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What is it I loved?

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What is it I loved?

Now we are home I am spending time refecting on our holiday and trying to capture what it was that I loved so much about Bali. I have travelled quite a bit and love many parts of the world but there was something about Bali - but what was it?

Some thoughts (and I am sure many have other ideas)

Sitting curled up on my day bed as the afternoon ends, sipping a drink and looking out of rice fields and 'jungle' with no sound apart from the water rushing though the creek, an odd monkey call and the rustle of the evening breeze through the trees.

The smell of the incense as they place offerings on the shrines, ground and trees around our verandah.

The fact that religion is not just a part of their life, but their life is part of their religion.

The smiles - not just from hotel staff, which you tend to expect, but sitting in a car at a traffic light and a motorbike with mum, dad and two kids draws up next to you. I look out of the window and am greated by wonderful smiles from total strangers.

When commenting about something I like about Bali, a Balinese person will place their hands together, give a little nod and say thank you - they are genuinely happy that something has made me happy (even if they had nothing to do with it)

The wet season - watching the clouds move across the sky at a rate of knots, not knowing what the weather will be like in 5 minutes time. The humid days, which slow you down, then the evenings when the rain often comes along with a breeze which brings with it the smell of the frangipani and other flowers.

Sitting in a restaurant having a meal when suddenly the heavens open, and I sit entranced watching the rain dance off the plants, pour through the thatch of the restauarant, and watch the staff greet the bedragled new customers seeking shelter from the rain., getting towels for them and generally making sure that the children are dried off.

Everyone in the restaurant moving their tables into the middle of the room so that the people on the outside don't get wet. Instead of nicely separated individuals, we are suddenly a large group clustered together in the middle, and hey suddenly we say hello to each other.

Lastly, yes I enjoy feeling a little rich - suddenly I can afford cocktails, massages every day, and don't have to look at the prices on the menu because I can afford everything. But that is not really what makes it so special, it really is the people, the environment and that something spiritual that I just can't name.

I guess I am in love with Bali.

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1. Re: What is it I loved?

I think what you are searching for is "Magic" I agree with everything you say but Bali has this magic about it.


Brisbane, Australia
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2. Re: What is it I loved?

Beautifully said, bluesky.

Eaton, Australia
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3. Re: What is it I loved?

You have written what many of us feel. I too love watching as Balinese tend to the little shrines or offering boxes. I watched as a young woman went from serving us coffee at an airport cafe, to then lighting incense and placing them with those precise hand movements and prayers...I never tire of seeing how special those moments are for them and now for me as well....

Port Hedland...
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4. Re: What is it I loved?

Oh so lovely.......Well done bluesky014............captured beautifully.

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5. Re: What is it I loved?

:)))))))) you made me smile.....lovely!

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6. Re: What is it I loved?

oh so beautifully said. Im feeling it. Just made everyone at home to read it. Love, love love it!

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7. Re: What is it I loved?

Yes, Yes, Yes and the fact that you can walk through markets, rice fields, villages or local shops and are always made to feel welcome and safe. I have travelled to many other areas of the world where you feel very unsafe in a market place!

Leeds, UK
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8. Re: What is it I loved?

Nicely summarised; the smiles from complete strangers, the lush greenery, the architecture, the little ceremonies that permeate everyday life, the quiet serenity of the Balinese. It’s all these little details that make it a very special place.

Perth , Australia
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9. Re: What is it I loved?

Before any one reads those pessimistic travel warnings they should read your posting.

Glad you love Bali like the rest of the fanatics.

Perth Australia
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10. Re: What is it I loved?

Wonderful you have written it so well I just love the way the Balinese always have a smile for you and you can do as much or as little as you like.

Don't change too much Bali.

cheers harro