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Explosions in Nairobi

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Nairobi, Kenya
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Explosions in Nairobi

Reports coming in of at least four blasts in Nairobi at Country Bus Station. Four confirmed dead and twenty injured. More to follow.

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11. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

So so unfortunate and sad for those killed, injured, there families and all in Kenya. Sadder still the publicity these incidents get, when all over the world similar incidents occur and though many are reported, doesn't seem to have the impact as it does for those living in and/or traveling to Kenya.

Just the other day in surburb of NYC, the police found a guy with an entire arsenal of grenades, dynamite, weapons, ammnuition, etc. in the basement of his parents home. Parents were completely unaware as they were in Florida while this crazy person could have blown up an entire residential block.

This was in the news for 1/day and I'm certain didn't/won't dissuade people from traveling/visiting in the NYC area.

Sure wish that whomever is responsible is found, seriously punished and the government be pro-active rather than re-active. Sad, sad, sad!

salisbury, md
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12. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

we are flying into nairobi tuesday early morning flight and were going to take shuttle bus to arusha , any advise from the experts here. is it advisable to take shuttle or wise to get pricision air to arusha. please can some advise asap as we leave tomorrow afternoon for airport in washington d.c. and we need to buy ticket soon in usa

thanks parveen

Manchester, United...
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13. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

After all the negative press in the UK papers last week regarding the "White Widow" & her rented villa in Shanzu and now this attack in Nairobi, Tourism does not need this, we have a group of 20+ arriving on Thursday very unsure about travelling to the Coast. Also I have spoke with one of the big operators here on the Coast this week and they are having to make further redundancies, not good news for the local economy at all.

Nairobi, Kenya
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14. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

Not only that, but normal living costs are rising prohibitively and these increases are not even exponential (as I've mentioned before, food and fuel costs rose between 200 and 300% in eight months here). That, combined with the insecurity of the region, may well be the final nail in the coffin for tourism for the foreseeable future. I sincerely hope not.

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15. Re: Explosions in Nairobi


being an American i am sure your aware of terrorism. Do either, road or air. If you let terror dictate to you then you have lost. The two trips your deciding against would not be classed as a big enough risk to worry over IMO.

I arrive in Nairobi on Thursday, i will go about as normal. You have more chance of an accident on the poor driving and condition of roads in Africa then from terror.

Enjoy your hols.

Edited: 11 March 2012, 08:47
Augsburg, Germany
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16. Re: Explosions in Nairobi


very sad indeed.

My sincere condolences to the family and friends.

Kenya is trying to come up, but these incidents (i mean also especially the reporting about that and i am very sorry for what happend) and the horrible price increasing is being a very bad development for the country.

During my visit in Kenya last february i have been shocked about the prices coming up compared to september/october 2011 and also by the atmosphere.

There have been many people in the hotels, but many of them never left the hotels.

Hey, if you take care of certain things - don`t hesitate to leave your hotel (depending on the place you are) during day time.

Also the increasing for the prices for international and national flights and also for most of the accomodations - i can understand in some parts, but i also can understand, that people are changing to other destinations, which are offering a better value for your money.

The combination of safari and beach holidays makes this country so attractive for many, but with these increasing of prices and the medias reporting about such incidents - i am a little bit afraid how things will go on.

Despite this, i am happy, that we can return with my parents-in-law in august/september.



Isle of Man, United...
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17. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

@parveneer first.

I agree with mallaMombassa. Never ever change your lans for a minor incident or you are giving the terrorists a victory on a plate.

Apart from that just get on the shuttle at the airport and enjoy the ride. Stop worrying!

As to the effect on tourism, much the same applies. Don't hand these criminals a victory. Show them we are not put off by their actions (which are directed at local people anyway as tourists don't have a vote.)

What WILL kill tourism in Kenya is the escalation in prices. When the once cheap and cheerful place in the sun raises its prices the lemmings will stampede somewhere cheaper. Look at the Costas, Greece, Florida etc., for example.

Nyeri, Kenya
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18. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

Its a difficult dilemma.............leave Somalia and Al Shabaab to 'get on with it' and suffer the consequences, or take action against Al Shabaab, in Somalia and suffer the consequences???

My Daughters and Granddaughter leave for Kenya this afternoon. i am not at all concerned about their safety. I still believe that you have to be very very unlucky, especially as a visitor, to be caught up in something like this. For example; despite all the terrorist action in London, over the years, I still visited regularly - the chance of being at the site of a bombing being very low.

Unfortunately, the media love to highlight the negative, the danger etc and blow the issue out of proportion to the real risk of something happening, which is where the real damage to tourism is done. After all, the real success of terrorism is to instill the belief and fear that something will happen, no matter how small the risk, in reality.

Alberta, Canada
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19. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

Wow , we just were in Nairobi last Monday, sorry to hear! Thing is, in our 10 days in Kenya never felt unsafe at all it's a shame these things have to happen to scare away the tourists! I would just do whatever u feel comfortable doing and wish u all the best :)

milton keynes
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20. Re: Explosions in Nairobi

Very sad for those involved in the incident and I feel for them and their families, I would not change my plans because of it, as has been said previously the offenders win. I just missed being caught up in the Russell Street bomb but still went back. My tour company cancelled holidays during the last election so I booked independently and still came. People were amazing to us, no sign of trouble for us...just greater poverty for the innocent people here in Kenya. The negative publicity is usually grossly over stated.