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Taxi prices in Luxor

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Taxi prices in Luxor

I am going on my first trip this March - and as Egypt is totally new to me I am reading a lot in this forum.

On problem seems to be the correct haggling for Taxi- and Caleche prices.

I got this list from a German forum


Now - can you agree with these prices?

I will not be cheated - and will not be called a miser!

Airport Luxor - Railway St or ferry 50 LE (max 60 LE) (November 2011)

Airport Luxor - Pier at the bridge 70 LE (November 2011)

Airport - Westbank (passing the bridge) 130 LE. (November 2011)

Airort Luxor - Bus-Station 10 LE

Westbank one day from 100 LE (March 2010)

Ferry (Westbank) – Ticket Office 5 LE (December 2011)

Ferry (Westbank) - Rammesseum or Medinet Habu or Deir el Medina 10 LE (November 2009)

(KV-Explorer just quoted 50 LE for the round-trip)

Ferry (Westbank) - King's Valley 30 LE (Both ways!) Important!

Arrange for retourn-journey (time and place) and pay at the end

Ferry (Luxor) - Railway St 5 LE (December 2011)

Ferry (Luxor)/Luxortempel - Karnak 10 LE (November 2011)

Luxor to Dendera (waiting one hour) - 100 LE (November 2011)

Luxor - Assuan (Daytrip Minibus) - 400 LE (April 2011)

Luxor - Hurghada - 400 LE (November 2011)

"Local" PickUp/Minibus depending on distance 0,5-1LE (December 2011)

Local ferry („National Ferryboat“) 1 LE (Luxortempel – Gezira (Westbank); (December 2011)

Private motorboat (same route) per journey (not per person!) 5 LE (December 2011)

Caleche ferry (Luxor)/Luxortempel - Karnak 10 LE (November 2011)

Hot air balloon from 350 LE - 500 LE ( 45min ) (December 2011)

Bicycle one day 10 - 15 LE (December 2011)

Pickup Westbank (Gezira) - Armant 1 LE

Luxor, Egypt
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1. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

hi there , this prices is the cost prices if you arrange it by your self direct from you to the taxi man ( you can get less than this prices also ) but if you arrange it through any one or tourist company will be higher than this

also for balloon ( 250 L.E ) for 45 min

have a nice trip

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2. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

Please use these prices as a guide, some of them seem to be about the lowest price you could get it for.

We got the balloon ride for 300 each in December but as Hamada said if you shop around or haggle you can get it for 250

I disagree with the caleshe ride from the temple to Karnak, you might get it for 10 but the stress of the haggle would be to much for me and I would think 20 is closer.

10LE is a rough price for a taxi from the centre of town to the edge, Karnak or Little England area but I tend to pay 20 which includes a tip.

The taxi to dendara also seems very cheap but could be right

If KV gives a price I always double it and consider myself lucky I got it that cheap.

There is always a disagreement on prices on what is a fare price especially in this hard time for the locals in Luxor. So as I said earlier don't get stressed if you pay higher than the prices above, after all you are on holiday.


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3. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

I'm of the opinion that many of us have been paying the same price for taxi's etc for a long time - years in fact - so I decided to make some enquiries on going rates. I copy the questions and answers here for your information. However, I would not be choosing any on price alone!

Out of the 5 emails I sent I received 2 replies. One is from a man who was recommended to me by other TA'ers and the other is from someone I have used in the past. Neither know my TA or real identity as I used an alternative email address.

I should like to know what your charges are for the following:

Pick up 1 person from Luxor Airport and take to a East Bank Hotel - somewhere close to Luxor Temple

Pick up 1 person from Luxor Airport and take to a West Bank Hotel - somewhere near the ferry.

Half day tour of West Bank sites - from East Bank Hotel.

I would also be interested to know if it is possible to go to the coast for the day or is this too far. If it is possible, how much do you charge to go there and back in one day.

Reply A

Pick up 1 person from Luxor Airport and take to a East Bank Hotel - somewhere close to Luxor Temple (70 L.E)

Pick up 1 person from Luxor Airport and take to a West Bank Hotel - somewhere near the ferry.(150 L.E/)

Half day tour of West Bank sites - from East Bank Hotel.(180 L-E)

Huragada Return Day Trip (900 L.E)

Reply B ( I also thought to ask this one about Hot Air Balloons but also requested name of company used)

Pick you up from luxor air port to east bank hotel price is 9$./LE55

Pick you up from luxor air port to west bank hotel price is 17$./LE105

West bank ,Colossi of Memnon Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut temble ,price is 47$./LE285

East bank ,Luxor and Karnk tembles price is 36$./LE 220

Red sea full day include lunch price 95$./LE575

Aswan full day High Dam Philea temble and Unfished Obelick.price is 90$./LE545

Hot air balloon price is 58$./LE350

(Company not specified and follow up email not answered)

All the price is include tour guide tickets entrce and A/C car.

