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GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

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GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

Hi - this is Nikky Cooper, and since Jan 2008 (after our 2nd safari with Glorious Safaris) we were so impressed with Shadrack and the professionalism that exuded from him and his company that we decided to help by doing a website, and becoming the UK representatives with a long term view to moving to Kenya. (Hasn't everyone got that dream??). We are sincerely sorry for this person’s experience, and have done everything we could to try to resolve the matter in a professional manner, and have already taken steps to ensure that it will never happen again including sacking that driver. However I would just like to show the e-mail trail that led to the damning post below, and let you draw your own conclusions. (Also her partner’s initials are D Mc – coincidence?)

E-mail from Shadrack to the client once the problem had come to light (names removed to protect privacy, but otherwise completely unaltered)

"Dear xxxxxxxxxxx.

Its my hope that you had a safe flight home and despite the slight inconvenience from our driver guide ( David) you had a nice holiday in kenya as a whole. Once again on behalf of our team at Glorious safaris i personal would like to apologies for the issues you raised on the driver guide which were, fast driving in the park and on the highway leading to him being pulled aside by the traffic, He was mum to you in tsavo west but the first part in tsavo east he was okay, hence being unfriendly. with all these issues i sincerely do apologies once again.

On ending your safari, you requested for the drivers phone to call me which he did, but half way through the phone went dead as the battery charge was gone( understandable after having been on safari for 3days), i immediately tried to call back but the phone was off due to being off power. You had mentioned that you don't feel you had 3 days worthy of game drive and that you wanted 50% refund and if not granted you were going out to let the whole of UK know so they dont book with Glorious safaris.

Our driver guide was supprised at this and you even mentioned i had switched the phone off on you which wasnt right, and thus you told him off saying you were not even gong to give him any tip and you left.

I tried calling your international line immediately but it was on voice mail and thus i left a message that i will be coming to voyager to see you the following day, but would call first which i did and came to see you.

I had your side and you agreed that game drive was good, you saw lots of animals including the big five and the wild dogs which are rare . I mentioned to you that indeed the driver admitted he had driven first in some sections during the game drive but this was all because he had heard of some lions at some place, which you also saw and he was sorry for this.

You did not agree to my offer of a city tour as you said you had something booked already, and insisted on having the refund.

I declined to this with reasons that you had your game drives as per the itinerary, never missed any, the accommodation booked was as per the itinerary, apart from the driver being fast we delivered what we promised so honestly see no need of refund, not that refunding is a problem to us as have made even 100 % refund but where there is justification.

You walked away saying you do websites for a leaving and you were going to make sure i lose 10times. This exclamation was not fair and just as much as we cannot stop you from your intetions . we feel we should register our apology to you and also let you know that we have embarked on serious training on the external drivers we sub hire to ensure such a thing will not happen to any of our guests again. please also note we have extended to you a safari at cost to you or your relatives that you will introduce to us coming to kenya in the near future soon.

Once again we thank you for having selected Glorious safaris.

Kind Rgds and God bless

Shadrack K. Kahindi. Managing Director. Glorious Safaris. P.O. Box 34158. Nyali Mombasa. Tel +254 41 476518 Mob Tel 0733 239412, 0727672865 Email glorious-safaris@hotmail.com or. shadrack@glorioussafaris.com website.www.glorioussafaris.com

8 days later we received the following e-mail:


just a quick repsonse you sent to xxxxxx , firstly I did not ask for half the money to be refunded, I actually said, the ball was in your court and I expected some sort of refund, at no time did I mention an amount, I left that to you, hoping you had a small amount of decency, and see that the safari you organised left a lot to be desired. Seeing animals is not all there is to a safari, a large part of any guided service, is the interaction of the guide and the customers, his communication skills and his knowledge of animals, local environment, and the park itself. This is where you safari failed.....

My partner and I are about to post reports on your company, and our experience, I expect anyone who reads our reviews to be very reluctant to book with your company..

I told you, I intended to make sure this would hit you where it hurts, and ensure that people were made aware of your actions and disregard for your customers experience.

This will be step one, one of many I shall be taking to get the result I want....

Regards "

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1. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

nice to see both side for once, in my opion i think they are out to get what they can aand do as much damage as possible, not very nice

i think they got what they paid for,

did they attempt to talk to the driver ????

i went with north coast safari and yes every body drives fast between venues and if another van has sited some animals

i think its a case of sour grapes on there behalf and are looking for what ever they can get

to be honest i woulnt worry you have enough excellent reports and recommendations on here

Aylesbury, United...
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2. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

We have booked a safari with Shadrack of Glorious Safaris for July this year, on the basis that all reports and reviews of the company have been positive up until very recently. His professionalism and response to us has been excellent.

