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Hi Everyone,

I am booked in the Voyager for Christmas, I know its ages yet but I am abit concerned regarding the last few postings on here saying it is not that great.

The comments are that they are not getting the room upgrades as requested (I have upgraded to a superior garden view) that there is a problem with the food, that it is like "Butlins in the warm" that it is aimed at the older traveller ie ball room dancing (I am 35) but the main comments that have worried me are that the senior management are very unhelpful almost rude, that they have been served gone off meat and overall the food is poor and that the refurb is very much ongoing and the hotel has been downgraded to a 3* (and something regarding sexual tourism....???)

Apologies for the long winded mail but I am concerned and wondering whether I should change hotel while there is still the availability at alternatives with it being for Christmas.

I have travelled quite alot - India, Sri-Lanka, Dominican, Malaysia, Gambia, Europe etc and usually opt for a 4*, I know standards differ from country to country but I am unsure what to expect here as I thought the Voyager was a 4* Superior.

Please Help.

London, England
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1. Re: Voyager

I certainly wouldn't have said it was like Butlins at all, most A/L resort worldwide they have activies during the day like aqua sports etc and all have a main buffet these days. I thought the way the hotel was broken up into tiers worked very well, ie. if you wanted the more lively pool you could go round the fun pool, if you want quiteness you can you to the infinitey pool, sports pool or pick anywhere you want on the many lawns.

Our last few hotel holidays have been Dubai, a Caribbean cruise and 2 holidays to Barbados. The last one to Barbados over a Christmas time cost £6,500 for 2 adults and 2 kids, and I can say without a doubt that the service, food and friendliess etc was far far better at Voyager then at the so called 4 star rubbish hotel in Barbados. We found the mix of people at Voyager nice and there were quite alot of people in their early twenty's'. There were wedding parties that had there friends with them, there was a couple of small groups of young lads. They did tend to go "out" in the evenings, I guess they used to get a taxi to a disco locally. Or the others were quite happy to make their own entertainment amoung themselves. Yes, there isn't a glitzy piano bar etc and the entertainment is out in the open air and is preety much low key, but having said that the entertain also in hotels in Barbados stopped before 11pm also.

There does seem to be reports on room allocations mix up's.....but surely the whole point of booking through a brouchure is that you have your rep onsite and contactable, to represent you. If any issues it's their job to get problems sorted out for you without us having to approach the hotel management. The prostitute thing, well you can see that in any hotel and especially even more so in London and Uk now with hotels offering special room rate deals .

Drakesdrum is out there now and will report back on her return, so hopefully she'll be able to give you the current lowdown on how things are....look out for her post's.

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2. Re: Voyager

From what I have heard the voyager is very good, I have just returned from bamburi beach hotel which is 3 star and althogh it is a 3 star hotel we definately received 5 star service.

I met up with Edna ( Drakesdrum) whilst there and she will definately give you an honest opinion when she returns but she did tell me that the food was absolutely lovely.

Don't be too concerned at negative reports, we half expected our hotel to be filthy and very poor but we were very happy with it, lets face it we brits like a good moan but don't tend to give praise as much when its necessary.

Have a good holiday, I will say that whilst we were there as a familly of 4 with 2 young children, I felt like a big kid who was living a dream, and I am determined to save up enogh to go back in the not too distant future.


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3. Re: Voyager

If you look at all the hotels each one has its share of so called bad reviews, all you do is take a cross section of the reviews then make your decision.

Lets face it can we trust all of the reviews, they can be written by the hotel next door or by somebody who has a little incident and lets it cloud the overall review.

The last two bad reviews seem to be about upgrading and paying a lot of money out for an upgrade that were being given for nothing and to be honest that would put a damper on my holiday as well so after that has happened writing a good review is highly unlikely.

It also depends on your own expectations and when i go in July i will judge it on value for money as i always do and by using this site i have been very happy with my hotels i have chosen in Turkey, USA ,Egypt, Spain, in the last 2 years.

