people from smart boats who paid the same or less than us.

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6. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

Hi there i'm a 65 year old man and have been cruising for 30 years. I've been on the angelotel several times in the past few years and have never encountered a problem. Now if you're expecting the Ritz on water then this is clearly not the cruise for you. My last trip was also booked through flightsandpackages, yes the confirmation was a little slow however once received and went on the trip everything ran smoothly. A mistake was made by the transfer company and flightsandpackages resolved the problem quickly and efficiently to ensure we made our flights. My advise for a Nile cruise at a reasonable price would be the Angelotel.

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7. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

I work in travel and would just like to throw my tuppence in. As has been said before, with Nile cruises you get what you pay for. Across the board in Egypt you cannot compare their local star ratings to ours, on boats, hotels or anything else. Almost all Nile cruises are rated as '5 star' and this is certainly more to do with the local tourist board rather than your travel agent or tour operator who do not have the authority to rate a ship or property. The Angelotel is a value for money cruise for those wanting to do the Nile on a budget, and I have noticed on the flights and packages website there are also better ships that can be bought at a higher price, a simple way to determine a bit of extra quality - if thats what you can afford and if thats what you are looking for. You will rarely find a travel agent that isnt willing to upgrade you if you simply ask.

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8. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

The above comment should be printed on every link to Nile cruises - and on holidays in general!!!


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9. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

We have just returned from a Nile trip purchased from Flightand packages Ltd the boat being Etoil Tu Nil, our worst nightmare come true, starting from

being bumped onto indirect flight ,adding 2 hours to flight time, no transfer was then available at Luxor to transfer us to boat.

The boat was of poor standard, more like 2* than 5*, shoddily maintained, inadequate shade when moving down Nile, as parasols have to be taken down.

The stops on the Nile seemed more on a whim than a timetable, it could change at any time, arriving at a temple close to dark.

Upset stomachs were rife, 10 out of 14 who joined at Luxor were ill and were not well even to the following hotel stay in Hurghada.

The coach broke down in the desert and a supposedly 3.5 hour transfer became 7.5 hours, the company handling transfers were not organised and it was difficult to contact them and find out pick up times.

S and A

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10. Re: Angelotel nile cruises

This last posts says it all...but dont just look at the boat in isolation - who runs and manages the boat ?which Tour Operator? will there be other Brits or will all the people be non-English speaking?

Book through a specialist ATOL Tour Operator :-

1)a fully inclusive package with flights,transfers and excursions.

2)that has its OWN Atol licence(not agent for) that protects your money fully,gives you recourse for complaints and above all covers you if you get delayed.

3)whose staff have personal knowledge of the boat

4)that all excursions are included.

That £50 or £60 or even £100 that you are saving is just not worth it if you are not booking through a company as above.

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