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Idiots guide to visiting vok please

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Idiots guide to visiting vok please

Taking the train this evening with my son to Luxor , am going to be in Luxor 3 days want to fit in Karnak and Luxor temples sound and light and vok and hepshatshuts temple. ( I know crap spelling )

The last time I came was about 15 years ago and I was on a tour which I now hate doing!!! Will prob visit vok on Friday ( good day ? ) can one of you nice people give me info as to how and how much I should be paying were the ferry is etc also does the no camera rule still apply at vok ? ( judging by the amount if tourists in cario thru really should drop this one especially outside the tombs last time I came I had to buy a camera ticket which was find they could make a tidy profit but I've realised they don't really do logic in Egypt !!!) also what time should I be leaving in the morning to get there ahead of the smaller crowds lol .


I'm staying at the iberotel al

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1. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

The ferry terminus is immediately to the north of Luxor Temple. He adult entry price to the VoK is LE 80 (not sure about children). Photography in tombs is strictly verboten but lately some people have been saying that it’s OK to take pictures is the valley itself. Early morning is a traditional time to visit the VoK but, with tourist numbers down, I suspect you can avoid the crowds just about any time.

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2. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

I was there last year, hardly any tourists at all, I susptect it is similar now. So the ques might not be a problem.

I think the local ferry was like 1-2 EPG. I was surprised to find that they didnt allow photos even outside the tombs in Valley of the kings, probably bescause they want to sell cards.

Have a nice time, I wish I could go this year as well!

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3. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

Well I'm in Cairo and was at saqqara yesterday and there was no one there at all at 10am but that meant we got hassled WHY are these sellers allowed in these sites we stayed for 20 mins and we had to leave I'm quite assertive but it gets very tiring especially as I'm with my 8 year old son and they target him I understand people have to make a living but when will they catch on if you hassle the answer will always be no ?!!??

What I love is as I'm travelling as a woman on my own they literally try and force me to buy stuff and when I tell them to sling their hook they start swearing etc prob the first tine in their life a woman has given them what for very amusing !!!

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4. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

The three tomb entry ticket to the VOK is 80LE

Then the extra tomb tickets are:-

KV9 - Ramses V & VI - 50LE (WELL worth paying the extra for IMO)

KV62 - Tutankhamun - 100LE

KV23 - Ay (in the Western Valley) - 25LE (if you have the time it's worth a visit )

How old is your son? - This topic discusses child entry prices at the sites - tripadvisor.co.uk/…16055095

Local ferry (location already given by Bbeckett) is 1LE per person each way, alternatively you could get a motorboat to cross costing 5LE (total not per person) each way.

Best time to avoid the crowds, I'm not sure if there is a good day or bad day to visit the VOK, visitor numbers at the sites seemed to be on the up from my last few visits but still not anywhere near what they were pre-revolution. I found either early morning (6am-ish) or mid afternoon (if you can take the heat) quieter times to visit.

Photography - still not permitted in the VOK - would I risk having my memory card wiped and a possible fine - probably not, others seem prepared to take the risk though.


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5. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

Wholeheartedly agree with Suzie. Just don't see why anyone would risk losing ALL their pictures just to get one of them outside of a tomb. I accept that VOK is an incredible place and I was fortunate to visit when photographs inside tombs were still permitted (as well as since the camera ban) but I would rather keep hundreds of great memories than sacrifice them all just for another one.

I have been to other places such as Dambulla in Sri Lanka where they exhibit (or did exhibit) the camera films confiscated from rule breaking tourists. They used to hang like rather gory entrails from the walls in the ticket office.

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6. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

They have changed the entrance into the visitor centre you now have to walk through the shop alley going in and out.

To buy your tickets you have to walk through the visitor centre and turn to the right where you will see the ticket booths, then just next to that is the booth for the train tickets

In the visitor centre there are people that will give you advice, twice we have used then and they have laptops to show you the valley. Also they can give you a small photo copy of the valley and can point out the tombs to go in.

There is another booth at the entrance to the valley to buy tickets for the extra tombs.

I went over on the ferry thnking that was the cheapest option but then got ripped off by the taxi driver. Paid 180LE when I could have organised a taxi from the west bank for 120LE.

I have found around 12.00 mid day is the quietest time, all the tourist from the red sea are having their lunch around that time . But I usually go December time when it is cooler.


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7. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

I've been to the VOK just a fortnight ago - at 9.30 AM

Without me and my wife they were app. another 15 people in the valley

We had all the tombs on our own (I would have liked to tell the guards. "Leave me alone and I give you 10LE afterwards" - any translation for my next visit??)

Wherever you are in any touristic attractions - you just have to pass the boardwalk of touristic shops.

Although I had a printout and a map of the tombs at hand I was forced to be helped to mark the accessable tombs (cost me 2 LE - you get used to it)

We did all our visits on the West Bank during our one-week-holiday between 9.00 AM and 13.00 AM - and excepting Hatshepsut we had the West Bank nearly on our own.


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8. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

I was there two years ago, they had their x-ray machine. If you have a camera, they tell you to leave it on the bus. My driver stayed just in case they wouldn't let us in with our cell phone. What I can tell you is go to Dendera where you can take all the photos you want. Best recommendation from my driver.

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9. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

I was there in October and tourist numbers were low, I visited at 8 am and it was pretty quiet maybe a couple of dozen people. No camera's allowed and besides the x-ray machine I was asked twice if I have a camera. There were a few tourists taking photos in the valley (even directly outside the tombs) with their phones and the guards just shrugged and said nothing.

I will tell you about my experience at VOK's. I had a very unpleasant hassle while waiting on the train. One of the touts really badgered me, maybe because I was the only person on my own all others were in pairs or small groups. I tried to ignore him at first but he really stepped it up and put his face a few inches from mine, it was very intimidating. In the end I asked him to please leave me alone in arabic and he said " this my country you cant tell me to do that", someone else intervened and he eventually withdrew. To be honest I was dreading the journey back, not normally bothered by them but he was aggressive. When I got of the train, I didnt see him but he caught up with me in the market and started again, this time I had to be BLUNT and use a word I would not normally, that worked a treat.

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10. Re: Idiots guide to visiting vok please

Just got back two weeks ago and still no cameras there at all. Our guide had us leave them in the van he said they can and do take your camera away so don't take any chances.

We left the boat at 6AM for the VoK and I'm glad, hardly anyone there and the temp was just right.

Watch out for the guard inside the tomb he'll start pointing things out to you and the next thing you know he's you're paid guide so just shake your head and move quickly on

Fridays are their weekend so more families are out and about so you will see more people at the various sights.


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