All i can suggest is hang tight and if it is worth the ratting of second best hotel in Kenya it will be proven by future reviews and more importantly don't let a few reviews stop you looking forward to what should be a great holiday. All the best and look for my review at the end of July Bassett

Northampton, United...
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4. Re: Voyager

hi,we have just returned from 3 wks at the voyager and we had a great time.we did find that towards the end of the last week we got bored with the food,but overall it is lovely.the menu and entertainment changes over xmas anyway.

as for the ballroom dancing!! where???? never in all our visits to the voyager(7 times)have we ever seen ballroom dancing.

senior mamgement are great,NEVER RUDE,i have never met such helpfull staff in all my travels.if u have any problems ask for margaret(passenger relations officer)she will sort anything out straight away for u.

whilst we were there we had a chat with David(one of the heritage directors)and he did say they will be building a new resataurant,bar and making the look out bar better.but they are still deciding when to do this.

there are no refurbs going on at the moment,all the standard rooms have been completed.

we were speaking to a couple whilst there who have been to the voyager every year since 1997,they have tried other hotels in nyali over the years and still say that the voyager is the best.

i would say dont change your choice in going to the voyager,obvoiusly everybody's opinion is different but we think its a great hotel for all ages.our group ranged from 17mths old to 57 years old.and everyone enjoyed it.it is far from butlins in the warm.

i am 33 and i would recommend it to anyone.


somerset, england
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5. Re: Voyager

We were at the Voyager the last week of January 07 and are aged 29 & 33. We really liked the Voayger and comparing to the comments of our friends at other Mombasa hotels, we think we had the best deal - great food, excellent service and a lovely room.

I was a little concerned before we went that it might be "butlins in the warm" but it certainly was not. There was always things going on, but it was very easily avoided i.e. spend time at the adults only infinity pool if you don't want to play water volleyball, but there were also some nice things to join in with if you wanted to - we did a swahili lesson but that was all.

The food was very good - the only thing I would advise is not to bother ordering the steak in the seafood restaurant as it tasted like all the other meat in Kenya - just "unidentifiable meat" and not steak as us brits know it! But the rest of the food was very good, and again, we had reports from friends at other hotels that they were ill/food was cold/food was boring etc - none of which we could apply to the Voyager.

Yes there are a few "mismatched" couples around the hotel, i.e. fat old hairy german man with beautiful young african woman, but its not particularly obvious and certainly doesn't affect your holiday. (in anything just saddens me at watching how these poor women have to make a living, and angry at the people paying their wages and therefore encouraging it).

We saw no work going on, but as you aren't going till Christmas, it may be different for you. We never had any problems so never had to deal with the senior management, but everyone we did deal with was always helpful.

The evening entertainment is pretty low key as Lara said, and most nights we left the main "disco" bit well alone and sat at the quieter bars overlooking the beach. I imagine it would be fairly easy to get a taxi to sample some Mombasa nightlife, but as we were always busy during the daytime, we were tired by the evening and never did. Nyali Beach hotel is nearby (short taxi ride) and has a casino if that interests you.


plymouth england
Destination Expert
for Kenya
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6. Re: Voyager

Yes, I am Back!! and FLAMING MAD at reading that report....

i met people out there who were absolutly "appalled and Horiffied" that a cat was sitting under the tables.....Chavs...Benidorm LiL.....

One fat great git from oop-north ( sorry my lovely friends) who kept gobbing off because she had to put the bread in twice ( into the toaster) ..although it nearly went somewhere else....

This is for all of you who are about to visit the Voyager......

You are in for a treat !!!

All the staff and Management are polite ..not overly friendly or in your face ..... they do not discuss there home life ( unless asked ) or give you a sob story to extract money from you.....

My room ( ahem! superior sea view) was Fabulous....spotlessly clean....white crisp linen sheets,pillow slips and soft squashy pillows......The mirrors....windows were cleaned twice during our visit and the nets were taken down when we left..... Stanley was our main house man and a splendid job he didi......

I also visited all the rooms.. and the standards rooms were basic but clean, the same linen....towels and standars of room boys/girls.

The food was excellent.. i do agree it is a bit repetitive but the chef`s use of imagination to create different ways with all the fresh veg/fruits etc was superb.....

