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JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

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JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

So, a few months back I see some prices on Jetstar's website that were simply too good to refuse. I bite and my family of 2 adults are four children are going to Bali - hooray!

Then my wonderful wife tells me that just a couple days ago her sister told her the next time we go we MUST tell her so she can go with her kids too! I try to talk my wife out of it but she insists that she is obligated to pass the info on to her sister. So, she passes on the info. The sister is annoyed we didn't simply book for her brood at the same time as we booked ourselves!

It wasn't just enough that they go to Bali - they had to be on the same flights, stay at the same hotel, and do all the same activities with us that we were doing.

Now, travelling with my own family is pretty stressful at times. With 2 adults and 4 kids ordinary cars and ordinary hotel rooms are all out. My eldest has special needs and with ages of 12,10,8 & 6 they cover a range of abilities and interests.

Now, imagine throwing in another family. My SIL is reality-challenged, her two eldest are both ok but her youngest is a boofhead and constantly annoying. So now we have 10 people, making everything that much more complicated.

My SIL lives her life so that everything is constantly a drama so, of course, she made sure this holiday was no different. Having crashed my holiday she then invited herself along to EVERYTHING we did. And of course any expectation of gratitude was pointless - in fact I got the blame that the hotel may have overcharged her even though I wasn't there when she settled her bill (or perhaps because I wasn't there).

Please everyone at TA - if I ever lose my mind and consider doing this again - lock me up.

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1. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

LOL, that sounds terrible! I understand your frustration!

I went to Europe in April with my husband, sister and brother in law. At times there definitely was tension, but we knew this ahead of time, so we made plans to split up during our 3 weeks together to ensure we didn't hate each other by the end of it.

Unfortunately for you it sounds like that is what you would have preferred but your SIL did not allow this.

What does your wife think of the situation? Did she realise in the end it was a nightmare as well?

Oh well, you can look forward to your next Bali holiday without the in laws :)

Perth, Australia
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2. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

Gee i hope for your sake your SIL isn't an avid TA contributor and reading this thread or you may well have more to deal with!!

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3. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people


God bless you

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4. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

H John,

Good news is - you have this out of your way. The obligation has been fulfilled. You never have to do this again in your life :)


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5. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people


i can laugh because we have been there done that with relos (and friends)

i agree its hard enough at times to have rest and relaxation and keep your own family happy without throwing in another whole family,

sometimes it works and when it does its great to have the company

when it doesn't then look at it as an experience not to be repeated at anytime anywhere!!


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6. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

so when are you holidaying with her again????????? cant choose your relatives

Drouin, Australia
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7. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

That sounds like it sucked John. Now maybe people will stop asking me why I am only taking my son with me while the rest stay home! Just work on the theory, NEVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!

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8. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

Reality challenged!! I love it. I have a SIL that is just the same! Ah family members. Can't live with them -can't shoot them!

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9. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

Haha well that gave me a belly laugh. Oh dear, you poor thing.

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10. Re: JBR - travelling with 2 families and 10 people

He he. This is such an important reminder for all.

Just think of the karma points that you have accrued through your generosity ;D

He he we are looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip :D