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Yellow fever vaccine costs

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Yellow fever vaccine costs

For US travelers, how much did your YF cost? My companions have United Healthcare insurance and their PCP told them to contact the County Health Department who then redirected them to contact a travel clinic who doesn't accept insurance. The shot+consultation is approx $350 (Los Angeles area). Is that a fair price? Do health insurance plans usually cover this vaccination? Thank you...!

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1. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

350 USD - ouch!

I'm not American but, depending on your itinerary, you may be able to pull off your African trip without getting the jab in the US. I assume you're aware that Kenya doesn't require it and you'll only need it if going from Kenya to Tanzania or another neighbouring country. So if you plan to be in Kenya for at least 10 days before going to your next African destination, you can get it done here at several hospitals for much less money.

That's if all your options in the US turn out to be too expensive.

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2. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

It's been ten years, but mine cost ~$180, all inclusive. That was about the going rate at the time. My insurance, which is very good, did not cover that jab. I suggest contacting a few of the Walgreen's in your area to see which do vaccinations. Several people here have reported good prices, well below the $350 you mention, which sounds very steep to me.

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3. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

Nairobi City Council and 'Port Health' at JKIA were charging Ksh 2500 around a year ago. The hospitals definitely charge more than this.

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4. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

I got my yellow fever and typhoid vaccines at a local Walgreens Pharmacy last May. (in New Jersey) Much to my surprise I wasn't charged anything. Walgreens told me my insurance covered it all. CVS also does the vaccines.

But I had to take my teenagers to a clinic to have theirs done because the pharmacies won't give vaccines to minors. I paid about $700 for the 2 of them for consultation, typhoid and yellow fever.

But I would definitely check out the pharmacies. You might have to call around to find one that presently has the vaccine as they sometimes run out.

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5. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

Through Passport Health in Los Angeles, the cost was $250 in July 2017. I was told you might also check local pharmacies like CVS or Rite Aid - they may also have it although it is sometimes hard to get. I would submit a claim to your insurance company as they covered a portion of our vaccine costs - just not sure Yellow Fever was covered.

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6. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

If not going to Tanzania from Kenya, you do NOT require the YF inoc.

Best if going to both countries would be to stop in TNZ first,, then fly/dive to KEN where you do not require the YF jab.

$350 is robbery.... stay away. Try one of the pharmacies as mentioned above.

When I gpt mine some 20yrs ago, I went to hospital travel clinic and negotiated the price down to $150. And paid even l.ess when I got my booster.... thank goodness the booster no longer required.

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7. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

Thanks for the responses everyone. I've called a handful of clinics and pharmacies from the cdc website and they either didnt offer the vaccine or said they won't get a supply until after our trip :(

We are going to Tanzania from Kenya so will need to get the shot. The cheapest I found so far was a clinic in Beverly Hills for $200 shot and $75 consult.

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8. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

Even if you'll be checked for a Yellow Fever certificate when crossing borders in Africa, you may be able to avoid having the jab itself. Older people, and certain others, are usually advised not to have it, as the live vaccine poses a marginally higher risk than the very small risk of YF itself. So try finding out the cost of a Yellow Fever exemption certificate, which ought to be much less.

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9. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

Frankly, $275 is not a bad deal, if you look at it from the US perspective. For a younger person with low chance of serious side effects who plans to travel a lot including countries with increased YF risk it is a good investment. The vaccination is now considered good for life. Ask your travel clinic, if they accept family visits - ours costs $90, but it is the same, if the two of us come for the same appointment. For people who travel on business, you could request the vaccination the first time you are sent to any country with YF risk listed on CDC and your employer is very likely to cover the expense.

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10. Re: Yellow fever vaccine costs

Insurance never covers the vaccines — and be aware — major shortage of yellow fever vaccines, so take what you can get! When we finally found the only place in our state with shots, it was almost $300 each — but took them because we couldn’t find anyone in 3 states that had any more shots!!! Evidently the vendor changed...

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