The cakes and desserts ? a bloody nightmare...... what can you choose? ALL of it... girls... take elastic waisted pant/skirts..my size 8 figure is ruined !!

Not a peep out of you deano boy !!! speak to you later .......

The entertainment....... dont like the African nights? you have all that ground to dissapear into... the look-out bar,,,( nice one Laura) was the most romantic place to have a drink and a snog , ( surprising what a few vodka ice`s can do) you could wish for.... the frogs were the funniest "band " i ever heard..

I am also sorry that poor "poster " saw the ballroom dancing by the aged numpties... again Viodka Ice makes you out of control...

and did you not see all the younsters having a smooch?????

and not a prossy in sight..........

You can pick <bad > moments like the swiss yodellers in the quiet pool..who were told to shut up by a delightful norweigan lady.

The couple of <tussles> ( dead funny|) by the benidorm bunch who tossed all the towels from taken sun beds on to the grass and tried to take over the quiet area....

See, i find this reallly funny and there is no way i would blame the hotel....... and you can buy Itching powder from Nakumatt...dum de dum... de dum....

You know I have stayed in many Kenyan hotels and value for money it certainly is..... i think the fault lies with the tourist brochures.... they do tend to over play the 3.4.5 star image...

look at all the postings..... look at what is on offer to you ....and your families needs, if its what you want ..go for it..... My email is floating around here somewhere i and many others will give you all the info you need....

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7. Re: Voyager

Hi everyone,

Thankyou for all your kind reply's, and thanks drakesdrum you made me laugh!

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8. Re: Voyager

Welcome back drakesdrum, you've been missed, if we've any room in our case, we'll try & squash you in, when we go back

Northern Ontario
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9. Re: Voyager

I am also off to Kenya in a couple of days and on to the Voyager next weekend for 10 days. I was getting a bit worried about some of the reviews but you must really take what they write with a grain of salt.

I will also try to put an honest unbiased review on after our return. We have travelled extensively and have learned that you can't let one little item ruin your holiday. I have booked our holiday directly with the hotel and the service by email to date has been excellent.

Drakesdrum you have made me relax a little bit. Too bad you won't be there when we are. If theres any other TA readers there when we are, we will be the family of 6 blonde Canadians (my husband and the rest females). Stop by and we can share a drink.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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10. Re: Voyager

Hello :o)

We're just back from 2 weeks at Voyager and had a really good time there!

We arrived late at night and had a nice standard room with space enough for both an extra bed + babybed for the children. Ufortunately the room was facing the entertainment area in front of the buffet restaurant, so the next evening there was NO way we could get the kids to sleep, because of the loud music. I went to talk to the people at the reception, and without ANY further discussion we were moved to a quiet room the next morning! That was really fine service.

We found the buffet with good variation -I can imagine that a third week could make it a bit dull, but then have a night or two at one of the other restaurants (Smugglers not AL but with at discount though). We're not much for cake and puddings, and would have liked a bit more variation in fruits but absolutely nothing to complain about, and if you like sweet desserts there are PLENTY to choose from!

The entertainment is fun, and the kids loved it and were even included, as the staff from the kids club participated and brought them along (you might have seen my littlle "flowergirl" or "babylion" on stage Drakes? She got all embaressed when her name was mentioned lol )

Service were good, and the room cleaned nicely, even with the mess we left every morning because of the kids!

Should I mention two things that I could be without it would be:

1. The pool attendent at the sportspool did not put out mattresses for the sunbeds in the morning. You had to wait for him to get it for you. The pool closed at 1800 but at 1600 he'd start collecting mattresses again, leaving none for the late sun. That was slightly annoying.

2. The beachboys really ARE annoying. We like both swimming, playing and walking on the beach (and I think the beach is beautiful) but that wasn't much fun, since you are contacted constantly. I'd rather pay £50-100 extra a week, if that could buy me some beachtime.

BUT: You can definately look forward to a great holiday!

PS. Brought Danish sweets for Drakesdrum -but damn there were many English people there LOL -which one was you???

:o) Trine

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