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for Luxor
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4. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

I think it all very much depends on your haggling skills. If you're good and confident at haggling, you'll get a lower price, but it you're not good at it, then you'll probably pay a little higher.

As long as you are happy with the price you get, then that's the main thing. You don't want to be going on holiday and getting stressed out.

All of the above though is very helpful as a guide to the prices :o)

Luxor, Egypt
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5. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

This is a guide to taxi fares etc to get you from your hotel to a few of the restaurants. The taxi fares are approximately just to give you an idea so you are not over charged.


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6. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

As my name had been mentioned already (Hi Phil) I thought I would chuck in my 10 piastres worth, LoL !

As stated above, many regulars have probably been paying the same for years and I would agree with that likelyhood, but it doesn't automatically 'follow' that they may have been paying the 'cheapest' price for years, so should feel obligated to increase it now.

To take the trip of a private limo from Luxor Airport to a hotel on the eastbank as an example, where the 'going rate' is usually around 50-60LE (for the car, not pp) but there are probably people that have been happily paying 100LE for a long time, but on a sandwich board outside a local tour operator in Luxor recently I saw the hotel-to-airport run advertised for 30LE (I thought that might be pp, but when I enquired it WAS for the car and up to 4 passengers) and that was BEFORE haggling, although I am sure we would all agree, that at that price it isn't needed.

So on that reckoning, it would seem that 50LE is still a mid range 'fair' price for that trip.

So I think that that just highlights the fact, as has already been said, that ANY pricelist should be treated as a 'guide' rather than something that is set in stone and gives those who have absolutely no idea of what the prices SHOULD be, a rough idea so that they won't be ripped off.

As long as you come to an agreement with your driver (in advance and in the same agreed currency) of a price that you are both happy with and that which is somewhere around the 'suggested price list' tariffs, then everyone's a winner :-)

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7. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

Does anyone above then give the driver a tip afterwards?

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8. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

Most of what I pay IS the tip eLaReF, LoL !

Or do you mean a tip for the driver as in 'Don't drive with under inflated tyres' or something similar ?

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9. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

Dear all

As a person who has visited Luxor on a number of occasions and taken the advice from many seasoned luxor travellers such as KV Explorer, good day

Mr KV, I would concur with all the advice offered. (apologies for the seriouse business like reply but just got in from work and still in work mode).

8 weeks to go, can't wait.

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10. Re: Taxi prices in Luxor

Regular travellers to Egypt must wonder why taxi fares have remained within such a stable range for so many years:) New visitors may find it useful to ask their hotel for a printed list of taxi prices. Using these (and a broad range of TA opinions) as a guide helps figure out rates. To me, tariffs are the top prices that should be paid.

The advice often given of TA is to state and agree the price you are prepared to pay before entering the taxi. I gave up on that a long time ago as many drivers see that as an invitation to haggle. The only exception is when a journey is not outlined in readily available tariffs or is different in some major way - then I may agree a price before entering the taxi.

Otherwise, I state the destination and get in. If taxi drivers try and start a dialogue or hassle me on price, I politely ask them not to. If pushed, I simply tell them they will not be getting a tip if they keep interrupting or disturbing the journey. I have even threatened to get out on rare occasions. This all sounds a bit harsh but remaining calm, polite and firm helps.

Like many regular visitor to Egypt, I just want a fair price. I am not interested in negotiating rates down to the barest margin or making the journey unpleasant. Good service always deserves a generous tip, I believe.

I'd advise travellers to avoid selecting the front seat(s) of a taxi - if your party size permits - especially women. Don't put up with anything you wouldn't allow a taxi driver at home to do - like take you on detours to friend's shops, insist on further business or be overly familiar. Regrettably, taxi drivers demand more money, on the odd occasion, even though you know you have been generous and paid a good price. I once took back a tip from a driver, when he tried to push greedily for more. Few tourists manage to get the rates Egyptians do but getting a fair rate is good for everyone.