It appears from the damning post that this couple did not have a good experience, but that can happen occasionally even with the most well-known companies.

I went on safari to Kenya some years ago with one of the biggest tailor made UK operators. There were two vans in our party but our safari guide seemed very inexperienced and relied on the other driver. He was completely at a loss when we were confronted with a herd of buffalo blocking our path.

Instead of just posting a bad review, they seem to be running some sort of vindictive campaign to put a professional company out of business, as is shown by their e-mail to Shadrack. As you say the second reply to the post seems to be from the original posters’ partner.

If they were so unhappy and frightened by the drivers’ behaviour whey did they not insist on being taken back to their hotel and report him to the Kenyan Tourist Board.

“We didn’t persist too much as we were in a foreign country at the mercy of this maniac driver, and to be honest, didn’t want to be left in the middle of Tsavo to play with the lions!!” This is a ridiculous statement.

Shadrack seems to have done everything he can to placate this couple apologising and offering them a free trip and sacking the driver, who I believe was only a temporary employee taken on at a very busy time. I see the #13 post on this thread has said that Glorious are prepared to collect the balance owed when the clients return from their trip. Can’t say fairer than that.

We shall continue with our planned Glorious safari and have every confidence that we shall get what we paid for.

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3. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

Lets get the facts straight here. Nikki Coopers reply is obviously going to be biased, as she is involved with the company, and is possibly being reimbursed for any work she does on their behalf. As to the Safari itself, as previously stated, part of a safari is the interaction between the customers and their guide, that he is able to impart imformation, that would enrich the safari, he is in tune with the needs of the customer, communication is key to this, much lacking from the driver that was supplied.

As to the email posted by Niccy, this was not the mail I recieved from Glorious safaris, and has been edited by certain individuals. There is no mention in the mail I received, that the company was retraining staff, nor that the driver we had was a temp, as stated, we were told he was a long standing employee, and a wonderful guide. It was not the case, that the driver was only speeding to get to see a group of lions, he was speeding immediately, his tyres touched the tarmac on the carriageway, of course I can see that he must of heard on the radio that there were some lions about, so put his foot down on the accelerator, in fact he must have told the police the same thing when he was pulled over for speeding...I'm very sorry, but there are lions about, haven't you heard.....Dont be so rediculous, this guy was not interested in the tour, and interacting with the clients, his purpose was to get round the parks as quickly as possible, so he could then relax in the hotel, and watch football on the tv.

Exactly where does it say that the driver has been sacked, if this is the case, then I have proved my point, he was unsuitable, and dangerous, this being the case, then a refund was in order. As to the offers he made who in their right mind would entertain another excursion with this company, after our experience, would you?, or be locked in a van who's air con did not work, to be driven round the city, when we could be relaxing at the hotel.

Our posts where not made to be vindictive, but to tell the truth about this company, yes we did ask for a refund, not 100%, nor 50%, but a gesture of goodwill, of which there was none. The facts are that this company use drivers, rather than guides, they speed, drive dangerously, putting lives at risk and show a complete disregard for the clients. As for Shadrack, well, all I can say is he has selective memory , during our meeting he made it clear that the guide, was trusted, a long term employee and very good with children, no mention of him being a temp driver....

So to all prospective clients of Glorious Safaris, you can ignore our post completely, believe Niccy, who is obviously acting as a REP for Shadrack, and may be gaining financially ( hopefully, she is declaring any earnings to the tax inspectors)and hope all goes well, or look at the post for what it is, a warning, that all is not perfect, and unlike Niccy, we do not wear rose tinted glasses, and have no alterior motive for this post.

Edited: 23 April 2010, 12:17
Bath, United Kingdom
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4. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

Which “damming post” are you referring to???? Is it the latest review (which actually sounds a lot worse!) or mine? If its mine, then I can assure you that it is my full honest review of exactly what happened on our safari, and there is no vindictiveness or sour grapes in the least!! Trip Advisor exists so that people can read reviews (good or bad!) and hear of other people’s experiences to assist them when making their own travel plans. I did exactly that and as there were only excellent reviews for your company, I went ahead and booked. The whole experience was horrible and I would not want anyone to ever experience something that should have been so amazing.

For your information it is not intended to be “damming” it is simply the truth!

Norfolk, England
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5. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

I am sorry to say that this post also comes across as very aggressive.

You make great generalisations about the company. I have no knowledge of them personally.It is always good to hear reports of safaris, hotels, holidays which disappoint as it is to have the good ones.

So sorry you had a bad experience, many have had good ones. I hope readers will take a balanced view when deciding who to book.

maidstone kent
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6. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

i would just like to add, that tho we have never used shadrack the post on TA have always seemed good, but what really want to say is, my wife at the age of 17 was in a very bad car smash, which left her with no kneecap on her left leg and lots of plastic surgery, so ever since she has been afraid of speed. now we always use the same company for our safari and on the seconed safari with them once the driver hit the tarmac he really was speeding[and you know wat the trucks are like going to tsavo] anyway she asked the driver to please slow down, which he did straight away, so why was,nt they telling there driver to slow down

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7. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

So what can we gain from this unfortunate experience so that the odds of any of us encountering something similar go down? After all, it is no picnic for the company or the clients. So avoiding this situation benefits us all.

COMMUNICATION-At the outset, I think it is important to state what you want. If that is slower driving, so be it. If you miss the lions or whatever because of moving slower, at least you do not feel unsafe. As clients we have to give feedback, both positive and negative, and do it promptly so the guide can adjust his behavior if needed.

RIGHTING A WRONG-On the few rare occasions when I have felt I did not receive what I had paid for (not necessarily in Africa), I have stated exactly what I wanted and what would make me happy. I did not leave it up to the other side to figure out whether 100% or 50% or a city tour or free meal or promises of improvement would satisfy me. If we are specific in what we want and don't want, and of course courteous in the process, the service provider has a clue how to turn an unsatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

All easy in hindsight and from a keyboard rather than a speeding minibus. I am sorry for the upset and inconvenience this has caused everyone. No matter what business we are in, we goof up at times and that one goof up can have huge ramifications, if not remedied quickly and completely.


Tenerife, Spain
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8. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

lets look that the evidence

1.client has traveled all that way for a holiday/safari and paid good money for a save and good service.

2 glorous safari want buisnes to make money

3.the driver was driving fast around the park who would not talk to them and interact which is not good that all and personally i would of felt uncomfortable with that myself.

4. BIG fact the police pulled him over off the road for speeding so the speeding she has said is highly likely

5.edited email can happen very easily reason for this save face.

6. the driver and his phone? surely the driver knew that he was going to be away for a couple of days at least so would it not make sence to have a fully charged phone and i phone charger so he could charge his phone when in a lodge in case of break down or somethng more serious

7. do you go all that way to have a crap time on safari? so she has a right to be angry and bitter as i can read she is cause glorous safari if right as edited her email or they emails.

mistakes can happen but this is someone holiday of a life time and maybe a once in a life time trip and should not have happen full stop

to me alam bells would be ringing as far as i am concerned as 4/6 is so bad enough without the rest as this is serious.and TA is a great place to tell people the good and the bad but please do not use it to fight battles and tit for tat BOTH SIDE.

glad we had none of that on our safari and sorry you did

Edited: 24 April 2010, 20:27
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9. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

wow what a story... but no surprise to me at all. Dont know how many times I have complained about these 'jua kali' - losely interpreted as 'unregulated small outfits' - hanging about OUTSIDE hotels like vultures; driving like fools .. professional companies pay their drivers well; thedrivers are qualified guides and are passionate about the service they give = good service. Sorry but thas the name of the game here - you pay; you get. You dont pay; you dont get. But hey, if you guys are happy with this sort of outfit - and it is OK if the driver does not care about your safar, your life or your 'friendship' then go with 'jua kali' safaris and face the consequences..

market harborough
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10. Re: GLORIOUS SAFARIS - response to damning post

My family and I are visiting kenya in July and have booked a 3 day safari with Glorious safaris. I used trip advisor as a way of researching the various companies and was very impressed by both Nikky and Shadracks responses to my many questions. Imagine my dismay on reading the review where a family felt unsafe and had a bad experience recently. I immediately e mailed Nikky with my concerns. I received a comprehensive reply by return, with assurance that this was a one off unfortunate incident and the driver had been sacked. Nikky reassured me that our safari will be the best it can possibly be and I believe her. Call me naive if you wish but I think that in light of the bad publicity this incident has caused customer satisfaction will be high on Nikky and Shadracks list of priorities, so I am no more concerned now then I was before.

Its a shame that this family had such a bad experience but I would question the purpose of seemingly trying to put a succesful safari company out of business. I have never read a single negative review for glorious so Shadrack must be doing something right!

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